Numbers in Dreams, 410 Appearing, Gaia Portal, Jesus, Visit to Town & Other Synchronicities

So this synchronicity report will be less about dreams as the blog-worthy ones have not been manifesting as much, although there will be one that I had this morning which will go along with previously appearing numbers.

As with all of these reports it is suggested that people use discernment and if there is anything here they do not care for they are free to disregard it based on their free will.

The magic number 410 is continuing to appear in the most interesting ways. While checking a numerology website for more inspiration and information I found that the company ‘ClickBank’, which was the retailer for the products on that particular website, had its office at an address with the suite number being 410. This can be verified by going to the bottom of the page:


And while checking out information on olive oil I found that the ‘approximate’ smoke point for extra-virgin olive oil is 410 °F:

While playing pong online (had a few moments of serious down-time) the score ended up being 4 – 10:


While at the credit union making a deposit I saw on my receipt that the person that helped me was teller number 410:


There have been several numbers which have been manifesting recently (among countless others throughout the day) and while playing around with them I got some interesting results.

Those numbers were 234, 535 and 155. All of which have appeared at various points throughout these works.

So I decided to add all of them together and I got the number 924:


And if we divide 924 by 2 we get 462:


And the gematria value of ‘Christ’ happens to be 462:


I realize that is a lot of turns to get to that result but this is how it works sometimes. If I want the treasure of knowledge I have to experiment and work, not knowing what is going to be found or if it will result in a dead end. A few extra steps have to be taken to get the prize, assuming that is what it supposed to be done.

Another number has also been appearing prominently among the rest and that number is 655. This number appeared in the past as well but I decided to add it to the other string of numbers and see what would happen and the results were really amazing:


We get the number 1579 and if we plug this into Pi we see it takes position 3354 which is another number that appeared in the most amazing way recently:


Within the same hour, 3354 appeared as the transaction number on my receipt from the store AND as the total price at the gas pump from someone who got gas before I got there:


I believe I found another meaning for the number 655 which did happen to be biblical which goes along perfectly with these works. But first I wish to reiterate some information about this number which has appeared in the past:

If we plug 655 into the base-10/base-8 converter we see the number 1217:


And some might remember that 12:17 AM was the start time of the Full Wolf Moon which we did our Return to Light meditation on:


1217 is the gematria value of the phrase ‘Christ Has Come Back to Earth:


According to the Greek version of Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of every word in the King James version of the bible which was finished in 1890, the gematria value of the word ‘τελειτε‘ is 655 and in English this word translates to ‘finish’, ‘fulfill’ or ‘accomplish’, among other meanings:


This comes right after I was shown the number 535 repeatedly in a short amount of time and as was written in a previous report the 535th word in the Greek version happens to be ‘ἀπαρτισμός’ which translates to ‘completion’, ‘finishing’ or ‘perfection’ amazingly:

Additionally, the gematria value of that Greek word happens to be another odd number which has appeared synchronistically = 1002:


This dovetails perfectly into the dream I had this morning where I was shown two numbers, 1002 and 659, on two parking spaces which were opposite of each other:


This picture is as close as I could find to what it looked like. Not long after seeing these numbers they both turned into different numbers but I don’t remember what they were. I don’t think they were synchronistic:


659 is a sign post number which helps let me know I am on the right path. It appears in dreams and in the waking state and has become one of the most important numbers in these works.

So I added these two numbers together to see what would happen and I got a hit = 1661:


This number appeared before and it is the gematria value of the phrase ‘What are the Odds of That?’


If we subtract 659 from 1002 we get 343:


And if we plug 343 into Pi we see it takes position 666 (originally a Goddess number) and it appears right behind a backwards 410:


Recently the Gaia Portal website posted an enlightening message (aren’t they all enlightening?) which had some hidden information:


The gematria value of this message is our sign post/dream number 659:


I would like to share some photos from a visit to town I made recently. I went to my scheduled eye appointment so I could get a prescription for glasses and contacts but I ended up arriving a bit early because I wanted to get to town right when the post office opened so I could ship the packages that people ordered from the orgonite shop.

