Did Star Trek Feature the Solar Flash into Their Intros?

Now this is just a theory and observation I made when I was watching this show the other day. We have heard from various sources that Star Trek is part of a long-term disclosure plan to ready the population for the time and era that our daily lives will be like that of those in the show. Star Trek has disclosed the following information to us so far, some of these things subtly and some not-so subtly:

  • Archons that control and influence non-physical planes and the reincarnation process
  • Nazis controlling space stations that use super-soldiers to fulfill their agenda
  • Ascension
  • Various advanced technology and lifeforms
  • Atlantis
  • Science of time and space
  • Advanced spiritual education
  • Instructions on how to improve and develop psychic abilities
  • And many many many more things!

If I was writing everything I could into a show I would definitely include one of the most important aspects of this entire process of liberating the planet and disclosing this reality to an unawakened public. One of most important things being the solar flash AKA The Event and liberation of darkness from the Universe forever. Now with all that being said let’s get to the videos!

At the beginning of ST Voyager we see a large plasma burst being ejected from the surface of the star that pans in shortly after this takes place. At the 1:22 mark we can see an eclipsed planet or moon that gives off a flash when it pans into a certain angle. So in Voyager there are possibly 2 depictions of this solar flash. Talk about getting it into people’s heads, right?

In this second video we can see the flash coming from a galactic center, just like we have been hearing from Cobra and others. This energy is coming from the Galactic Central Sun and is being filtered and buffered through our Star and this Galaxy is where the Galactic Pulse will originate from:

What do you all think? Am I seeing things that aren’t there? I will let you decide what to think but I believe the people behind ST were/are service-to-others and wish to convey the most important and potent spiritual and metaphysical information to us as possible and that includes one of the most important moments in the history of the Universe.

Thank you for reading and much love!

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12 Responses to Did Star Trek Feature the Solar Flash into Their Intros?

  1. truthearth says:

    Interesting observation Sean. I will have to go back and look at that. I also noticed a solar flash similar to Star Trek in the show Babylon 5, which I have found is loaded with disclosure and esoteric knowledge!

  2. Sean H says:

    yes!!! you nailed it! long time Trek fan, disclosure supporter and spotter, and I definitely missed that. but yes, it’s absolutely there! just like the soft disclosure of the stargate in Richard Dean Anderson’s eye in the opening credits of Stargate SG-1

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  5. Denise says:

    I absolutely LOVED that show. Even now, many years later it’s more relevant than ever before. Much to think about even years later. Major disclosure.

  6. truthearth says:

    Denise I am so hooked on Babylon 5 right now. I just hit an episode with many obvious references to the Illuminati. Much of it feels authentic, genuine and real. I am excited to continue watching it! Thanks for recommending! <3

  7. Iconoclast says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  8. jodygoodman says:

    It is true that Roddenberry was part of a select group that supposedly received information from an alien channel, when then went into much of his shows. What I have been playing with lately is Risa, the planet totally controlled by a matrix to create something that wasn’t for the pleasure (in most cases) of humanoids. I believe there is a lot more beneath that surface waiting to be revealed. In time…

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  10. Denise says:

    Watch the anything in the Babylon 5 TV series from the ’90s and you’ll find massive disclosure and probably some ‘channeling’. Seems like just over the horizon, but that totally depends on what timeline you are on.

  11. truthearth says:

    I agree! Some of it may be made up for hollywood and storyline continuity purposes but I’m with you on that!

  12. Denise says:

    Makes sense. I often thought that fiction and non-fiction are intertwined and mirror each other. And there are many examples of same in history. Much like most of life. Disclosure now! 🙂

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