Jesus Dream in Basque Language? Other Huge Prophetic Dream Comes True?

The reason why I am posing the title of this article as questions is because I don’t know 100% if what I’ve found is exactly what I am supposed to find. As always discernment is advised.

But regardless of whether or not these findings are accurate, they sure are interesting! So the first thing I will mention is the Jesus dream I had this morning as of the day of this writing. The context was a bit unusual but sometimes in dreams the context is irrelevant and only the numbers or words being communicated are necessary, almost as if they are being disguised by the surrounding scenery. This has been the case for previous dreams occasionally. They are pieces of a puzzle which must be put together later on in the waking state and documented here. It appears that every numerical detail of this dream is relevant as you will see:


I wasn’t sure if I had spelled the Jesusikus correctly, which I had mostly gotten a decent view of. The letters were huge against the wall which was also huge. Each of the letters were probably the height of an average human. There was no way to miss them.

So after researching this name Jesusikus for a while, with trying various ways of spelling what I thought I saw, I came up with almost nothing. Until I tried to get rid of some of the extra letters I had written down. I just plugged in ‘Jesusikus’ into Google and tried to see what would come up, if anything. At first I thought this was an old Latin or Greek spelling of the name as the theme of the restaurant seemed to be Mediterranean and almost Roman.

But literally the only thing I could find was this ‘Jesusikus’ as two separate words = ‘Jesus ikus’. And then I plugged this into Google Translate just to see what would happen and discovered that it is actually the Basque language and this translates to ‘See Jesus’:


In the Basque country they have a large statue of Jesus and this was one of the only things I could find based on surface-level of research regarding this connection:

Image result for jesus statue basque

But it didn’t stop there. The gematria value of the words ‘See Jesus’ is 103:


103 x 5 equals 515 which is the time I documented the dream = 5:15 AM:


And the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ is 515 in English:


When I plugged in today’s date 1/31 into Pi I found that 515 appears right after it in the string of numbers:


There was 38% battery life on my phone when I wrote this dream down and the word assigned to this number in Strong’s is ‘hagiasmos‘ which means ‘the process of making or becoming holy, set apart, sanctification, holiness, consecration.’ This word and definition seems to go along with the content of the dream.

The next possible prophetic dream coming true was one I had on January 11th, 2020. In the dream there was a strong impression of the Queen of Hearts which I found most unusual:

January 11th, 2020 07:06 AM

Huge weather storm related to following Jesus Synchronicities manifested. It was getting extremely intense just before waking up. I was in a car with some people I knew, I think there were numbers related to this but I don’t recall now. I think I saw the time 10:48 at some point.

I was traveling into another country and I wasn’t supposed to be there, then I think there was something having to do with the Queen of Hearts which was part of the storm. I think there were some things I was trying to take back with me but this wasn’t allowed.

The storm got so bad and windy and dusty the driver in the car couldn’t see. Queen of Hearts very important.

I posited that this may have been connected to a game I had just started playing called ‘Clock’ which put the Queen cards at the 12 o’ clock mark on a clock with the other numbers and suits following the same order. I thought this might indicate a synchronicity regarding the ‘Clock Striking the Hour’:

Image result for clock card game

And now here is the possible additional prophetic portion of this dream. I watched the premiere of the new ‘Star Trek: Picard’ series and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the opening scene of Picard playing cards (Poker I believe) with Data and Data laying out a spread of five Queen of Hearts:


After several more seconds it is revealed that Picard is dreaming this card game with Data on board their ship and just before waking up there is an explosion on Mars which they see out the window.

So in my dream the Queen of Hearts were connected to a storm and in Picard’s dream he sees the spread of Queen of Hearts and then an explosion on Mars takes place. If this is a prophetic dream then it is truly one of the most amazing ones I’ve experienced so far!

I had the dream on January 11th and this premiere of Star Trek: Picard just aired January 23rd.

Very interestingly, the amount of time between these dates is 12 days:

12 days

And in the ‘Clock’ card game the Queen of Hearts is at the 12 o’ clock position which could be another sign of the ‘Clock Striking the Hour’ which has been a consistent synchronicity/theme over the past several months. Cobra has just posted the following meme which reads ‘IT HAS BEGUN’ in his most recent post:

Mars is known as the planet of war and the storm in my dream could be a reference to this war finally being over and the planet being liberated.

