Prophetic Cobra Dream Comes True, Financial Crisis Dream Comes True, Lithuania/Russia Conflict Mostly Resolved, Disney’s ‘Atlantis’ Synchronicity, Many Massive Solar Flare Synchronicities, Jupiter Motherships Synchronicity, Many Ascension Synchronicities & Much More

For those who are interested there are some interesting synchronicities and dreams happening which will be shared here. Discernment is advised with anything you come across here. My apologies about the length of this post.

In the last article I was guided to start with the most recent synchronicities and go backwards in time but this wouldn’t have made since for other days where things should have been listed in order from morning to evening. So I had written out the article the way I wanted to and they insisted on doing it the other way. So I deleted everything and discarded the article entirely and started a new one. I think I realized why they did this. I think the only way for me to have started another blog post would have been to intentionally frustrate me to get this result. This has happened before and isn’t done to cause suffering but to make sure things go ‘according to plan’. Sometimes I swear they are going to make my hair turn grey prematurely.

Speaking of which, just before starting this article I had heard the song ‘According to Plan‘ in my head once again

This seems to lead to the magic 410. Multiplying the digits of this post number together equals 4374:

Plugging this number into Pi calculator, which tells us the position of any number in Pi, gets us an interesting result. 410 appears at the beginning of the string of numbers, but backwards, 014. So perhaps this whole song and dance about doing the article backwards and then creating a new one with a new post number (which is chosen by WordPress automatically which I have no control over) was done intentionally to get this result:

There are a couple of important dreams that have come true. The first is a Cobra dream which was about being in military training with good people and the training included identifying extraterrestrials which I thought was a joke but the other soldiers were serious:

July 13th, 2022 03:52 AM

Woke up and opened laptop to see it was 3:31 AM. Had strange dream which also happened to be a big long one about being in some facility where I was rather new (it kind of reminds me of Ender’s Game a bit).

I had undergone a bit of military training but not much. Another woman there and myself didn’t quite get along I think, and almost in a cliche way.

I remember at some point talking to her about training, among other things that I don’t remember now which I think had to do with the training and the facility, which I think went on for a while and I think we decided to do some more together.

A co-worker from years ago, from my first job, was there and was very nice, sensitive and affectionate. He had experienced more training than myself. 

 I remember we are all geared up including weapons, large guns, perhaps assault rifles, in this training area and I’m following a gentleman around but don’t know much about him.

We are focusing on these plants that are shaped like animals. We came up to one which I forgot what it was.

Then we came to another one that I think was shaped like a cat but I said something about extraterrestrials. I think I made a sound like it was a joke but they were serious. This was part of the training.

I woke up shortly after the extraterrestrial thing. I don’t know exactly where or what time period we were in or what our objective was. 

Just a newbie doing military training with more experienced people, some of whom were very kind and benevolent who I knew to be very good people. It almost reminded me of a movie.

The dream was documented at 3:52 AM and then 90 minutes later at 5:22 AM Cobra posted the coded message indicating a victory:

There was a strange vision of words that happened during a period of no sleeping which had to do with the Lithuania/Russia conflict possibly resolving positively. This was June 21st:

And the governor of Kaliningrad has announced in an article on July 14th that a recent victory has been won regarding the situation but that there are still restrictions that they will continue to work to revolve and based on the wording of the article, Russia means business.

(Russia Today)

New EU guidance has removed the majority of restrictions on the transit of Russian goods to the country’s exclave of Kaliningrad, Governor Anton Alikhanov said on Thursday. Adding that Russia will continue to seek the removal of the road transit ban.

On Wednesday, the EU Commission issued “additional guidance” after Lithuania, citing EU sanctions against Moscow, banned shipments via its territory. Russia called the measures unprecedented and illegal, as they affect access to its own territory. The EU Commission’s latest guidance allows Russia to resume rail transit under certain conditions. 

In an interview with Rossiya 1 TV Channel, Alikhanov described the EU’s move as a victory for Russian diplomacy, explaining that it lifted “more than 80% of the restrictions imposed on Kaliningrad transit

However, the governor said, “a significant part of the goods” remain under restrictions as the road transit of sanctioned goods is still not allowed. Alikhanov estimates that the ban affects 500-700 thousand tons of cargo per year out of 2.7-3 million tons of all sanctioned goods, which are subject to transit. 

Russia will continue “to press further and solve this problem completely,” Alikhanov stressed.

