3-4 Cobra Dreams, Solar Flare Synchronicity, Wolf Spirit Animal, Eurovision Song Contest Prophetic Winner? & More

[Adding this next synchronicity the next day March 24th. I’ve learned that a huge C-Class solar flare happened 30 minutes after publishing this article on March 23rd. The article was published at 06:15 PM (18:15) and the flare happened at 06:45 PM (18:45). Both are in Arizona time which is minus 7 hours from Universal Time:

To check the time this article was published simply hover the mouse (I don’t think you’ll be able to do this with mobile/tablet devices) over the date just under the title of this blog post.

{End of additional synchronicity.]

I believe this particular post will have a bunch of things in it for those who are interested. This includes the usual disclaimer of exercising discernment with anything you come across here.

The first items are 3-4 Cobra dreams that happened last night/this morning. This was interesting because I’m pretty sure there were 3 but there may have been another one which I barely remember.

The first one was just hanging out with Cobra in a kind of celebratory environment:

March 23rd, 2022 01:51 AM

Long but positive Cobra dream. Cobra and I were in the same place and got together for a little celebration I believe. It was poolside for a while and there were a decent amount of people there but not a big crowd. I think people from all over.

I think we chatted a handful of times. I think we talked about the food, drinks and about other subjects. I think there was something about him and the Japanese language. I think I said something that I’m not sure is true which is that Japanese has no silent letters. [I’ve looked this up and it’s wrong, the Japanese language sometimes has silent letters so I’m not sure why I said that in the dream.]

I think there was a feeling of awkwardness and comfort as I didn’t really know exactly what to say. It was an overall positive experience.

I think maybe he asked why there wasn’t X or Y food there or something.

At some points I remember going to stores and/or just looking at them. I think I might have been floating above one of them.

I think there were various holidays represented there. If he suggested something I remember wanting to make it happen. Don’t remember much else.

And here is the second Cobra dream which I didn’t recall much about:

And a third and possibly fourth dream happened which I don’t remember but didn’t document in a note.

As of the time of this writing Cobra has not generated a new post and I don’t know if the dreams will be prophetic in any way. More leaps of faith.

Very strangely, I got a notification about the December 21st, 2021 Divine Intervention Activation Countdown blog post from Cobra’s blog this morning, March 23rd. Perhaps the dreams are connected to this. The dreams happened early this morning and the email notification came in several hours later at 10:09 AM:

Apologies about the blurry picture, I couldn’t zoom in on Gmail to get a better screenshot.

When I first saw it I was like, okay so we are doing another meditation, okay sweet. But then I saw that it was for the meditation countdown blog post from December 21st, 2021. I checked Cobra’s blog just in case but there wasn’t a new blog post. Why would I get a notification today for a blog post from almost 4 months ago?

Maybe this is some kind of synchronicity related to the Divine Intervention Activation meditation and that it’s indicating some kind of a countdown to something. I have received countdowns in dreams which lead to real-world synchronicities happening so maybe this strange ‘accident’ is going to lead to something. Time will tell of course. I’ve learned that it’s a good idea not to get our hopes up when it comes to things like this.

I believe another prophetic dream has come true. In January I had a dream where I saw a cluster of Cobra posts; a mixture of coded messages and longer posts. This came true as they usually do amazingly. But there was something else. In the dream I knew that one of them had been deleted. This made no sense and I almost didn’t write it down but decided to do so anyway. This was January 21st, 2022:

This seems to have come true as someone in the comments section of Cobra’s blog pointed out that the War and Peace blog post from March 1st has been removed:

So we will see what happens with this. The situation, this war, is constantly changing so there is probably a reason for this.

This next interesting experience(s) from March 22nd was a bit confusing and I wasn’t really able to word it properly but I had been watching a time travel show ‘Timeless’, and the same night some weird stuff was happening while I was trying to fall asleep. I felt powerful physical sensations from above I think:

The date I seemed to get was April 10th, 1865 which, after doing some digging, was the day Robert E. Lee issued a Farewell Address which was one day after he surrendered his army to Ulysses S. Grant and was “instrumental to ending the American Civil War.”

I’m not sure exactly what this means yet but I know that I have had many amazing dreams where I got to time travel and redo things as I saw fit and to have control over time and space.

