Sleep Deprived, Divine Messages Still Coming Through, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Another Possible Hilarion Ascended Master Contact, Russia/Lithuania Telepathic Message & More

For those who are interested there are some more heavy things coming through which I will include here with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment. Despite living through the collapsing Matrix society I want to wish everyone a happy June Solstice!

I literally haven’t been able to sleep these past 4 days (not exaggerating and sleep meds aren’t working) and I’ve only been able to doze off momentarily before a jolt wakes me up and my feet continuously vibrating keeping me awake at night. But despite this, information is coming through. At one point I even hallucinated this praying mantis on the shelf next to my bed which looked like it was moving its arm all crazy. This freaked me out and I thought it was real. I turned the light on and checked the bed and it was all good. No real bugs.

Several times now the song ‘Don’t You Worry‘ (Everything’s gonna be alright) has been playing in my head which has been comforting. They’ve also used the symbol we established for ‘Divine Timing’ which is where they use my eyes to look at my right elbow and then the feet. The story at the end of the article seems to confirm that.

One strange thing was sort of waking up and seeing this word ‘Atmos’ along with monetary value being attached to it I think. Atmos is the Greek word meaning ‘steam’ or ‘vapor’. Not sure what this means yet but it didn’t seem random. What doesn’t make sense now might make sense later in time.

This next one is amazing. I was half awake/sleep, more awake really, and saw the word ‘Sun’ telepathically. I wrote this down at 7:56 AM:

And then amazingly the sun did a flare at 4:10 PM Universal Time so here is this magic number appearing. This would be 9:10 AM in Arizona Time so this happened 74 minutes after writing down the above email:

It’s the second spike from that particular uptick.

I didn’t realize this until I was writing this out but the time I wrote down the ‘Sun’ word in the email was 7:56 and amazingly the divisors of 410 add up to 756:

Additionally as amazing, the digits of this particular post number, which is chosen automatically by WordPress when a new blog post is created, multiplied together (3 x 8 x 8 x 3) equal 576, the same digits as 756:

I ‘accidentally’ clicked on Hilarion’s name which came up as a search suggestion because I had already typed it in before. Perhaps Hilarion is trying to say hi. Interestingly, this happened before the upcoming solar flare synchronicity you will read. I’ve been theorizing that these messages are being provided before solar flares happen in order to perhaps validate them as genuine spiritual messages. If they are coming from the same divine source this might be a clever way to help make the messages more real to others. This could be wrong of course, but there is a definite pattern here.

You can find Hilarion’s channeled messages via Eric Klein as recommended by Cobra here:

On June 20th I let the Higher Ups use my eyes to type out ‘C-Class Solar Flare, a big one’:

And then we had a decent-sized one, a C5 the next day, June 21st, occurring appropriately on the Summer Solstice (on this part of the Earth). The email was written at 8:34 PM and then the flare happened the next day at 9:21 AM Arizona Time:

The same day, June 20th, I once again heard the song from ‘Justice is Coming II 432Hz’ I believe starting at the part where the people teleport onto the bridge of the ship. The costumes are a brilliant white and look like a tribute to Superman as the actors wore the same luminescent clothing:

This could also have been prophetic in another way that I didn’t think about and that is because the beginning of the video displays the title with a flaming sun in the background:

And I wrote down the email about this song from this video in my head on June 20th which was the day before the big C5 solar flare.

This next vision, for lack of a better descriptor, had to do with the current conflict with Lithuania and Russia. I haven’t been sleeping so this is some kind of information being given while I’m slightly almost asleep. I kept getting selected for something which I don’t remember along with winning money and then the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius, kept appearing telepathically along with Kaliningrad which is where this conflict is currently taking place:

(Hal Turner Radio Show)

“…Video below shows panic-buying by Russians living in Kaliningrad, a portion of Russia detached from the mainland, nestled between Lithuania and Poland.

For more than thirty years, there has been an understanding between Russia and Lithuania that the oblast (state) of Kaliningrad would be supplied via the Russian railroad through a narrow strip of land called the Suwalki Gap, that runs from Russia, along the southeastern border of Lithuania.  The agreement held that the trains would be left alone, and act as a supply tunnel of sorts to the Russians living in Kaliningrad.

All that ended 48 hours ago, when Lithuania took it upon itself, to say Sanctions against Russia (over its Ukraine special military operation) would be applied to trains to/from Kaliningrad.

This means that virtually no transit can take place between Russia and its western-most state…”

This conflict has the potential to escalate the situation and provoke Russia into a war with NATO ultimately as Lithuania is a member. I’m not sure what the vision about this conflict meant but hopefully it has a positive outcome. As of now the situation is still ongoing with Russia preparing measures against Lithuania and Lithuania has not backed down from their decision as of the time of this writing.

An unusually powerful gust of wind hit our place today. It was so powerful and audible I thought this building would fly away. It was massive. I was guided to add this.

A quick story. One good thing that has come out of this weird run of days without sleep was that asked my neighbor for a ride to get my drugs at the pharmacy and go to the store to get a money order. Well the timing here was interesting because the Circle K we went to said their money order machine was down. Alright, so we go to another store and there was a woman waiting for someone to help her but no one was behind the counter. I asked for help and someone eventually came and told her she had to wait a bit for someone else to come and cash her check. Well she walked away and left her passport along with money in it on the counter there and I picked it up and gave it back her. The guy behind the counter either didn’t see it or something because she had already walked away and didn’t say anything. So who knows how long it would have sat there before someone else noticed it and maybe snagged it. Scary. But this time it worked out. Right time right place.

The Higher Ups are communicating that an X-Class solar flare is coming. Don’t know when though.

The Higher Ups have put this song in my head recently, probably about going through these sleepless nights:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

[Adding this next synchronicity more than an hour after publishing the article]:

This article was published at 8:50 PM (hover the mouse over the date below the title of the article, this isn’t possible with mobile/tablet devices) and a C2 solar flare happened 76 minutes after that at 10:06 PM Arizona Time:

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