Amazing Cobra Coded Message Dream/Vision Comes True, Pharmacy Visit Divine Timing, Solar Flare Synchronicities, Jupiter Ascending Telepathic Image, Pleiadian Presence When Waking Up Throughout the Night, Interesting/Prophetic Dreams & More

For those souls who are interested there are some more dreams and synchronicities that have been happening which will be shared here. As usual discernment is advised with anything you come across here. Yesterday, July 2nd, I was telepathically shown the words ‘article’ and ‘tomorrow’, indicating that they wanted me to write this today.

This first one is going to be pretty unbelievable but amazing nonetheless. Some might recall that on June 24th that I had a vision while waking up of seeing a coded message on Cobra’s blog which didn’t seem to make much sense:

I almost deleted it and was let down because although Cobra did post a coded message on June 28th, about 4 days later, it didn’t have MAXOS in it like I saw.

Except when I randomly decided to type in ‘MAXOS in English’ into Google and then my mind was blown when the word was recognized as Greek which translated to ‘BATTLE’. The actual coded message on Cobra’s blog could be interpreted as being part of a battle:

This is one of the things that I’m learning and working on which is to include things that don’t make sense and to include details because those seemingly insignificant/irrelevant pieces of information turn out to be a huge part of the synchronicity/dream.

I once again had the song ‘Graduation‘ by Vitamin C playing in my head on June 29th:

I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or if this is what was intended to be communicated besides the lyrics of the song but the woman on the cover album somewhat resembles Pleiadian Commander Semjase:

I’d like to share one example of how the Light will sometimes cause distractions, interruptions and delays in order for Divine Timing to be kept. Sometimes the dark will do this as well so it can be challenging to figure out which one is which. The difference is usually the end result after some time passes.

I had been trying to get a refill on a prescription and had a phone appointment set up for June 29th and the appointment time came and went without a call. I called up the doctor’s office the next and they said their whole system was down and they couldn’t get much done which they had regular problems with even before this but to call the next day. So I called the next day, June 30th, and at some point it came up that I was out of my medication that they would expedite the situation and try to get the doctor to call me ASAP.

So they figure something out and the doctor ends up calling me and I answered using my Google Voice number on this laptop which usually works pretty well. Unfortunately, the doctor said there was a lot of static and that he couldn’t hear me well and there wasn’t any other way to do this except to get through it. So we get it done and he sends the script over to the pharmacy, finally. It was one obstacle after another.

So then I called the insurance company to set up a ride to get the prescriptions and the ride never showed which was a known possibility. So it’s around 6 PM and went to ask my neighbor to see if they would be willing to take me and I come to find out that their car had been broken down. All of these things were just going wrong, one thing after another, and I thought maybe I shouldn’t get these meds! Or perhaps something was preventing me from getting them.

So I decided to just walk and here is where the payoff happened. I had just got in line at the pharmacy with 1 person ahead of me and someone already getting help with the staff when after around a minute waiting I get a notification on my phone that my meds were ready:

I edited out the details for privacy.

This was amazing and I knew this all happened because of Divine Timing which is something the Higher Ups seem to be emphasizing recently. Actually this could be a bit prophetic as the dream that was included in the previous article was about going through a bunch of seemingly non-Divine tasks and then it turned out that that was part of the process. I am just realizing this as I’m writing which is a possibility. It could have been prophetic in more than one way.

In addition to the notification happening right after I got in line, I heard ‘One Step At a Time’ by Jordin Sparks on the overhead radio:

The lyrics of the song go along with the situation perfectly:

…One step at a time
There’s no need to rush

It’s like learning to fly
Or falling in love
It’s gonna happen when it’s
Supposed to happen
that we
Find the reasons why
One step at a time…”

All of this happened within a few minutes of getting to the pharmacy and this was not a short walk either which made it even more amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to believe these things are real!

Here is another amazing part of this. The time on my receipt ended up being 7:22 PM which is a number that made an appearance in the last article as the time the article was published and happened in a dream before that. This number basically means good news is coming one’s way:

So after leaving the pharmacy totally blown away I decided to go to the store and while at an intersection something strange happened which may or may not be something common that happens there. The light went from green, yellow to red and then all of them stayed that way for an unusual amount of time. No green arrow or anything just all red. And just for fun I decided to just think about turning the light green and the moment I did that it turned green. I don’t think this actually did anything but it could be a message which the Higher Ups have repeated before which is to be careful what you think because things are manifesting quickly:

The next is a solar flare synchronicity. One thing that has changed is in addition to putting songs and sometimes specific parts of songs into my head, which has been leading to real-world synchronicities with real messages, is that they are putting songs in my head that have some kind of lyric or mention of the sun. This happens in advance of activity happening on the sun. Here is an example.

