Synchronistic Native American Contact

UPDATE: So I was looking into the book that one of these gentleman suggested I check out that they wrote and I noticed the book was published on my birthday 4/10 in 2008:


So I will be sharing with you all a very significant couple of events (in my opinion) that happened to me this last week. I am all about the Native American way of living; treat everyone and everything with respect, love and gratitude and so on. Which appears to have been the remnants of the concepts and ideas from the time of Atlantis.

I would also like to add that I am very attracted to turquoise and anything blue or blue-like. So with all that being said I will go on with the story. I was at a health food store the other day and I was picking out some veggies to juice (I am still on the juice fast, today is day 43) and an older gentleman saw my 10 lb bag of juicing carrots in my basket and asked me if I was juicing. I replied yes and we started talking about that and some other things.

Then the conversation eventually steered towards Earth changes/current events and prophecies and he told me he was a member of a certain Native American tribe which I won’t disclose nor will I disclose his name as he expressed concern about it getting out, which I understand. He even wrote a book which he shared with me. You can read it here or buy it online on Amazon. It is titled ‘Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: and the Coming New Heaven’.

He did bring up a connection to my love of blue and turquoise which I don’t recall at the moment but it was definitely synchronistic. We talked next to the wall of veggies for a good while and I happened to have some Orgonite that I gifted to him. He said that our meeting was planned and didn’t happen by accident.

I definitely felt something powerful happen that day, although I’m not sure what the results are yet. I would also add that he looked so darn familiar but I couldn’t recall meeting him before. I was like…I know this guy, come on brain figure out where you remember him from! But no luck. I am not supposed to remember right now apparently…

A couple days later I was waiting at the bus stop to go to the store and I felt this urge to walk back towards my apartment. I have learned to yield to these feelings and urges and for good reasons that I am about to explain. As I am walking back I say hello to this Native American gentleman who saw my shirt which read ‘peace and love’ along with all my other hippie attire and started talking to me.

He asked me to look him up on YouTube and that his name was Redhawk and he was the one who was telling these anti-immigration protesters in Tucson who the real illegal immigrants were… I just looked it up and found the video which I will post below:

I have many many Native American connections to my dreams, ET contact and so on which I have written about in the past (see Ant People in the dream journal). Pocahontas is and always will be one of my favorite movies as the ideas and concepts conveyed from there really resonate with me and I feel this strong connection with that way of life.

So this is what I experienced in the last week that I thought I would document and share with you all. My awakening has brought me to many amazing situations, conversations and people. I am so humbled to be able to be in contact with so many great teachers and beings and I hope that there will be more to come!

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

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Cobra Update: Taiwan Ascension Conference Report

We have an update from Cobra in regards to the Ascension Conference that took place a couple days ago. Apparently there were some big leaps forward in progress. He notes that there were very intense attacks again light workers and the Light Forces put a stop to this and weakened the Cabal to a great degree.

I would like to add that the last week I have been experiencing extreme anger and low-vibrational emotions that were very unpleasant. I know I have been clearing out and releasing old anger but this was to the extreme…and as of a couple days ago it stopped so if that it what was happening it is nice to know that it wasn’t me raging for no reason! Everything feels much better now.

Anyways on to the report! Much love everyone!

Our Ascension conference was strategically placed in Taipei, close to the center of the densest human population and located in one of the places with the highest percentage of Lightworkers and Lightwarriors on the planet.

Our group was amazing and certain important projects were initiated. These projects will be made public at a more advanced stage of their completion.

Some of these projects are related to the Peach Blossom Spring:

In the final weeks before the conference and reaching their crescendo on Saturday, there were brutal Archon attacks on certain key Lightworkers on the planet and the Light forces finally had enough of this.

Drastic action was taken by the Light forces on Saturday at around 11:30 pm Taipei time as the operation codenamed „Justice of Maat“ was initialized. This operation lasted for about 21 hours and as a consequence, no negative non-physical entity is now safe from removal and departure to the Galactic Central Sun. As a result of all this, clearing of the head of Yaldabaoth entity has been significantly accelerated.

