New Cobra Interview for March 2017

Okay so I promise this is the correct interview for last month. Haha. I will post a few excerpts and a link to the audio and transcript can be found here. Unfortunately there were many repeated questions this time. I would say the second half of the interview was much better with many new questions but the first half will mostly be review.

“Aaron – He goes on to say: I Believe that this the same event mentioned in the Bible as the rapture? Can you tell me a little about this Cobra?

COBRA – Actually, Bible has many hints on The Event and the Compression Breakthrough and the Rapture is actually one of the later phases of the Ascension process. (ok, thank you)

Aaron – Can you tell us any more about the departure of David Rockefeller and how it effects the plans of the Cabal?

COBRA – OK, I think I will speak about this in my next blog update. (OK, thank you, great)

Aaron – Next question is: How near complete destruction is the Yaldabaoth?

COBRA – I would say much near there than any time in the past. I would say that the tentacles or the plasma filaments of that entity have been removed completely and the head is in the beginning stages of its dissolution.

Lynn – I have a question on Syria. Is there anything that you want to comment on that’s in addition to what you’ve already said about the post-liberation meditation that was successful?

COBRA – I can only say that operations are progressing and Syria vortex will be liberated in, I would say, relatively near future. (great)

Lynn – Do you have any closing comments for us Cobra?

COBRA – I would say that we are living in a very key time in human history right now and we just need to keep pushing, keep manifesting the Victory of the Light for the planet.”

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