He also noted that Russia reserves the right to provide a tough response if the restrictions on road transit are not lifted…

Another dream that happened on July 7th was about the 2008 financial crisis which I was explaining to some European co-workers from years ago. We were driving on a road and there was chaos:

It was then reported on July 14th on Zerohedge and other websites that China was experiencing a similar situation regarding people refusing to pay their mortgages, resulting in a potential situation similar to 2008 here in the United States. In the dream I used Morgan Stanley as an example and that part of the dream came true as Morgan Stanley even commented on the situation. The following articles are all from July 14th:

Lehman Brothers was a global financial investment firm which was at the center of the 2008 financial crisis.


“…As Bloomberg reports overnighta rapidly increasing number of “disgruntled Chinese homebuyers” are refusing to pay mortgages for unfinished construction projects, exacerbating the country’s real estate woes and stoking fears that the crisis will spread to the wider financial system as countless mortgages default.

According to researcher China Real Estate Information, homebuyers have stopped mortgage payments on at least 100 projects in more than 50 cities as of Wednesday, up from 58 projects…”


“HONG KONG, July 14 (Reuters) – Chinese regulators on Thursday vowed to help local governments deliver property projects on time after homebuyers threatened to stop mortgage payments on unfinished apartments, in the first sign Beijing was stepping in to end the market chaos.

The homebuyers’ threats have deepened investor concerns about the property sector, which accounts for a quarter of the economy…

Up to 1.5 trillion yuan ($220 billion) of mortgage loans are linked to unfinished Chinese residential projects, ANZ estimated in a report.

Mortgages account for nearly 20% of all loans and mortgage bad-loan ratios could rise three- to five-fold if homebuyers acted on their threats, analysts estimate.

Chinese authorities held emergency meetings with banks, Bloomberg reported on Thursday, citing people familiar with the matter…

…”Policymakers will need to send a clear and strong signal that they stand ready to be the “rescuer of the last resort”,” said Morgan Stanley, adding plausible options included stronger demand stimulus and guarantees for quality developers.”

Later on the same morning, still July 13th, I heard a specific part of a song but it took a little bit of searching to try and figure out what it was. I found that it was from Disney’s ‘Atlantis’ where the little Atlantian girls’ mother was chosen to go up into the sky towards a bright light which was a crystal. Then this crystal protected the city while it sunk into the ocean. The owner of the video won’t allow it to be embedded here for some reason so I will share the link and when you click it the video will start at the part I’m referring to:

This one might blow your socks off. The same day July 13th, the Higher Ups had used my eyes to type out ‘M-Class solar flare’ on my laptop keyboard at 2:09 PM:

And then that evening, 7 hours and 22 minutes later, at 9:31 PM Arizona Time we had an M-Class solar flare:

The same day, July 13th, I decided to write down a strange dream from that morning about some strange malevolent black creatures getting out with one of them attaching to my wrist:

July 13th, 2022 8:14 PM

Dream this morning that I didn’t think was too important but am going to share anyway. I was in some place like a house with relatives and they had these creatures there that got out I think.

One of them was the size of like a volleyball and it was black with large tentacle things that were thick and then much smaller ones that they would use for walking, etc.

It was not a good creature and at some point it grabbed onto my right wrist extremely tight and I was trying to pull it off.

Its tentacles had some kind of adhesive substance that was making it even harder to remove it. I remember it finally came off and parts of my wrist had no hair and some skin was removed but a small layer with no blood.

There were two other creatures that I saw there, one of them was smaller and although the details have faded somewhat, I think it had two long legs or something like that along with a body in the middle.

I don’t remember what the other creature looked like but this was not a pleasant experience.

I don’t know what happened to them or what they are called. I think there were other animals at this place but don’t remember which kind.

The creature resembled the above picture but it was pitch black in color and had specifically large tentacles that were the same thickness and small tentacles that were of the same thickness also if that makes sense.

Spiders have been making an appearance in here again and had to take it outside. So far these spider appearances have been congruent and connected with intel about the Chimera Group so I’m going to throw it in here just in case. There was a little spider on my plate earlier too but it disappeared somewhere in the couch:

I heard the song ‘Digital Love‘ by Daft Punk and this is part of a huge solar activity synchronicity as you will read. This is the part of the ‘movie’ by Daft Punk, Interstella 5555, where a benevolent blue-skinned extraterrestrial is enjoying life in his ship and daydreaming about a woman he admires as she is a singer on their home planet. Suddenly his daydream is interrupted by alarms and he sees on his monitor that his galactic brothers and sister (who are part of a band), the same one he was was thinking about, have been abducted and taken to Earth to be slaves to an evil wealthy French mogul. This is the part where the extraterrestrial guy takes his ship and begins the process of rescuing the others:

For the first time ever, the Higher Ups put this song in my head for a long period of time and continued to hear it into the afternoon. I knew this was going to be important. They telepathically communicated, ‘spec’, which meant that they wanted to provide specific lyrics when I documented the email. I’m not sure why they don’t give me the whole word in certain cases but I understand them nonetheless. They used my eyes to pick out the lines of lyrics and this is going to blow you away. They chose lyrics about the sun and a making a dream come true. As I write this I am telepathically getting ‘arrests’ which might the answer to, make what dream come true?