On March 20th I let the Higher Ups use my eyes to spell out ‘m-class flare’:

I also ‘accidentally’ clicked on a picture of the sun on the same day:

The picture:

Then on March 22nd we had a big C-Class solar flare, and although the class they gave me wasn’t correct (it’s not always easy to figure out what they want to type out, they did point to ‘c’ on my keyboard at one point while I was trying to figure this out) it is the biggest one we’ve had in several days:

The same day, March 20th, another part of the American national march song, ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’, played once again in my head which I wrote down. The first time it was a different part of the song and this time it was another part:

I learned that this was also referred to as the ‘Disaster March’ and would be played to be a signal to alert people during an emergency situation:


“…Historically, in show business and particularly in theater and the circus, this piece is called “the Disaster March.”[5] In the early 20th century, when it was common for theaters and circuses to have house bands, this march was a traditional code signaling a life-threatening emergency.[6] It subtly notified personnel of emergency situations and ideally allowed them to organize the audience’s exit without causing the chaos and panic that an overt declaration might…”

When I read this I got a little nervous because they are always trying to warn me about things and thought they might be using this to communicate that a personal disaster was coming. But so far this body is still alive and nothing crazy (crazier than usual) has happened. So maybe it’s applying to something else.

There is a possibility that the Higher Ups have communicated who the winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be. Big leap of faith here. ‘They’ did this before in the form of a dream where I met with the band ‘Keiino’ (Norway) before the contest had started. They ended up winning the vote of the people and not of the additional jury which was added in 2016, which, in my opinion, doesn’t make much sense. If there was no jury vote, they would have won. Very interesting.

I believe I have misinterpreted some of these strange occurrences where my light bulb burned out. I thought it had to do with a solar flare but it might be pointing to this song. I keep turning my bathroom light off ‘accidentally’. Like when I’m toweling dry or moving around in there. Lights off. So much so it has become a pattern and I have learned to write these down. I thought it meant that I was going to lose power or something but that hasn’t happened and I wrote this down on March 14th:

The song is titled ‘Lights Off’ by We Are Domi from The Czech Republic and their official music video was uploaded 4 days later on March 18th after writing down the above screenshot:

And the light bulb burning out happened March 13th, the day before I wrote the above screenshot about the lights being off:

I don’t know if this dream is connected or not but I had one March 19th where I was practicing playing the flute for an on-the-fly performance along with some others. Strangely, B’elanna Torres from ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ was there or someone trying to look like her or something. I didn’t think of this dream as important so I wrote it down later on in the evening. This was the same day the song was uploaded on the Eurovision’s YouTube channel, March 19th:

Interestingly the singer, Dominika, said in an interview that the first instrument she played was the flute:

So anyways we will see if that turns out to be true. Definitely wouldn’t put any bets on it.

Today something really amazing happened when I came back from the Salvation Army. I had noticed someone I know along with someone else go into the lobby where I was going and said hi to them, got the mail and came back to talk to them.

It was the very kind formerly homeless gentleman (he has been staying in a large camper and isn’t homeless now) with the dog that is half-wolf. Things are going very well for him and he said he found his soul mate and is excited for an upcoming trip to another state to start a new life. But what also blew my mind was that he was talking about the price of the tickets and he said the company put a hold of $410 on his card. So here is the magic 410 appearing, from someone whose doggo companion is part wolf (spirit animal). He said he is excited to start his family and I know he will be a very good father and husband.

Another strange thing that has happened recently is a personal effort to get help for my PTSD, among other things and in the last few days I’ve been talking to people who have very recently lost a loved one. The woman picking me up for my appointment said her brother had just died. Then the therapist I talked to at that appointment apologized because a loved one of hers just died like a few days earlier and that she wasn’t quite herself. That was Monday, today is Wednesday in the same week.

Then today while helping a woman carry up her little cart full of stuff up the stairs (she asked for help), she shared that her son had just died. So this was all a little confusing but maybe just a sign of the times.

My neighbor, whom I met in a divine way at the library and then showed me their place the same day, a place I ended up living at currently, is going to be moving out of state on March 24th, tomorrow. And I found out I will be moving soon as well to a better place which is also still in Prescott. It’s been scary as hell honestly but it’s all necessary. The Higher Ups have not left me high and dry yet and they were always there even when I was a zombie.

So maybe all this just means a great amount of transition which death can be a symbol for. An end of the old and transition into the new:

Recently on March 20th I went down to a coffee shop and when I walked in I heard a song play where the lyrics were ‘I believe in angels’ and learned it was a song by ABBA titled ‘I Have A Dream’:

This is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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