The Golden Age Synchronicity, You Are Loved/Being Watched Over, Solar Flare Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested there are some things I would share here with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment.

Now that the Higher Ups have established that they are indeed providing real divine ‘intel’, such as prophetically communicating to me in advance when a solar flare is going to happen, they seem to be using this credibility to provide uplifting and loving information to people, one of the most important things being that the Higher Ups (The Source/God, Ascended Masters, Guides, Higher-Self, etc.) are real and watching over everyone. As time goes on I learn that even when I was dead asleep, a total zombie and had zero interest in learning about anything really, they were there. They love every single molecule of your being and every single person matters, even if the person doesn’t think so.

It’s possible that because I haven’t been writing the dreams down, they are resorting to this type of communication, by putting random songs in my head which have been leading to real-world synchronicities.

Another couple of solar flare synchronicities. After going to the store a couple of times recently I discovered that both checkout times were minutes before a solar flare.

I checked out at 11:26 AM and ten minutes later, the C-Class solar flare happened at 18:36 or 11:36 AM in Arizona time:

In the next one I checked out at 3:32 PM and then 17 minutes later a C-Class solar flare happened at 22:49 or 3:49 PM in Arizona time:

I was really excited when ‘they’ played the tune from ‘The Event is Coming’ video (although it was very brief) which was included in the last article. So far none of these songs have been chosen at random.

But today, March 9th, I found myself humming a tune suddenly which took me a bit to figure out. I learned that it was from the below video titled ‘Visions of the Golden Age II 432Hz’. The song used is titled ‘Sun’ (the album’s title is also ‘Sun’) by the Norwegian music genius, Thomas Bergersen:

Throughout this video there are beautiful photos of idyllic landscapes and worlds along with positive headlines from around the time the video was made.

But in the beginning there was a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s sequel to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ titled, ‘2010: The Day We Make Contact’ where one character is speaks to another. The movies seem to point at the idea of Ascension.

(No Film School)

“…Kubrick goes on to describe the ending and talks about how Dave [main character] is basically placed in a zoo for humans by godlike aliens who study him until finished, then they transform him into a super being sent to Earth…”

“You see, something is going to happen.”

“What? What’s going to happen?”

“Something wonderful.”

Now I have no idea when anything will happen. Briefly in the past, the Higher Ups have given me countdowns in dreams which led to actual events but for the most part I’m in the dark like everyone else. I never know if any of these synchronicities or dreams are actually going to come true or lead to anything. So it is a lot of leaps of faith.

Interestingly, the song ‘Sun’ has a runtime of 4:10 along with 8.2k likes as of the time of this writing which also leads to the magic 410 = 82 x 5.

Maybe this ‘Sun’ synchronicity has to to with big incoming sun spots?

Speaking of solar activity it seems that the Galactic Superwave is affecting the dust in our solar system and it’s making the sun appear brighter. I am not scientifically inclined and the jargon in Ben’s videos mostly goes over my head but I think the Superwave’s scientific name is the Galactic Current Sheet and/or at least is part of it and it has made some news recently:

On March 4th another song played in my head randomly and that was ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ by Belinda Carlisle:

Another strange one on March 7th was the song from the movie, ‘The Breakfast Club’, ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’:

The magic 410 appears regularly and this time it appeared as the view count on David Wilcock’s most recent video which was a mass meditation:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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