Recently on June 28th they had me type out ‘C-Class solar flare, a big one’ (I suppose they’re all pretty big considering the size of the sun):

The same day, June 28th, the song ‘Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely’ by the Backstreet Boys started playing in my head and there was a lyric about the sun:

“…Wild and free I could feel the sun…”

And then, sure enough, we had a C-Class flare the next day on June 29th at 4:13 PM Arizona Time which is 1 day, 5 hours and 40 minutes after the first email was documented.

On July 1st I suddenly got a telepathic image along with feeling it physically of a scene from the movie Jupiter Ascending where Jupiter was in the clinic. I saw her face and a reptilian as well. This is the part of the movie where she is about to be called back to begin the egg donation process except it is actually going to be an attempt on her life. The staff are actually ETs and they use a technology to verify that she is the reincarnation of the mother of the House of Abrasax in order to kill her and is ultimately saved by the other main character:

On June 30th I heard the song ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight‘ in my head:

On July 2nd I had a dream which seemed to indicate something in Divine Timing was in the works again. I had woken up at 2:20 AM, which are the 2s and 0s which mean ‘Divine Timing’. The screenshot will be shared below along with the text typed out for convenience.

This dream seemed to provide a date of July 17th for someone’s birthday who was in the dream and was the last thing I heard before waking up. I don’t know what this could be pointing to so I wouldn’t put any bets on it or make any assumptions about what it might be predicting, if anything:

July 2nd, 2022 02:41 AM

Woke up and opened laptop to 2:20 PM time. I think this is indicating Divine Timing again.

Strange dream about travelling with relatives and suddenly finding myself in dangerous situations.

I forgot how it happened but I was in some kind of seat and we were in space and the glass protesting the internal atmosphere broke and could really breathe because it was the vacuum of space.

I feel like it was some kind of display structure I was sitting in and I think everyone else was okay.

I remember it being a pretty bad emergency situation which fortunately ended without death.

I couldn’t breath for several seconds and tried to lift my shirt over my nose to try and make a pocket of air which I don’t think helped much, maybe a little.

I remember something about giving someone a rolled/folded up $20 dollar bill which was for oxygen somehow but I don’t remember how. I think this happened more than once.

While walking around another area there was a man sleeping in his chair and his phone, or at least I thought it was his, was lying on the ground. I picked it up and put it on the desk where he was.

I think he had one eye slightly open and maybe that was just how he looked when he slept. His phone screen had something colorful on it and I think it was a game but don’t remember or know for sure.

I remember one part where we walked around some area in a building with display glasses I think and someone was there, a man, who we kind of didn’t want following us around but he did anyways.

He was scruffy/rough-looking and annoying I think. I remember he walked with us to this beautiful room which obviously seemed like it was being rented out or occupied by a man who was watching TV on a couch I think to our left. I immediately thought and said that I don’t think we should be here.

This was like a large palatial suite with more than one room and a place to jump down from. I decided to jump down which seemed very far and I fell in slow motion, it seemed, before landing fine on the carpeted steps.

I went back up somehow and told a relative who was considering jumping that it’s farther down than they think.

I remember another person who was there, possibly an ex of a relative and I think they said their birthday was July 17th and then the dream became like it was shutting down/powering down and then I woke up.

I think the date is important. More things happened while we walked around before this but I don’t remember much anymore.

Details have faded. I think someone else was preparing to experience being without oxygen in the vacuum of space but I don’t think they had to deal with it.

In addition to this I think there was something about my neighbor which I decided to add to my phone as I didn’t want to open the laptop up again:

Strangely, I kept getting the words’ Pleiadian presence’ telepathically and feeling the words also when I woke up:

I had another dream the same morning, July 2nd, which was sad and full of symbolism. I also felt and saw the words ‘Pleiadian presence’ upon waking up from that dream. Interestingly the dream had a moment when I was looking for a ship in the sky and didn’t see one. Maybe it was trying to communicate that our galactic family want to have contact with us as badly as we want to have contact with them but it’s not safe yet so telepathy, dreams, impressions, synchronicities, etc. are the best that can be done for the time being.