Let’s hope so because this old tire can’t be re-inflated over and over forever. If you feel guided you can watch the series premiere of Star Trek: Picard for free for a limited time on CBS’ YouTube channel:

I would also note that in the YouTube video I pulled that screenshot from Data lays out his Queen of Hearts spread at about the 2:05 mark and we know 205 is half of 410 so here we see the magic 410 appearing.

This particular post number is 32192:


And if we plug 32192 into Pi backwards we see 410 in the string of numbers:


Today’s Gaia Portal message hides the magic number 410 within its details:


The gematria value of this message is 1025:


102.5 times 4 equals 410:


It would be a good idea to buckle up everyone and make sure you prepare as much as you can spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for The Event as it will probably be quite a doozy. We don’t know when it will happen of course but it’s important to be realistic and get as ready as you can.

This is everything for now, much love all.

The following song was just uploaded yesterday January 30th and seems to be a synchronicity related to the times we are in:

I am adding this next part later on. After experiencing another synchronicity I decided to add this other dream I had last night/this morning as of the time of this writing:

January 30th, 2020 23:12 (11:12 PM)

Dream about being a female witch who was part of an order of a larger body of organized witches I believe in the US.

I think I was with my family I have now when I was inside some building and I Had some kind of accident and died. It took a while to figure out I was dead but I caught on eventually.

I do remember at one point that I was with a so-called dear friend who I remembered was responsible for my murder on April 10th in the ’90s I think. I couldn’t believe it was her!

Then I remembered walking with her a while alive and her telling me that she was the government, as in negative witches like her and others were in positions of power and people didn’t know.

I remember when I was dead trying to stand in front of this creepy house and getting the worst feelings from it and it somehow was encroaching upon me even though it was a house.

I felt the same feeling with an SUV that was idling in traffic in front of me. Something terrible existed there and I thought it would attack me. Then I woke up.

I think at some point I was trying to hide and was spotted as being somewhat below in the level of what I thought I was. It was a number in feet but I forget what it was now. 439 or 239 feet I think.

What is very interesting is that the following song titled ‘White Witch’ was just uploaded a short while ago which is what prompted me to include the above dream in this article:


As far as the numbers in the dream, one of the only things I could find was that the gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘regel‘ (רגלו), which means ‘foot’, just like in the dream, is 239:


Perhaps this was just another example of following dream guidance as this leads to real world results in the waking state.

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It appears my previous update was filled with prophetic synchronicities which go along well with Cobra’s most recent update. It is my experience that leaps of faith, like those written in previous reports, are often rewarded. And I didn’t include this but the last few days have been a special kind of hell psychologically and emotionally and I hope that it is over. The End Times Madness got me. Ugh. Much love all!


As we are now right before the dawn of the new Golden Age, a strong purification must occur before we as a planet can enter the Light. This purification is called the end time madness.

The end time madness is happening individually, with many people freaking out and showing dysfunctional behavior, but also globally.

Since they know now that their end is inevitable, the Cabal wants to destroy the surface human population in the process of their own downfall.

They attempted that in December last year by triggering the financial collapse through the repo market, and that did not work, they tried that in early January through escalation with Iran, that did not work, they tried to engineer a false flag in Virginia, that did not work, so what is left?

A global pandemic scare.

2019-nCoV is an advanced ethnic bioweapon that targets mostly Asian population:

The current epidemic is a result of covert biological warfare that goes on between China and USA.

Chinese long term military strategy against USA is based on bioweapons to a great degree:

The Chinese agents have stolen the coronavirus from Canadian lab:

Coronavirus Bioweapon – How China Stole Coronavirus From Canada And Weaponized It

Chinese Researchers Caught Stealing Coronavirus From Canadian Lab

And upgraded it into a bioweapon at the lab in Wuhan:

Dr. Xiangguo Qiu – Chinese Biological Warfare Agent

Then a USA agent, previously infiltrated into the Wuhan lab, and involved in the development of the virus, stole a sample of coronavirus and spread it into the Wuhan seafood and animal market. From then on the virus was spreading with geometric progression that can really look scary:

It is interesting to note here that Peter Salama, a renowned epidemiologist that worked for WHO and a board member of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, died on January 23rd:

Global Health & Emergencies Advocate Peter Salama Dies At Age 51

The Pleiadians are working tirelessly to stop the epidemic. On Friday, January 24th, they have developed the first Stardust nanopowder to erase the virus and have spread it towards the surface of the planet from their ships stationed in Low Earth Orbit. The virus has reacted to the nanodust and mutated into a slightly less lethal and slightly more transmissible form.

