Big Solar Flare Synchronicities, Divine Timing First Contact/Solar Activity Dream/Synchronicity, Shadow-Banned on Reddit, Prophetic Cobra Coded Message, Prophetic Dead Spiders Synchronicity Comes True, The Event is Coming Synchronicity & More

For those souls who are interested there are some synchronicities and dreams taking place which I will share here along with the usual disclaimer of encouraging discernment. Apologies about the length of this post.

I will start with the most recent solar activity synchronicity which was about a C-Class solar flare that was communicated just this morning June 27th at 9:45 AM:

And then 118 minutes later at 11:43 AM (Arizona Time) we had a C-Class solar flare which is the biggest one we’ve had in a little while:

After trying to share a recent video where I talk about some of these synchronicities and dreams coming true, along with the articles in the description, I was partially shadow banned not long after posting this on Reddit which is a large online forum consisting of many ‘subreddits’ where you can find information about one specific topic if you wish.

At first everything looked okay on my laptop but noticed not much activity like votes or comments. I expected the usual negative feedback but that wasn’t there. There were a couple of the posts that appeared to be shadow banned. Everything would look normal on my end but no one else would see anything. I checked the same post on my phone which is not this IP address and I saw the post was removed. Here is my Reddit profile where you can see what happened if you want to check it out.

Clicking on either picture below will direct you to the post for that particular forum. I believe it was shadow banned after posting it to the second subreddit.

While doing the sharing to the Reddit forums and before going to bed last night I kept telepathically getting the word ‘Spirituality’ pretty strongly which I don’t understand as of yet:

The runtime of the video happened to be 6:57 interestingly and we know this number takes position 410 (a magic number) in the Pi calculator which tells you the position of any number in Pi:

The strange telepathic information from some days ago regarding Lithuania and Russia seems to have come true. During one of the sleepless nights I had sort of dozed off and woke up with information that seemed to stress the importance of that situation which is currently ongoing and hasn’t been resolved yet. This was documented on June 21st:

And the next day, June 22nd, We Love Mass Meditation posted about a mass meditation to help that situation which is still available to participate in if you feel so guided:

This is a leap of faith to post this next bit so we will see if it comes to pass. I definitely would not put any bets on it but I saw a new coded message on Cobra’s blog:

In addition to the supposed X-Class flare the Higher Ups have been communicating is going to happen, which hasn’t happened yet as of the time of this writing, I think I remembered a dream where an M-Class flare happened. Definitely wouldn’t put any bets on these either:

This next C-Class flare synchronicity was communicated in advance on June 25th at 6:50 PM, in addition to the previous one included in this article and I also saw it being a ‘big one’:

And sure enough the next morning June 26th at 1:12 AM (Arizona Time) we had a decently-sized C-Class flare. Very interestingly the time between the email and the flare was 6 hours and 22 minutes and the date was 6/26:

Around the evening time on June 25th Arizona Time and into the next day (based on time stamps of the below short clip) there was apparently a ‘mish-mash’ of CMEs that came from the sun that may or may not be Earth-facing based on the available data:

I don’t know what this means exactly but when I woke up on June 25th I had the words ‘The Wolf Bible’ in my mind:

I tried digging to see if this would amount to anything and the only thing I could really find was a rather vulgar book with a similar title and not much else so as of the time of this writing its meaning is unknown. For now.

This next one is absolutely amazing and was an example of Divine Timing in action. It was a dream which was about going through these seemingly non-Divine tasks and yet it was part of the whole process. I had been getting repeating 2s and 0s on clocks and elsewhere and this means Divine Timing. Something is in the works and things need to be worked out behind-the-scenes so just wait patiently. By wait patiently I mean just myself in this instance. I’m not telling anyone to wait for anything:

Here is a screenshot of the dream which I wrote down at 1:54 AM on June 25th which will be typed out for convenience. This dream featured Trump I think (not sure what the meaning of this is yet, possibly related to the January 6th Committee hearings) and I believe this dream also an attempt to verify that benevolent contact with ETs is being made here because the end of the dream was myself sitting next to someone and I saw part of the Aricebo message on a large advertising screen and this Aricebo message was featured in a movie I just watched before going to bed. In the dream I saw the green blocks on the top which represent the basic chemistry of life:

Long story short:


…The Arecibo message is an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity and Earth that was sent to globular star cluster M13 in 1974. It was meant as a demonstration of human technological achievement, rather than a real attempt to enter into a conversation with extraterrestrials…”

The movie was a very well-done homemade movie titled ‘Cosmos’ (you can watch it for free here) and while I wouldn’t want to give away the amazing ending, I will say that it ended with benevolent ET contact resulting in the beginnings of a First Contact situation.

June 25th, 2022 01:54 AM

Just had amazing divine timing dream. I’ve been getting 2s and 0s a lot recently which means divine timing. Something is going to happen in divine timing.

In this dream I was at a pool I think and I think there were some people I was giving a tour for or guiding them somehow about something there. Details fading. 