To clarify, in an article from April this year, I had a dream about Al Capone, a relative born in the 1800s and got the number 18,780 or 17,870 arrests. In the same dream there was something about 88 years. Well the dream was April 18th and then it was announced that Senator Orrin Hatch died at 88 years old on April 23rd. My theory was this, it seemed the 88 years was applied to this Orrin Hatch gentleman. So if that part came true then what about the arrests? Why would one part come true but not another? Unless it just hasn’t yet. This was just my own interpretation of that. People want concrete answers to what’s going on but that’s not usually how the Universe communicates, unfortunately.

In the beginning of the song there a scene of the extraterrestrial guy in a spacesuit in front of a bright sun:

That email was documented at 12:25 PM and then 2 hours and 23 minutes later we had an M-Class flare happen at 2:48 PM Arizona Time:

Interestingly there was a dream from July 2nd which contained a date of someone’s birthday, July 17th and was the last thing I heard before waking up. I remember being in space without oxygen and it seemed to have something to do with divine timing because I woke up at 02:20 AM and 2s and 0s mean divine timing and started writing the dream down after that. I will just include a couple of parts from the dream and if anyone wishes to read more of it they click the link at the beginning of this paragraph.

July 2nd, 2022 02:41 AM

Woke up and opened laptop to 2:20 PM time. I think this is indicating Divine Timing again. Strange dream about travelling with relatives and suddenly finding myself in dangerous situations. I forgot how it happened but I was in some kind of seat and we were in space and the glass protesting the internal atmosphere broke and could really breathe because it was the vacuum of space…

…I remember another person who was there, possibly an ex of a relative and I think they said their birthday was July 17th and then the dream became like it was shutting down/powering down and then I woke up. I think the date is important…

The Higher Ups helped with this puzzle. They guided me to check the time between my birthday and the time and date of the above dream. The amount of time between these two events were 282,495 hours. They used my eyes to point to the hours part and then I added them together, 282+495 and amazingly this equaled 777:

And 777 means that one can expect miracles to happen, among other things. I just so happen to be finishing this article on July 17th, the same date that I heard in the dream.

On July 14th I ‘accidentally’ clicked on a video with the title ‘Goddess of Caledonia‘ which I thought could be a Goddess communication. These things I keep ‘accidentally’ clicking on are turning out to not be accidents:

It was once again communicated that an X-Class solar flare is coming. I don’t know when but this communication came with a gentle physical energy surge along with the telepathic words which indicates that it is important. It is a leap of faith to publish this before the flare has happened (assuming it will happen which is not certain so I wouldn’t put any bets on it) and they telepathically gave me ‘X4’ which could indicate the intensity of it. As of the time of this writing the flare has not happened:

Okay this next one was so strange and random I almost didn’t document it and it’s a bit uncomfortable to share it and it might make you laugh so here it goes. I suddenly heard the song ‘Milkshake‘ by Kelis more than once in a day (I think it was a couple times in the same day) in my head which is another song I hadn’t heard in a while. It’s the song about how her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. Oh my:

So I just decided to listen to the whole song because there’s always a reason for these things even though they seem absurd and outrageous. After a while I realized why they shared this song. Believe it or not, the lyrics seemed to provide a valuable piece of advice:

“…Oh, once you get involved
Everyone will look this way, so
You must maintain your charm
Same time maintain your halo
Just get the perfect blend
Plus what you have within
Then next his eyes’ll squint
Then he’s picked up your scent…”

Interestingly on July 14th I was watching the sequel to ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, ‘2010: The Day We Make Contact’ and there is a scene where the planet Jupiter implodes and becomes a second sun. I thought this might be communicating something in advance so I decided to write it down just in case. This was documented at 9:53 PM:

In the movie the ships were in orbit near Jupiter:

And then interestingly, Dr. Michael Salla uploaded a video and published an article with the same information the next day, July 15th, regarding possible motherships parked near the planet Jupiter:

Perhaps this synchronicity was trying to communicating that yes the motherships are really here in our solar system. In addition to this, the next day, July 15th, we had an M-Class solar flare so there seemed to be more than one prophetic message here.