Learning from the reaction of the virus, the Pleiadians have developed a more advanced version of Stardust and applied it on Monday and Tuesday (January 27th and 28th).

As as result of this, the virus is not spreading anymore with geometric progression as it was until now, and appears to be slowing down:

The Light forces are expecting that the spread of infection will even out in a week or two, with less and less new cases reported after that.

After enough attempts, the Pleiadians will be able to completely hack the virus and stop it from spreading, exactly in the same way they stopped the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918:

The viruses can only spread effectively when they receive support from the dark forces on the plasma plane.

Also, all remaining Chimera plasma spiders are extremely starved and on the brink of extinction, and now they are rushing to Wuhan and other cities with high number of infections to feed off fear and suffering.

This is a perfect trap for them, as the Light Forces can clear them much more effectively when they all gathered in such a small space and are not evenly spread around the surface of the planet anymore.

The Light Forces are now intensively clearing all the infection-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders and with this rate of purification, all plasma Chimera beings will be gone in a week or two, with only physical Chimera in US Space Command and DARPA remaining.

The Light Forces are asking everybody that feels so guided to support this clearing process by visualizing violet flame purifying all virus-supporting plasma and all plasma Chimera spiders.

People can also help stopping the coronavirus epidemic with the following meditation:

It is very important to stay calm and not give into fear. To put things into perspective, over 80,000 people died from common flu in 2018 in United States alone, and nobody seems to worry:

And 650,000 people worldwide:

For an average human being, the risk of getting this coronavirus is very low and will most likely remain low:

Your Chance of Dying From the Menacing Coronavirus That Now Threatens Global Human Populations Is 0.0000001137%

The best advice for anybody would be to threat this epidemic the same way as the common flu. This will take out the most of the fear.

You can check the current state of the epidemic here:

Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline

And here:

When this epidemic scare subsides, the Cabal has another trick up their sleeves:

A Plague Of “Billions” Of Locusts Threatens To Create A Horrific End Times Famine All Over Africa

Even that will not work, as the Light Forces are already working on the solution.

The Blue Dawn is coming:

Victory of the Light!

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Many Synchronicities While Visiting Town, Jesus Synchronicities, Numbers in Dream & More

There were several alleged synchronicities manifesting regarding the final cleansing of the Earth (Wave of Love, not the Corona Virus) in addition to some other synchronicities. As always this is all done on faith so I advise using discernment with everything you read here.

I had a small possible epiphany about the dish soap I was guided to buy several weeks ago. It was different from the other kind I was buying but while I was at the store I was energetically guided to that particular soap (if I remember correctly). It was the Dawn-brand dish soap and while I was staring at this bottle the other day I thought about what may have been a prophetic synchronicity. The letters in the name ‘Dawn’ are blue and I thought perhaps it was a synchronicity related to the Blue Dawn which has now occurred thanks to our meditation/activation. This could be nothing of course but it was interesting to think about:


So today I was guided to go get some groceries in town and was led to various places as usual which led to some synchronicities. I was strongly guided to take all of the money out of my bank account and I immediately thought “oh boy are we close?” But I didn’t get an answer to that. The reason(s) why ‘they’ have me do these things is not known until later on and the answer is usually something I would never have expected. Today was interesting though because the higher ups were giving me the energy and emotion of urgency, as in all of this had to be done ASAP.

While at the library I was looking around and noticed that a book which had ‘wolves’ in the title  while another one just below it was titled ‘Golden Age’. The wolf is my spirit animal and appears in many forms to help guide me:


Towards the end of the visit I was guided to a part of the DVD section and was pulled towards the following movie titled ‘My Father, My Lord’. I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet:


So then I was guided to go to Walmart and start picking out a bunch of stuff. I knew this was a divinely-guided visit because when I went to pick out a cart (I was energetically directed to a cart so I knew I would be getting a lot of things) and there were no wipes to wipe down the cart with. But as I was looking at the empty container a man, in perfect timing, walked towards me with a box of wipes. While waiting for him to switch out the containers I saw a woman exiting the store with a big wolf on her shirt. So here we saw the spirit animal appearing again.