The screenshot of the dream will be shared below along with the text typed out:

July 2nd, 2022 11:01 AM

Dream where I was in this building that almost resembled the arts school I went to. Just the hallway sort of.

I remember wanting contact with ETs quite a lot. I remember being in a room I think maybe my own and thinking about this.

There was a guy there I think but I had walked outside and I think all the people out there were homeless and were just hanging out by this wall because that was just where they decided to be.

I remember this guy I didn’t know trying to hold my hand. I was sitting down with these people and I think we kind of tried to hold hands but I wasn’t feeling it and then I think I put my hand into his hand and we just held each others’ hands.

I remember looking up at the sky trying to look for a ship but I just saw stars and other things but don’t recall what they were. I was just very upset and got up and left that area and tried to find my way back to my place.

I kept getting lost and I walked through this room that looked like it was having some kind of class or teaching situation going on.

There was a small door on the wall to the right that I just opened and climbed into. I think it was to a staircase or something that led to a staircase.

I remember going through another door and it was a room full of linens and clothes and other items. Like a thrift store almost.

There was a young man and woman there along with an older woman. I had a duffel bag type of thing on me that I was carrying.

The man and woman started talking about me like I was some kind of criminal trying to steal things so I kind of yelled at them and told them I was just lost and needed to find my place on the second floor. Apartment 212.

I said I wasn’t having a good day and was crying. They backed off and I think the older woman might have said something, I don’t know.

I found another door out of there and ended up in a staircase again I think and went through another door. There were so many doors.

I think I finally ended up in a room filled with washers and dryers. There were water heaters behind me so I’m guessing it was a laundromat in my building that I didn’t know about. I thought that was great. 

There was an Asian man in there I think just walking around. I almost thought he would kick me out. I looked into my bag and had a few things that I don’t remember now.

Maybe some kind of skin cream, an item of clothing and something else that I think was important and maybe valuable but don’t remember.

It was a very sad experience and a long drawn out journey. There were more parts I think but don’t recall them now.

This dream seemed to be prophetic in a way possibly as in various parts I was trying to crawl through doorways and just yesterday my neighbor locked their keys in their place and had to crawl through the window to get in and unlock the front door. Oops!

So my spirit animal the wolf appeared in an interesting way which really only would have happened had I offered to help my neighbor. One of them was having stroke symptoms and so we all went to the ER together where they were taken back relatively quickly-ish and stayed overnight (chest pains/heart attack/stroke symptoms go to the front of the line).

I had volunteered to help clean up their place (and they consented which was very kind of them) because they had been suffering some weakness and a bit more physical limitations which are hopefully temporary. In their place there were two beautiful photos that change when you look at it moving left or right that featured wolves.

In addition to that my other neighbor had a book sitting out against the bookshelf titled ‘wolf empire’:

This only happened when I asked to step in to help and I think the wolf appearing was saying that it was the right path as it has done so reliably for years now. The Universe loves when people are service-to-others and help one another.

While scrolling through YouTube the song titled ‘Commander‘ by Kelly Rowland seemed to stand out and if I remember correctly the Higher Ups had pointed to that one using my eyes and I also think they wanted to emphasize part of the lyrics:

“…I’ll be your commander
No fear, no doubt
I’ll provide the answer…

I once again heard the song from the video ‘The Event is Coming 432Hz‘:

And strangely I got this terrible feeling of dread and discomfort in my abdomen area. It was just awful and it happened after tiding up my neighbor’s place. Punishment?

And recently they’ve been telepathically communicating that a C-Class flare was going to happen but I didn’t write it down this time. This is all like an avalanche of information coming in through many different ways and sometimes I just decide not to document everything. One interesting thing that I have been seeing, I think, is seeing a C2 flare on the website in dreams. This has happened twice now including this morning:

I think I saw the C2 part on the bottom and a B-Class on the top which is located on the left side of the website under X-Ray Solar Flares.

Interestingly enough we had a C3 today at 12:54 PM Arizona Time which is 179 minutes after the email documentation from this morning at 9:55 AM as of the time of this writing. It’s possible these things will come true at a later date. It’s also possible that in this instance, which has happened in the past and I’m not sure why, some of the details of a dream or vision come true a little differently in the physical world than what was shown.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light! I asked the Higher Ups if they had a song in mind to conclude this article with and telepathically got ‘My Universe’ and in sign language:

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