Even More Jesus Synchronicities

I would like to reiterate that what is being written here is for everyone to make their own decision about. I do not wish to make any assumptions or assertions about these events except report them honestly and let those who feel guided to see them decide for themselves what they mean.

ATTENTION GRABBER: I will attempt to grab your attention with this amazing synchronicity that I got while playing with some numbers today. I tried to divide my birthday 410 into several numbers that I was getting and I finally got a hit on something:

 410 / 369 = 1.1111111111111111

There are exactly sixteen 1s that follow after the decimal point. That would be 11:11 four times in a row:


Hopefully I have successfully bought some of your attention to continue reading this!

I am being guided to include more synchronicities related to Jesus and my birthday 4/10. I am also being guided to create a tab on this blog which includes all of the Jesus Synchronicities in a nice and neat-looking post.

This portion of the information will include information from Dolores Cannon via her clients in hypnosis in regards to the life of Jesus and how it has manifested into my world. For those who are not aware the late Dolores Cannon was a very talented and gifted hypnotherapist who authored 19 books (I have many of them) and developed her all-in-one healing technique call the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (something I underwent) which works directly with the subconscious mind, who each of us has, that knows every single thing about us.

She received information, concepts and lost knowledge from her clients who were able to go back to the time periods of their past lives (one concept was that everything exists in the moment of NOW) and completely become that person. She obtained much information from a woman who lived during the time of Jesus (assuming you believe he existed at all) who provided a wealth of information that was lost from that time.

She explained that Jesus was basically a Starseed who incarnated here to teach the people how to be metaphysical hippies and was taught most of what he knew by a group of people called The Essenes. Cobra released some information about the people we know of as The Essenes. They were connected to Extraterrestrial races who are still around today:

(2012portalBrotherhood of the Star

“This blog post will be about the second positive group that has been working secretly behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity and liberation of the planet.

I have gained access to one of esoteric texts that was written by a member of that group and I am publishing it now in its entirety with full permission of that group.

»Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command.  

They have caused the flowering of Graeco-Roman culture aided with telepathic impressions from Brotherhood of the Star. They were active as Druid priests in Celtic culture. As Essenes they were collaborating in the project of Ascension of Jesus and Magdalene/Grail family lineage as a counterbalance against the thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility.”

This dovetails very nicely with Dolores’ information which is untainted by other’s research per her own lectures where she states that she didn’t want to contaminate her research by looking into anyone else’s. She has three 1 hour online lectures (here, here and here) about her information on this subject which I have been guided to listen to several times each.

Interestingly, she was given a physical description of him which was something I don’t think anyone was expecting. She was told that Jesus had red hair and blue eyes which was apparently common for that part of the area where he was born. The darker-skinned people that we visualize when we think of this part of the world were living a bit farther away but this was apparently what the population looked like at that time.

These are two traits that I possess currently. Although the hair on my head is more of a light brown/blond, my beard and mustache is red. This was just another weird coincidence while researching these synchronicities that I have been shown recently.

I was guided to another website that featured a lot of information in regards to Jesus and numerology. The name Jesus in Greek Gematria equals 888 and this is another number that I have noticed increase dramatically along with 318 which I have written about before – which we will see in Gematria is the sum of the letters of the word helios (the sun):

Jesus and the Sun

(Jesus8880) The Greek word helios (8+30+10+70+200), meaning the “Sun” has a gematria value of 318 units and is represented as a circle with a diameter of 318 units. Jesus is represented as a circle with a circumference of 888 units. The diagram shows that one Jesus (888) and eight Helios (318) circles fill the raised Jesus (8880) graph. The equation for the above diagram … 8(318)p+ 888 = 8880 … has an accuracy of 99.99%!