So I had no idea what I needed or what I was buying any of these things for so I kept asking the higher ups to guide me to what I needed to get (I have a theory as to why but it is not pleasant unfortunately). ‘They’ ended up guiding me to things like paper plates, napkins, toilet paper, a big bottle of lighter fluid, paper towels, a tarp, a large plastic container, bathroom supplies and a some other related things. There seems to be a possibility that I am going to be kicked out of here soon and that I might need these things. When I asked my guides if I was getting kicked out they gave me the energy of ‘yes’. We will see of course.

During one part of the visit I was guided to go down the kids bicycle aisle which I thought was strange. But as I went down the aisle I believe the reason why they did this was to guide me to the Jesus license plate for the bikes:

They also had me go down the hunting aisle which was also not my favorite but I looked up and saw a brand name which was ‘Cobra’ and thought it was a synchronicity related to his blog:


After that I was guided to stand in front of some decorative bathroom supplies and they wanted me to get a photo of a waste bin with ‘Faith’ on it:


I was guided to get a few more things and then check out.

After getting all of these things I was guided to go to the Dollar Tree which was just across parking lot and here I was guided to get plastic forks/spoons/knives and a few other things.

Then I was guided to get groceries and picked out a few things for a man holding a sign on the corner. I was angry after I left the store because I saw that he was gone so I had this food that I thought wasn’t going to go to anyone.

So after that I started to head towards home and I was guided towards the center of town where the large park surrounding the court house was and ‘they’ wanted me to go to this park. So I am driving down the street and the parking spots seemed to be totally filled and literally as I was thinking this I pulled up further and noticed two empty parking spaces. So I parked and asked ‘them’ if I should bring any of these things I bought with me and I got ‘No’. So I walked around the park and after a while I saw a homeless woman sitting on a bench reading a book and I was strongly guided to give her the remaining cash that I had taken out of the bank earlier. This amounted to 80$. I asked ‘them’ do you really want me to give her all 80 dollars? ‘They’ gave me the strongest emotion of ‘YES’. So that’s what I did and we talked about the book she was reading briefly and then I walked back to the car.

After that I was guided to stop at the thrift store without knowing the reason why as usual but this time I was guided to get a pair of shoes and some books.

Then I was guided to go back towards town which was odd, but everything for a reason. When I headed back towards town I noticed a woman holding a sign on the corner and so I went and gave her the food I bought earlier. Apparently it was for her in the first place.

After stopping at the store on the way back (only bought one thing on clearance) I finally made my way back home.

The next few bits will be about the theme of ‘cleansing/renewing’ which manifested in a dream and other things from today:

This dream which manifested this morning had a time on the clock which I hardly remember very well as I didn’t sleep well last night:


But interestingly gematria value of the Hebrew word ‘καθαριζετε’ (katharizō) is 458 and this means ‘cleanse’:


I was guided to take the following picture at Walmart:


After looking into this number 448 I found that if we plug this number into Pi we get 1252:


The word assigned to 1252 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘bor‘ which means ‘cleanness, pureness’.

I was playing around with the transaction number, 5546, I got on a receipt at the store today:


If we plug 5546 into Pi we see it takes position 914:


And the gematria value of the Greek word ‘anakainoó‘ which means ‘Renew/To make new again’ is 914:


The checkout time was 2:12 and the gematria value of the Hebrew words ‘Brightness’ (זהר) and ‘Lights’ (האור) are both 212:

The last two digits of this particular post number are 49:


The word assigned to the number 49 in Strong’s is ‘hagnismos‘ which means ‘Purification’.

Perhaps all of these words can be seen as signs that the Wave of Love is coming to purify the Earth and finally begin healing for everyone world-wide.

And finally, since today was all about having faith and trusting the inner guidance, today’s daily bible verse happens to be about faith:


After refreshing my home screen on YouTube this morning the first song which appeared in the top left corner was one titled ‘Epilogue’ by Solace. I was strongly guided to save it but didn’t know exactly what it would be used for but apparently it is supposed to conclude this article. Epilogue means ‘a section or speech at the end of a book or play that serves as a comment on or a conclusion to what has happened.’

The first line in the description of this video is ‘This will be our beginning of a new life.‘ This is everything for now, much love all.

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Urgent! Meditation to stop the pandemics outbreak in China every 4 hours

There is a request by We Love Mass Meditation to meditate on stopping the spread of the corona-virus which is taking place right now. The intervals are as follows:


Instructions (Suggested duration of this meditation is 15 minutes)

(We Love Mass Meditation)

A pandemics outbreak has occurred in Wuhan, China two weeks ago. It is believed to have its origins in a seafood and poultry market in the city in the middle of China, which is also a travel hub of China with 11 million of population. As a result, it has been spreading rapidly to the surrounding regions and countries. With the US confirmed the first case of infection in Washington on January 21st.