This has created extreme changes in Schumann resonances, starting at around 10:50 pm Tomsk time ( 11:50 pm Taipei time) on Saturday and lasting for 21 1/2 hours:

Also, the Resistance has communicated that many key physical members of the Cabal „have finally tasted their own medicine“. Nothing more can be said about this. To summarize, all negative factions except the Chimera group are now greatly weakened.

Victory of the Light! Justice of Maat!

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It Appears Partial Disclosure is Rolling Out

It has become obvious that the PizzaGate scandal isn’t going to die down as popular voices with large audiences like David Seaman continue to charge on with the might of Thor’s Hammer.

I am finding that there are more technologies, that were described by David Wilcock recently, being released and there is more attention being diverted to Antarctica lately. We already know what the Cabal’s plans are and we have the power of the alternative media to push back against this flagrant attempt to thwart justice and delay Full Disclosure/The Event.

This is a good sign that the Cabal is out of time and the possibility of disclosure happening as per Cobra’s intel a few months back is becoming more of a reality. It is inevitable regardless though because of the Cabal’s plans being outed and full disclosure just being part of the whole plan to liberate this planet…

“Many groups are working behind the scenes to ensure complete success of Full Disclosure. Dragon sources have communicated that „they and other groups are working on bringing about disclosure officially in the first quarter of 2017.“ When asked an opinion about this date, the Resistance has said „we can not comment on this“, the Pleiaidans have said „it is possible“ and the Sirians have said „it will most likely take longer than that“.

Therefore, be aware that this time frame is NOT my estimate when the Breakthrough occurs, but an educated guess from one of the groups I am working with. Although generally the protocol of the Resistance is not to publish any dates and time estimates in this blog, they have made an exception this time for reasons they can not yet disclose to the public.”

We don’t know everything that is going on behind-the-scenes but if we follow the headlines like I do we can see many developments in this direction.

As I mentioned there were some pretty cool technologies being released and debuted on various mainstream websites which I will include below:

Aerospace manufacturer Bell Helicopter unveiled their rotorcraft concept at Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas this week

Bell’s Helicopter via Daily Mail

The aircraft has an anti-torque system in the tail boom designed to improve safety, reduce noise and improve its performance

A ‘New’ High-Tech Luxury Helicopter by Aerospace Company ‘Bell’

(Daily Mail) “Aerospace manufacturer Bell Helicopter unveiled their rotorcraft concept at Heli-Expo in Dallas, Texas this week.

The FCX-001 aircraft’s frame is made from advanced sustainable materials, a hybrid power system, with a piloting system that can be controlled through augmented reality and an artificial intelligence computer assistant.

The passenger cabin has individualized entertainment systems, allowing passengers to watch TV, hold video conference calls and share documents with other passengers.”

And then from the same website we have a self-driving car that is basically a small living room with ample seating and arrangements for several guests:

(Dail Mail) “A ‘global startup’ which makes electric racing vehicles unveiled plans Friday to sell a fully autonomous electric car in the US market by 2020.

The company called Nio, founded by Chinese entrepreneur William Li and with offices in Silicon Valley, Europe and China, unveiled a prototype of the vehicle called Eve at the South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, Texas.

According to a Nio statement, the car will be ‘a digital companion, a robot on wheels’ equipped with ‘an artificial intelligence engine with an intuitive human interface, providing verbal and visual connections both within the vehicle and with the outside world.’

It will use its glass panels as ‘an augmented vision for occupants and for new kinds of entertainment,’ according to the company statement.”

I already included the quad-copter in a previous article which you can check out. The pictures and show room is similar.

Corey just posted an update on Facebook in regards to the Vault 7 information being released by Wikileaks, which I would remind everyone is less than 1% and only part 1 of what they have ready to throw at us. We can be certain that there is some real damaging things in there. As I mentioned in a previous post I was calling this the beginning of the data dumps and Corey confirmed this today:

Russia Today has compiled the key revelations that have come from these dumps so far which I will post below:

  • A treasure trove of spy material 

The details provided so far by WikiLeaks read like a program hell-bent on gathering information that could be used to exploit security vulnerabilities in tech made by some of the world’s biggest manufacturers.

  • CIA ‘hacking arsenal’

Labelled a “hacking arsenal”by WikiLeaks, the documents offer information about a CIA Engineering Development Group (EDG) tasked with developing a “global covert hacking program.” The program includes ways to gather “geolocation, audio and text communications” from phones without people’s knowledge.