You may have all remembered the several photos of the cabs with 8s on them and the license plates with 888 on them as well. I have another example of the many 8s appearing:


We will also see many repetitive numbers that I have documented here many times before including 9, 18, 54 and 108 which are all numbers that can be divided into 3, 6 and 9:


Just today I went to save a page where I was trying to book a flight and an error code came up strangely with the number of the error code having 722 in it. I just so happen to send this to myself at 3:18:



It’s a bit hard to see but the file I sent at 3:18 is a screen shot of the 3:18 and 722 in the same shot.

I would also like to include some more 100/1000 number synchronicities that I have just discovered recently (this has been ongoing!) While at work I found a parking lot street lamp with an identification number of 100 on it. Interestingly, April 10th is the 100th day of the year. I didn’t have to walk far at all to find this:


The ‘IX’ appears here on my charger…


(Jesus8880) The “Sign” of Jesus Christ

The Greek name of Jesus Christ is spelled IhsouV CristoV. This means that his initials are the Greek letters “I” (iota) and “X” (chi). His monogram, or “sign,” is formed from the superimposed first initials (“I” and “X“) of his name.

The initials of his name also happen to be Greek Numerals. The Attic Greek Numeral “I” has a value of “1” and the Numeral “X” has a value of “1,000.” The product of the two numerals is therefore = 1000 units. If the circle holding his sign is assigned a circumference of 1,000 units, the diameter of the circle by calculation is 318 units, which is the gematria value of Helios (‘hlioV), the Sun. This is just one of the many examples you will find in this book of how the Greeks used gematria to equate Jesus Christ with the Sun. The sign of Jesus Christ has decorated Christian religious objects and churches throughout the world from the 1st century to the present.”

This symbol is used in medicine and is one of the main logos on our ambulances:

Related image

‘Coincidentally’, this woman from a local church hand-wrote this entire letter requesting that I and anyone living with me attend her church:


I have also discovered another possible link to the bible. My full name Jonathan Patrick Carty in Greek Gematria, as it is, without changing the letters to the Greek alphabet is 2212:


Upon further ‘guided’ research this also happens to be a bible verse in Revelation:


I would love to be able to disclose this but due to privacy reasons I can’t but the number 212 is a very significant part of my everyday life. (Something I use everyday.) From this number we can extract 12/21/12 (December 21st 2012) which was the beginning of the Age of Aquarius and the end of the Age of Pisces (during the time of Jesus).

Some of you may remember that my license plate also had my birthday hidden it. I also happen to snap this photo at 12:22. It also happen to be photo number 232, which in military time is 1432 = 432:

5+9 = 14 | 4+6 = 10 = 1410 = 410


Dolores Cannon has manifested herself in a few ways in my experience so far. I decided to Gematria-ize her name and came up with numbers that all each add up to 14:


I just noticed that when I took this photo of her interview at the vegan restaurant I usually go to, which has an address with 515 in it which in certain Gematria equals Jesus, it was photo number 414 out of 414. The time I snapped this was at 20:39, which, if we at the 3 and 9 we get 2012 and we see the 212 appear again:


515 is another number that comes up very frequently in important events in my life which include the address of the apartment complex that is directly next to mine. I would also add that the address of the apartments I live in is 410 in military time and so we have 515 = Jesus | 410 = Christ hidden in the address of the area I live in:

This also includes the birth time of one of my relatives baby’s = 5:15 AM. I also documented previously on this blog that he was communicating with me in dreams while he was in the womb which included his gender before it was long enough in the pregnancy to be known and about his personality.

I also found a 515 and 144 as part of two family’s home addresses in one shot which I synchronistically took at 16:44 which is military time for 4:44. Also if we add the 2s and 5s in the photo number we get 72 our of 72 which is another sacred geometric number:


While down the same road I noticed the same 13000 which I mentioned before which was the date of the end of the Mayan calendar:


I also wanted to snap a photo of the bathroom door on the floor that I work on which is labelled 228 which in simplified Gematria is my full name:



This is all on the same floor that I work on! There are two staff bathrooms, the one you see in the above photo and another one with 432 in the number just like you see above.