China has confirmed that this new coronavirus can be spread from human to human. DNA analysis of the virus revealed that it is very similar to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), which claimed almost 800 lives across Asia in 2003.

As we approach the Chinese New Year on January 24th, many people in China are going to travel back to their homes to see their families and relatives and may pass through Wuhan either on the planes, trains or cars. This is the world’s biggest annual travel rush and it may make the outbreak of this coronavirus even worse. Authorities in China have already recommended people not to travel to Wuhan if it is not necessary to do so, and people who live in Wuhan should not travel out of the Hubei province which is where the city of Wuhan is located.

Although this new virus seems to be much less lethal than SARS and Ebola, it is still contagious and could still claim high number of lives if it is not contained and removed completely.

UPDATE: As of January 24th, there are more than 900 confirmed cases with most of them in Mainland China (exclude Hong Kong and Macau). The coronavirus has claimed 29 lives so far.

One estimate suggests that the total number of cases may be close to 4000.

Now, China has put 13 cities in Hubei province under quarantine, affecting over 40 million people.

Unfortunately, there are reports that patients showing concerning symptoms being turned away from hospitals.

At the same time, there is a shortage of facemasks which leads to hoarding and price gouging in Asia.

On the other hand, China is trying to build a new hospital in 6 days to treat new patients infected by this virus.

Update 2: As reported on Zerohedge on January 24th, a UK researcher predicted that as many as 250,000 people in Wuhan will be infected by this coronavirus by February 4th, which will be in the next TEN DAYS. This is due to the high basic reproductive number of this new virus, which describes the number of cases that a case of the disease generates over the course of its infectious period in a susceptible population. Overall, this virus is likely to be as powerful as SARS.

After Wuhan, the cities with the largest outbreaks elsewhere in China are expected to be Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and Chengdu.

It is also predicted that by February 4th, the countries at greatest risk of importing infections through air travel are Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and Vietnam.

Therefore, we are going to organize an urgent meditation every 4 hours to stop the pandemic from spreading and to remove the virus from the surface of the planet. We will begin our meditation on January 22nd at 9 PM UTC, and then continue every 4 hours at the following times:


This table shows the interval times of the meditation for selected time zones:


Here is the Facebook event link for this meditation:

Instructions (Suggested duration of this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stop the pandemic from spreading and to remove the virus from the surface of the planet.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize the White Fire of AN purifying all people and locations involved in the pandemic outbreak, especially Wuhan, Shenzhen and the Hubei province.

5. Visualize the virus being stopped from spreading out and being removed from the surface of the planet.

6. Visualize everyone infected by this virus being healed completely.

You may also include this pandemic outbreak in our daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC.

Victory of the Light!

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Numbers in Dreams, More Jesus Synchronicities & More

So this report will have a couple of recent dreams in addition to some very strong Jesus synchronicities which have been manifesting.

The first dream was strange and seemed to be another version of being able to go to a certain point in time and space and repeat/relive the experience as many times as I wish, with some of them being very sad:


The next dream contained some numbers and seemed to be related to the current financial collapse:


The number 666 is originally a Goddess number and the 321 could be seen as a countdown number so perhaps it is another omen for the financial system and the Archon/Parasite Empire which is dying thanks to the help of the Goddess.

While in town the other day, January 21st, there were several Jesus synchronicities which manifested. After stopping to get gas at this gas station I had noticed the tires were a little low so I debated on using the air machine just across the parking lot. I almost didn’t go over there but I decided to do it anyways. I noticed the odometer read lots of 3s while still at the gas station:


The drive over to the air tire machine was just a couple of seconds so the odometer didn’t turn over which made this synchronicity very interesting. When I got out to use the tire pressure tool I noticed the pole where the tool was stored had a sticker on it which featured a bible verse along with Jesus’ name:


After going to the store and then back home I was suddenly guided to go into the Salvation Army thrift store. The higher ups do this occasionally which isn’t always fun due to obviously having to change the activity I am doing at a moment’s notice. But there is always a reason why.