  • Assange offers to coach companies on CIA tactics

In a livestream Thursday, Assange said WikiLeaks is prepared to offer its technical expertise to companies that have suffered “billions of dollars of damage” as a result of nation-state hacking.

“We have decided to work with them, to give them some exclusive access to some of the technical details we have, so that fixes can be pushed out,” he said.

  • Digital Geneva Convention 

Outside of a scramble to secure products and maintain consumer trust, the WikiLeaks revelations have led to more broad suggestions on how to stem seemingly runaway government surveillance.

One such idea has been a so-called “Digital Geneva Convention,” mooted by Microsoft president Brad Smith in February and then promoted by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during a Vault 7 video stream.

More evidence that a house cleaning is taking place is the recent move by Trump to order all remaining Obama-appointed prosecutors to be fired immediately:

(New York Times) – “The Trump administration moved on Friday to sweep away most of the remaining vestiges of Obama administration prosecutors at the Justice Department, ordering 46 holdover United States attorneys to tender their resignations immediately — including Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan.”

The consequences of just this leak alone have reverberated throughout all corners of the world; economically, socially and so on. We should mentally prepare ourselves for much more, with no fear of course. This is what we have been waiting for! I would encourage everyone to keep their eye on the prize and keep doing what you’re doing. A balance of love and understanding of our fellow beings here will be very important in these coming times.

One more thing I’d like to add is a headline from one of my favorite disclosure websites DailyMail in regards to the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system released by NASA recently. Apparently they have a picture, or a cluster of pixels I should say, of one of TRAPPIST-1’s planets or its star. My favorite part of this article is the headline:

Humanity’s first look at TRAPPIST-1: Kepler images revealed as NASA sets its sights on seven alien worlds that could contain life 

So let’s get ready to cancel out any attempt by the Cabal to steer us into a partial disclosure with the power of our voices, blogs, YouTube channels and every other type of Neo-Gutenberg Press we can get our hands on.

Update: Here is an interesting comedy skit from SNL this morning 3/12 that I found titled ‘Alien Attack Cold Open’. They discuss telepathy and they depict the ETs as green-skinned reptilian-looking which I thought was an interesting choice. President Trump along with the military are battling these green-skinned ETs for control of the planet and humanity. I highly recommend this:

Thank you for reading everyone and much love! Victory of the light!

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New David Wilcock Article and High-Def 2-Part Video of Conscious Life Expo Presentation!

David has just released on his website an article that summarizes the situation going on with Antarctica and the final defeat of the Cabal. As always it is filled with dynamite information and intel and David has done a fantastic job whipping up the animations for the video.

Here are some excerpts from the article and then I will post the video below:

Are we about to hear that ancient ruins have been found in Antarctica? Is there an Alliance working to defeat the greatest threat humanity has ever faced on earth? Could the Antarctic Atlantis be part of a full or partial disclosure?

Join David Wilcock on a thrill ride of discovery, revealing the “Big Picture” behind the ever-increasingly bizarre headlines we are seeing in today’s world.

In Part One, I present data on the Secret Space Program and share the stage with legendary insider Corey Goode.

I do feel that this is the best public summary we have done of this amazing story that has captivated the UFO community thanks to our show Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia.

Part Two begins at the 53-minute mark, where I connect the dots between intel from multiple insiders to arrive at a stunning conclusion.

Namely, it appears that we are on the verge of major new releases of information that will transform everything we thought we knew about life on earth — making Atlantis a fact, not fiction.

At long last, the official version for the UK, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa is out — so don’t miss it!

If Pizza / Pedogate prosecutions become a mainstream story, then we can imagine that within a very short time it will be curtains for the Cabal.

Thanks again, and please remember there are two ways to support us that greatly help and do not cost anything.

Number one, sign up at with your email address so we can notify you if our site gets destroyed — which could very well happen.

Number two, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, davidwilcock333, if you have not already done so.”

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!!

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Transcript of Latest Episode of Cosmic Disclosure: Disclosure and the Secret Underground War/Other Current Events!