For the time being this is everything I think I have related to Jesus and my birthday. I did have a couple of dreams recently where I recall looking up at this white board in a classroom setting after all the kids had randomly written their names on it and the first letters of each of their names spelled out ‘Jesus’.

I had another where apparently I looked up at the fridge and saw Jesus on there. I don’t remember this dream although I wrote it down.

Another really interesting thing that has been happening is the dramatic increase in synchronicities I am seeing in dreams. Many of the numbers you are reading here I have seen, especially in the last couple of days. I have gotten numbers here and there before but it was a constant flow of them just like here on the physical plane (for my personal experience anyway).

Also, about 70% of the time when I look at a clock now it will have 33 in it in addition to seeing other 3s many times an hour in some shape or form:


I would like to include another item of interest that I mentioned before which was the issue date of my driver’s license = September 16th. This was the air date of the final and 44th episode of the show ‘The 4400’ which was titled ‘The Great Leap Forward’ in which the evil beings from the future were stopped by this group of basically Starseeds lead by Jesus’ who is played by Jordan Collier:


And here is the page from Wikipedia:


This is everything I have for now. If there are any others I will include them in future posts. Big stuff is obviously going on and although I would like to nail down a solid conclusion to these synchronicities I will have to continue to wonder why they are happening. Thank you for those who stuck around to see this portion of these synchronicities. Much love to you all!!

PS This also just happened to be post number 21065 which would be 210 = 1410 (military time) and 5 + 6 = 11 which I mentioned before equals my birthday if divided by 369 (the key to unlocking the Universe per Tesla):


Cascada Lyrics


I don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes
These are the best years of our lives
I don’t wanna sleep while I’m alive
I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight

For once in my life I realized
What I’ve been given, in an instant
I don’t need this to end to understand
That I’m gonna miss it, gonna miss it
I can’t believe how the minutes keep passing us by
Better live my life
Here in the moment just own it and don’t think twice
Let’s go

I don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes
These are the best years of our lives
I don’t wanna to sleep while I’m alive
I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight
I don’t wanna blink, blink,
I don’t wanna blink, blink
I don’t wanna blink
No, I don’t wanna blink

There used to be a time when I was blind
I had no vision, wouldn’t listen
Now every heartbeat is tellin’ me
That I’m on a mission to make a difference
I can’t believe how the seconds keep passing us by
Better live my life
Here in the moment just own it and don’t think twice
Let’s go

I don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes
These are the best years of our lives
I don’t wanna to sleep while I’m alive
I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight
I don’t wanna blink, blink,
I don’t wanna blink, blink
I don’t wanna blink
No, I don’t wanna blink

Can’t stop, won’t stop
Give me some more
So many things that I wanna explore
Years ahead, more, we were put in for
Now I now
Let’s go

I don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes
These are the best years of our lives
I don’t wanna to sleep while I’m alive
I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight
I don’t wanna blink, blink,
I don’t wanna blink, blink
I don’t wanna blink
No, I don’t wanna blink

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  1. DilliGirl says:

    nice one

  2. truthearth says:

    Wow Ronald those are amazing! In Jewish lore there is a story about a group of ’36’ people that will help save the world at some point and keep it balance with love.

    Sounds like you are one of those friend 🙂

    Love the number crunching you did!

  3. Ron says:

    Hi Jonathan!

    I was watching a video when I think about your Jesus Synchronicities and the number 515 and my birthday (May 15 or 05/15=515).
    I already knew that I am a 33 (05=5 / 15=6 / 1984=22) (5+6+22=33).

    After I had think about the number 515 and my birthday, I started to look at my first name (Ronald=28) (2+8=10) (1+0=1). Here we got the number 1, and If you take my name ( I won’t put it here) this give us the number 1. So, with my first name and my name (1 and 1) we got the master number 11.

    My apartment complex is the 11. The door of my apartment is the 36 (3+6=9) (9=3*3) (33).
    The number 36*12 give us the base frequency of the universe 432.

    I think it’s enough : )

    Big Thanks to You and your Team from above! And as you say it so well, Much Love! <3

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