So I walked around the store and wasn’t really being guided anywhere in particular until I got to the men’s clothing section and was strongly guided to take a photo of the following painting which I didn’t notice was related to Jesus until I saw the small text underneath it = “Come Unto Me”. This is an excerpt from Matthew 11:28:


After getting this photo I was guided to leave the store. So the reason for visiting appeared to be for the above photo. Synchronistically the gematria value of the words ‘Come Unto Me’ is 33, which is allegedly how many years Jesus lived:


There was another couple of Jesus synchronicities which manifested while in town today.

But first I would include a receipt which may have some interesting information on it:


If we plug the transaction number 186 into Pi we see it takes position 424:


Very interestingly, the word assigned to 424 in Strong’s Concordance is ‘anerchomai‘ and this means ‘I come up, go up, ascend.’ (Not in an Ascension context but a going up a hill or something similar). But the synchronicity could still apply as Ascension synchronicities have been manifesting. Again this is all done on faith so always use discernment.

As I mentioned before I don’t usually write about helping homeless people but there is a synchronicity which manifested while doing so this time so I am going to include it. After picking out a few things for this gentleman holding a sign at one store I wanted to get him something hot to eat so the closest and quickest thing was Burger King (sometimes the people move and I can’t find them again so I have learned to hurry). So I ordered him a burger and much to my surprise, I was order number 33, the same number of years Jesus allegedly lived and another number which manifests frequently along among countless others:


The next Jesus synchronicity was when I was guided to head towards home but was suddenly guided to go the library. The higher ups energetically guided me to the wall of community events and they guided my attention to one particular event which was about the life of Jesus which was being organized by the Yavapai Community College. The additional synchronicity was the Course ID number which ended in 205 which is half of 410, so here we see 410 manifesting along side Jesus synchronicities once again:


During another trip to town before this one I was guided to checkout a book titled ‘The Templar Brotherhood‘ which of course has many mentions of Jesus in it:


The most recent Gaia Portal message is connected to the magic number 410. The gematria value of this message is 657:



And if we plug 657 into Pi we see it takes position 410:


Yesterday I was getting the strongest energy of excitement. It was very powerful and filled my whole body and soul. I was so excited that we reached the critical mass! A lot of this excitement didn’t seem to be my own but from a higher source. This has manifested in the past and it seems as though ‘they’ are more excited about The Event than some people are. Probably because ‘they’ know more than we do.

The last two digits of this particular post number are 89:


89 happens to be a prime number and a Fibonacci number:


89 is the 24th prime number and we know if we plug 33 into Pi this takes position 24. Another reiteration that Jesus allegedly lived for 33 years:


This is everything for now, much love all.

PS The amount of words typed in this report before this sentence happens to be 888 which is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek:



PPS Adding this next part later on. While at the store today I was guided to buy a different kind of floss made by the same company. Although I was wary about buying it as I couldn’t tell if it was vegan or not (the type of wax used). ‘They’ strongly guided me to do this and I didn’t understand why as it was the same price as the other kind I buy. But after looking up to see if it was vegan (which it is) I found that the price for this floss on Amazon was $4.10 (as of the time of this writing). So here we see the higher ups guiding me to this number once again:


floss410Additionally, the higher ups had me publish this article at 3:55 PM Arizona time which was just when I had finished checking it for errors and ‘they’ gave me a big energetic push to publish it at that moment and time. What I realized later on was that this was the 355th synchronicity report which makes up The Jesus Synchronicities. I was so blown away!

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Cobra Update: Blue Dawn

A big thank you to those who participated in this meditation as we reached the critical mass and caused many changes to occur as you will read in the update below. The video that I made titled ‘The Blue Dawn is Coming 432Hz’ was apparently prophetic as one of the last lines in the update was:

“The Blue Dawn, the dawn of the new era, is here.”


This is amazing because the original title I picked for that video was ‘The Future is Coming 432Hz’ but was guided to change it at the last minute. Anyways here is the update, much love all!


Age of Aquarius meditation was very successful and we have reached the critical mass, albeit barely. Around 150,000 people were actively participating:

This was just enough to push us over the energy threshold into the next phase of the Compression Breakthrough, the bubble rising subphase of the nucleation phase (number III in the diagram):

This subphase will see an exponential growth of Bubbles of Heaven within quarantine Earth. Bubbles of Heaven are pure luminous undistorted space time continuum anomaly-free emanations of the Source into 11th dimensional brane world space time continuum.

This practically means that there will be more and more Light present on the surface of the planet, this Light will grow exponentially faster and faster until it explodes into the Compression Breakthrough. We have now officially entered into the last phase before the Event.