I wanted to share the transcript of yesterday’s (3/7/2017) Cosmic Disclosure episode. I feel like it is one of the most significant episodes that is jam packed with current intel about the disclosure war going on. They discuss the underground bases being cleared out as told by David on a radio show recently. I won’t post the entire transcript, but will include a couple excerpts, as it would be too long but will post a link to it below.

“David: What the heck is going on with Senator John Kerry going to Antarctica on Election Day? What the heck was going on there? Why was he down there?

Corey: A lot of big names are going down there. Apparently, these people are being given tours of a city that was discovered under the ice a couple of miles, as well as technology, including spacecraft.

David: I heard from [Pete] Peterson independently that there are a bunch of names that have gone down there that are not public, and I’m wondering if you also heard that.

Corey: Yes.

David: So this is basically like the big tour that everybody’s getting – everybody who’s on a sufficient level of “need to know” or importance to this group is going down there.

Corey: Yes.

David: What kind of stuff is happening when they go down there? What are they seeing?

Corey: I don’t know exactly what each individual is being shown, but I know that some of them have been shown these cities that they’ve excavated under the ice.

They’ve also been given a ride in spacecraft that have been recovered under the ice.

David: Actual recovered spacecraft?

Corey: Right…”

I’d also like to add that they discuss their (the Cabal’s) partial disclosure roll out and various technologies being released in order to prepare to distract us from PizzaGate and other revelations coming out.

Here is an article which I found this morning on Daily Mail which Corey had posted that shows one of these quad-copter drones being unveiled:

Not only this but Wikileaks has just released their biggest trove of documents to date. This data dump is less than 1% of what they have ready to release. Should be very exciting. I am putting this on the record right now that this might be the beginning of the data dumps Corey and David have been talking about. All of this being part of the grand apocalypse (unveiling) that we need to go through in order for The Event to happen.

I will try to keep everyone up-to-date on everything that comes out! Much love!

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Two New Cobra Interviews!

Cobra has posted on his blog a link to two interviews but the first one I believe I already shared. It was the round-table interview with him and several others that were very interesting.

The next interview is one by the Russia Prepare for Change team. I will post the link to it and excerpts of the transcript below. Thank you and much love!

Interview with Cobra from Russia (March 2017)

“Question: What race built the Cheops pyramid in Giza? Is there a similar construction in Russia and if so, where is it located?

COBRA: Giza pyramids were built in the time where Egypt was a colony of Atlantis. There are some pyramid structures in Russia near lake Baikal, but much less distinct than the Giza pyramids.

Question: Was Joseph Stalin more of a positive or negative figure? Is it true that he took initiation from Russian Magi, which helped him to revive Russia and win the war against Hitler?

COBRA: Stalin was a Jesuit and one of the darkest figures of Russian history. He is responsible for deaths of many millions of people in Siberian death camps:

Question: Does Russia have their own secret space programs and military bases on other planets and moons, as well as their secret space fleet?

COBRA: They were part of  international SSP…”

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Welcome to the Future!

There has been a lot of amazing scientific discoveries and technology releases that I feel should be compiled as best as possible into one post to demonstrate that we are indeed on the precipice of experiencing the Star Trek/Jetsons reality that we are being told about by various whistle-blowers.

Behold, the future is meow.

  • Transparent Aluminum

  • Molecular Spectrometer

  • Free Energy Electro-Magnetic Drive

  • Replicator-Like Technology 

  • Public Call to Invent a Tri-corder by the Smithsonian Channel

  • Most Advanced Public Hologram Technology Invented

  • Scientists Envision a 3 Atom-Thick Computer Chip (2 Years Ago)

  • BMW Wave-Gesture Controlled Vehicle

  • Lexus Hoverboard Technology

A gel-like material that can carry out pattern recognition could be a major step toward “materials that compute,” with possible applications for “smart” clothing or sensing skins for robots, according to a new study.

Recent advances in both materials and computer science have prompted researchers to look beyond standard silicon-based electronics and exploit the inherent properties of materials to create systems where the material itself is the computer.

This is just a small portion of the many amazing things that we have been seeing coming out. And many of us know the advanced tech we will be getting will be much more sophisticated than this stuff but this is no doubt a nice preview of what is to come.

Thanks for reading everyone and much love!

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