I think there were were some relatives there, these two scenes being possibly separate, and then I remember being in a large house by myself.

I think there was something about Trump. Maybe Trump’s house?

Anyways things weren’t going super great there and it was kind of creepy and ghostly almost.

I remember there being some devices which I think played music and I had dropped more than one of them down these stairs which went up to like 4 levels or so I think.

I had to get them and heard them playing a song (piano song I think) that I don’t remember and lighting up with flashes of light. I was looking down the staircase when I saw this.

There was something about a relative there, but don’t remember what as they weren’t there. Maybe it was partially their place as well.

But I think I remember their energy and I think they were connected to this house.

I remember it being a lot of work to go get these things and I think I had to get one or more and I started from the first floor and realized I probably should have started up top but would have had to go all the way up either way. I think there was a pool there too.

I remember sitting down with a bunch of people watching a giant screen and saw the Aricebo message as the background for a chipotle ad.

I saw the black and white blocks that made up the message and was blown away.

I had just watched a movie before going to bed which featured this message which was a benevolent first contact.

I turned to the person next to me to my right and told them that I had just seen a movie and saw that message in it. They were blown away too.

I remember thinking that everything I went through in this dream, the struggle and all of it was part of divine timing and that even though it seemed negative, it ultimately led to seeing this Aricebo message in a chipotle ad exactly at the right time.

I don’t know where this part took place or when or who was there.

Okay here is where my brain almost broke. 5 hours and 8 minutes later after the dream at 2:02 PM Universal Time (7:02 AM in Arizona) we had a C-Class solar flare. Here we see the 2s and 0s appearing again just like I had experienced for a few days or so before that:

This whole thing seemed to be Divinely-orchestrated to indicate that benevolent contact is happening here and it is huge because of it happening some hours before a solar flare using the same digits I had been getting before that which I believe is emphasizing its importance and validity. It also seems to mean perhaps the sleepless nights from this last week or so were for a reason.

The other detail I didn’t include which turned out to be important which I am kicking myself for not including was that in the dream I saw on the same advertising screen where the Arecibo blocks where, there was a bowl from Chipotle in the middle which I dismissed. But the next day I went to look at their website and check out their bowls and only the ‘lifestyle bowl’ was available out of all of the entrees and when I clicked on that bowl there were no options available (it said ‘temporarily unavailable’) so really there wasn’t much that could be ordered. But it seemed significant because I saw the bowl in my dream and then none of the bowls were available the next day.

Another amazing bit of info that seemed to be prophetic which came true was that I was seeing dead spiders much more frequently than usual. There was a dead spider hanging from its strand of silk at someone’s house and there have been several here. So when these unusual things happen I tend to write them down just in case. This was on June 7th:

And per Cobra’s latest intel post on June 23rd it seems that this was a series of signs which communicated in advance that progress was being made against the Chimera Group. The progress was made in the last few weeks and the time I wrote down the email would be the right time frame:


“…In the last few weeks, there have been huge victories against the Chimera fleet…”

Cobra had decided to use the thumbnail photo from my video ‘The Solar Flash (Galactic Wave of Love) 432Hz‘ from a while back in his most recent blog post which seems to really go along with all of these solar activity synchronicities.

On the way home on June 23rd I suddenly got the song ‘Graduation’ by ‘Vitamin C’ from the ’90s which is about just what you’d think. Basically it’s about the ‘old times’ and thinking about what the future will hold (for us it will be the Golden Age):

The same day June 23rd I heard the end song from a video game, Mario Kart 64, where you are placed either 1st, 2nd or 3rd and are awarded a cup. I heard the very beginning:

These next couple of dreams are interesting and seem to foretell coming into some financial windfall. Both happened on June 23rd:

Runescape is an online game which is very fun but can easily eat up a lot of your valuable time and energy.

The early morning of June 23rd I heard the song from the video ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz‘:

And not long after that I felt a strange jolt in my body like I hit the ground or something:

This very sad part of the Daft Punk’s ‘movie’ Interstella 5555 played in my head and I started singing it out loud. It was ‘Something About Us’ where the benevolent ETs go to see their fatally wounded rescuer and there is a beautiful romantic fantasy of what could have been between two of them. The wounded ET gives the group a small device which is a hologram that shows them playing in the band together. At the end of the fantasy vision he leaves her and that is when he dies:

I started singing it at a certain point in the lyrics which has been important in the past but I’m not quite sure what this means just yet.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

I can’t believe this next synchronicity. I’m adding this just after publishing this article. Yesterday June 26th I kept seeing 2s and 7s which means good news is coming but I also thought I saw 722 in a dream or something. So I decided to write it down just in case:

After adding this and that and making various corrections in this article I finally published it and it turned out to be 7:22 PM. You can verify this with a PC if you hover over the date which is under the title. I wasn’t paying attention to the time and also my task bar at the bottom of the screen disappears now (accidentally hit something to make it do that) so I definitely didn’t see it while making the final touches and then publishing this. Just amazing!

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