As a result of our Age of Aquarius activation, all plasma toplet bomb layers, except the last one, were removed.

All Chimera that were living in physical spider bodes in underground bases have been successfully removed.

There is still a small group of plasma Chimera spiders and they are in the last stage of removal.

The physical Chimera group is very small, yet still quite strong although it has suffered a significant loss of power in the days around Saturn-Pluto conjunction.

There is a small main Chimera group still present in DARPA and the previous director of DARPA Steven Walker has just resigned, effectively on January 10th, the day of the Lunar eclipse just preceding our activation:

Steven Walker was instrumental in development of ZION control matrix network:

This DARPA Chimera group extends some of its influence into this place:

Which has just announced a very troubling progress in development of quantum network technologies:

There is a second even smaller Chimera group present in the US Space Command and it is interesting to note that the new chief of US Space Command took his position just two days after our activation:

The US Space Force Just Swore in Its First “Chief of Space Operations”

The purpose of US Space Command is not disclosure, as some erroneously believe, it was created as a Chimera defense force against Galactic Confederation which is taking over sublunar space and now also Near Earth orbital space:

As the Galactic Confederation fleet approaches closer to the surface as weeks and months go by, there will be more and more contact established. Therefore it is very relieving to see that more and more people understand that Prime Directive (non-intervention principle) is a lie and a construct of Archon mind programming:

The Prime Directive: Star Trek’s doctrine of moral laziness

Another sign that we are close to the breakthrough is the dimming of Betelgeuse:

The Fainting of Betelgeuse — Update

Betelgeuse is a star in Orion constellation and its dimming is a sign of the end of duality, as triangulation of Orion is nearing its completion.

Betelgeuse is expected to become a supernova within the next 100,000 years and its current dimming is a sign that it may already be entering the supernova phase.

A gravitational wave in the region of Betelgeuse, a first potential sign of supernova explosion, has been detected just two days after our activation:

If you have a chance to go outside on a clear starry night, you will see that Orion does not look familiar, as the upper left star is much fainter than it usually was. This is Betelgeuse.

The light curve of Betelgeuse is regularly updated here:

The energies around Age of Aquarius activation were so strong that one aspect of planetary kundalini was activated and many volcanoes worldwide were releasing ash into the atmosphere to release the pent up pressure:

Why Are Volcanoes All Over The Globe Suddenly Shooting Giant Clouds Of Ash Miles Into The Air?

Tael volcano in Philippines actually erupted DURING the activation itself, the eruption starting 7 minutes before the scheduled beginning of mediation:

The level 2 alert was issued 19 minutes after the start of our meditation, just in the moment when most people were concluding the suggested 20 minutes of meditation:

The alert level was raised to level 4 one hour and half later, and right now it still stays there.

This release of volcanic activity is actually a good thing, as it dissipates a lot of pressure that was held in the planetary energy grid and thus prevents potential more deadly earthquakes ad cataclysmic events.

To answer the question many people are asking, the deeper story behind the assassination of Soleimani is regime change in Iran in order to preserve the petrodollar system:

The Deeper Story Behind the Assassination of Soleimani

Iran owns the second printing press for US dollars, and US Treasury and the Fed hate competition when they create money out of thin air:

Gradual meltdown of the financial system is not an option anymore, when the crash happens it will be sudden and brutal.

Now the whole financial system got addicted to easy Fed liquidity injections and if the Fed would stop financing repo operations, the system would crash immediately:

Sources are stating that behind the scenes, the Fed is also assisting with liquidity to keep European and Chinese banks and financial institutions afloat, to prevent the collapse:

European Banking Crisis Picking Up Steam

David Stockman on What Triggers the Next Financial Collapse

Extremely strong cosmic energies now entering quarantine Earth will finally begin to remove trillions upon trillions of Reptilian entities that still exist on plasma and etheric planes as the last remnant of 1996 invasion. Many of those entities are entering broken human auras and are strongly influencing human behavior.

The vast majority of those entities will be removed in coming weeks and months, which will be a big relief for humanity.

Some of those entities were and still are controlling people who infiltrated my teams. A very precise and efficient protocol was activated by the Resistance last summer to remove compromised people from my network and this process is now mainly complete.

A new and much purer infrastructure is hereby being activated and is now ready to assist in our mission to bring in the Age of Aquarius.