The early morning of July 15th I had a time travel dream that I don’t remember much of but I think it was a good one:

Later that morning I woke up with the word ‘Education’ in my mind’s eye:

The same morning I kept hearing ‘Digital Love‘ by Daft Punk in my head again and this was documented at 8:58 AM. I was to include the lyrics like before:

I got the same song again on the same day and this time the Higher Ups added ‘M-Class’ to the email which was documented at 5:42 PM:

And then almost 6 hours after the above email the same day, July 15th, we had an M-Class flare happen at 11:30 PM Arizona Time. I would also note that one website said it peaked at 6:29 UTC (11:29 AZ Time) and another website (quote from there included below) has it at a minute later at 6:30 (11:30 AZ Time) but either way the flare occurred several hours after the email was documented which is absolutely amazing:


“…Sun activity is moderate, with the highest flare being an M1.12 flare from AR3057 at 6:30 UTC on July 16…”

The evening of July 15th was rough and the terrible state of the planetary situation was getting me down pretty bad. So I had an anger and crying session and let it out. I had intended to go to the store and as soon as I got up from the bed I started getting the song ‘Rhythm Divine‘ by Enrique Iglesias in my head. This was interesting because I don’t remember the last time I heard this song. I remember reciting the lyrics after getting out of bed and wasn’t sure what came after the word ‘rhythm’ and upon looking up the lyrics I was amazed that it was ‘Rhythm Divine’. I think I let some more emotions out and then went to the store:

I went to the store and got transaction number 7117 on the receipt and repeating 7s and 1s mean the right path is being taken:

Interestingly the lyrics of ‘Rhythm Divine’ included ‘burning’ which might have been a prophetic solar flare synchronicity:

“…Can you feel the rhythm
Can you feel the rhythm
Can you feel the rhythm, burning, burning…

Another part of the song seemed to intend to be comforting:

“I will follow you wherever you may be…

…Join the dance and let it happen
Put tomorrow’s cares right out of your mind…”

The next morning, July 16th, at 8:39 AM In Arizona Time we had another M-Class flare:

The amount of time between the receipt from the store, 8:59 PM on July 15th, and the flare happening in Arizona Time the next day, July 16th at 8:39 AM is 11 hours and 40 minutes so here we see the digits of the magic 410 appearing.

Earlier on July 16th, I heard another Enrique Iglesias song that I hadn’t heard in a long time which was ‘Bailamos‘ (Let’s/We Dance):

The lyrics of this catchy song also include the idea of going with the ‘rhythm’, similar to the other song:

“…Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over…

…There is something I think you should know
I won’t be leaving your side
We’re gonna dance through the night
I’m gonna reach for the stars…”

The Higher Ups communicated about a C-Class flare before starting this article on July 16th, at 4:02 PM (it is now July 17th as I finish this article):

Also while working on this article I heard a specific part of a song from the video ‘The Solar Sneeze 432Hz’ (clicking this link will start the video where I heard the song in my head) where the animated character goes up into the sky in an enclosed heart and then does a flash of light transition into the next scene which is a clip from Babylon 5 where one of the characters Ascends. I wrote this down at 8:17 PM:

And while writing this article we had a C-Class flare happen at 8:51 PM in Arizona Time, 34 minutes after documenting the Solar Sneeze email above:

There was an eruption from the sun that was aimed at Earth and this coronal mass ejection should reach Earth July 18th-19th and should be moderate in its scope:

Whatever is happening here with these abilities, dreams and synchronicities, it is getting stronger and more amazing. They are getting bigger in their scope and more comprehensive and they have been accelerating very fast recently. They are not slowing down or going away, it is the opposite. The future that the Cabal is trying to create is not going the way they hope and is still causing a lot of suffering but what’s happening in this microscopic part of the Universe over here with these abilities seem to be a harbinger of an amazing future beyond our comprehension; the future we have been fighting and suffering for. I believe what is being documented here on this blog is just a taste of what is to come.

I can tell you that based on these synchronicities and dreams, the Higher Ups are so excited for what is coming. It is a certainty, despite appearances. They tell me an X-Class flare is going to happen and then it happens. The same source communicates that The Event is coming. So believe it. It’s real. It’s coming. I don’t know when but one way or another, we will have our Golden Age.

The mainstream media/alternative media is convincing people to feed the wrong wolf (hopelessness and despair) when many of the dreams and synchronicities been shared here are feeding the right wolf (hope and light) and communicating that an amazing future is coming (and maybe encourage people to develop their own spiritual guidance, do inner work and help others, even though we want this to be over as soon as possible). I take no credit for these things as I am just the facilitator and communicator of these amazing messages. I believe they are created/authored by the Source, et al. (guides/Higher Self/Ascended Masters, etc.).

The other important message is to encourage others to continue to follow and take the information there seriously because you decide not to then you will be confused as to what has happened, is currently happening and what will happen. And of course that is up to everyone to decide for themselves.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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