The new official Cobra facebook page, named Age of Aquarius, is here:

The previous Cobra facebook group (Cobra Etheric Liberation), recently hijacked and currently renamed to “Working together for Gaia’s – etheric – and physical – liberation now”, has no connection with Resistance Movement whatsoever and if you have ever joined that group in hope of contributing to our mission, now it is a good time to leave if you feel so guided.

Our official Youtube channel is here:

This Youtube channel will post main videos for potential future meditations / activations.

I am also in constant communication with the creators of this amazing website, which is constantly posting updated mass meditations that are needed in ever changing planetary situation:

The official Sisterhood of the Rose page is here:

Prepare For Change is a global organization that was created at Cobra conference in Laguna Beach in 2013 with the purpose of preparing the surface population for the coming changes. Their official website is here:

The Event/ Cobra/ Resistance Movement/ Disclosure.

They have asked me to tell that a fake, imposter site, named “Prepare For Change Leadership” has nothing to do with the real Prepare For Change organization.

It is interesting to note that similar things that were happening to me behind the scenes were also happening to Corey Goode and David Wilcock, as you can hear in their interviews:

Needless to say, the following weeks and months will be very exciting and definitely not boring, as we delve deeper into the energies of the coming Age of Aquarius.

The Blue Dawn, the dawn of the new era, is here.

And for the end of Age of Aquarius activation report…when the Blue comes…in the flash of the moment…all that is Done will be Undone:

Victory of the Light!

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Numbers in Dream/Jesus Dream Synchronicities and Child Abuse Dream

This post won’t be very long but I was strongly guided to include a couple of dreams and synchronicities which might be derived from the information in them. Both dreams took place inside of a mall setting. I have experienced countless dreams about being in a mall and I’ve learned that this can be interpreted as representing choices in life due to the multiplicity of stores. These were two separate dreams which occurred not long after one another. The first was a child abuse dream:

January 18th, 2020 02:57 AM

Child abuse dream. I was at the mall with a couple of friends who were security guards when an older man with several different children walks into the same shop we were in.

He didn’t look friendly and one of the little boys, who looked no older than 4-5 or so, came up to me and mouthed “help me” silently. He did this two or three times and I notified my friends immediately.

They detained him on suspicion of child abuse. They searched his stuff and found evidence. Later on somehow this man was free and came back to try and kill me when my friends got him again and was able to arrest him this time.

It was very dramatic and sad. This kid looked so miserable and tired; his hair was a mess and there was so much desperation in his eyes.

The next dream was a Jesus dream and appears to contain several synchronicities from the numbers in the dream:


‘Own’ should be ‘Owner’, ‘Him’ should be ‘His’

The number 492 has manifested in previous reports and is the gematria value of my name, ‘The Magic of the Circle’ and ‘The Power of Pi’ all using the same cipher.

492 is divisible by the number 3444 which I was also shown in a Jesus dream on December 22nd, 2018:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.


In Strong’s Concordance the word assigned to the number 3444 is ‘yeshuah‘ which is a name Jesus is known by which translates to ‘Salvation’.

After doing a little playing around with the dates of the Jesus dream from this morning to the one mentioned above I’ve found that the amount of time between those dates is 393 days:


And amazingly the gematria value of one of the ways of spelling ‘Yeshuah’ (בישועה) in Hebrew is 393:


The word assigned to the number 393 in Strong’s is ‘anatelló‘ and this means “I make to rise, I rise, shine (generally of the sun, and hence met.)” This appears to go along with these synchronicities regarding Jesus.

The number 151 takes position 393 in Pi:


And synchronistically the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 151:


The time I wrote down the dream from this morning was 3:04 AM and the word assigned to this number is ‘anabathmos‘ which means “a going up, an ascent”. This goes along with the other Ascension synchronicities which have been manifesting lately.

If we add the time the dream was documented to the number 492 from the dream (doing this has manifested synchronicities in the past) we get 796:


And the word assigned to this number is ‘astrapé‘ which means “lightning, brightness”. This could go along with the Galactic Superwave or Solar Flash which will be manifesting.

This word ‘astrapé’ is derived from Matthew 24 (again, I’m not big on any religion or any religious texts, these are just the synchronicities I am being guided to) which has to do with the Second Coming:

(Bible Gateway)

27 For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

The gematria value of this verse is 403, which is the reverse of the time I wrote down the dream from this morning (3:04):


This is everything for now, much love all.

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