I ended up taking all of the packages with me in a big bucket I had and ended up forgetting this in the post office accidentally. When I drove back to pick it up I parked next to a vehicle with a ‘Jesus on Board’ sticker on it. So it appears forgetting the bucket was part of ‘the plan’ in order to get this picture as this vehicle wasn’t there before:


So there ended up being a few hours between then and the appointment so I decided to walk around Walmart which is where the appointment was. And while walking around there were some interesting things that jumped out:

Right next to this wolf statue were several religious candles which featured Jesus on them. The wolf is my spirit animal and it appears in dreams and the waking state to help guide me.

So after walking around for a while I finally went over to the vision center and went through all the fun stuff; paperwork and all of that. And I got to see the doctor and we start talking about this and that and then I mention that I am vegan and this evolved into how corrupt the food supply is and how people aren’t taking proper care of themselves these days which ended up turning into us talking about David Wilcock who this doctor actually followed. It was amazing! He knew about Operation Paperclip and had a handle on pretty much every subject you can find in the ‘awakening community’. Best eye appointment EVER!

So then I felt so energized and I thanked the Universe for this encounter because I was seriously not in the best mood. I’ve learned that even though I like to be alone and enjoy solitude now more than ever, I occasionally need to be around people who actually know what the hell is going on here because being around people in The Matrix all day long is so damn taxing. It is frustrating to have all of this knowledge but not be able to share it with my most immediate relatives. But since I was born gay, I am used to living two lives so it is something I believe I have been prepared for at this time.

So after this encounter it was time to head back home. Except I got the emotion of ‘THRIFT STORE’ while driving in that direction. So I yielded and went into the store without knowing what to get.

And this powerful energetic force ‘guided’ me to the men’s shoes section. This is funny because earlier I had gone to Goodwill to find some used shoes but didn’t find any there and my shoes now, which were also bought used from that Goodwill, had holes in them and were really ready to be retired. So I found a pair of shoes which fit perfectly and were only $4. Woohoo!

And while there I decided to get some slippers for my grandpa-in-law so he wouldn’t have to tie and untie his regular shoes every time he took them on and off.

But while at the thrift store there was some interesting synchronicities that manifested. The first was a small group of decorative things (not sure what they were, maybe Xmas tree decorations?) which had wolves on them:


And there was a book on display which had ‘wolf’ in the title:


And there was another book called ‘1001 TV Series: You Must Watch Before You Die‘ which had a TV show called ‘Waiting for God’ on page 410:


To me this was a synchronicity in regards to waiting for God/Source to continue to get all of the pieces in this massive liberation operation in perfect alignment before the signal is given to begin The Event. This is just my opinion of course and not meant to be taken as a fact. And I don’t wish to make people think that they should just sit around and wait for something to happen, that is what people have been doing for thousands of years and look at the mess it has turned into. Finding out what your mission is would be a good idea, better late than never! If you are already doing it, then disregard this message.

So after getting the slippers for my gpa-in-law I decided to just go visit him and drop them off. We talked for a little bit and we visited the chapel (this is a religious-based nursing home) and I got a picture of the beautiful colorful window which featured some positive affirmations:


After that it was time to go home.

Today’s daily bible verse is also synchronistic:


The gematria value of this verse is 265:


Today is May 26th and this can be written as 26/5 in the day/month format which goes along perfectly with that verse.

Additionally, after April 10th (4/10) there are 265 days remaining in the year:

april 10th.png

This is everything for now, much love everyone!

PS Don’t forget to laugh once in a while (made this the other day):

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New Video: Worlds Beyond the Veil 432Hz

Inspiration for this video manifested spontaneously while doing something online just a few hours ago. I was looking something up and had YouTube auto-playing songs in the background and all of the sudden I heard the song (by Enya) I used for this video and knew right away it would be used for the footage I had been saving. I was a little frustrated with how to name this particular video, but ‘Worlds Beyond the Veil’ came to mind several times and even though there is another video I did with this same name from a year or two ago, it still seemed appropriate.

And for those who may not know what I mean by ‘veil’ – in this context it is referring to the Universe beyond quarantine Earth. It was inspired by a post by Cobra from several years ago.

Hope you all enjoy this one, much love!


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Prophetic Dreams Come True, Another Jesus Dream, Daily Bible Verse & Other Big Synchronicities

So I was quite skeptical about the ‘possibly’ prophetic dream which occurred on April 30th where I saw the possible winner of the Eurovision Song Contest being Norway with their song ‘Spirit in the Sky’. Well I was checking the results here and there to see who might be the winner and I was a little bummed (but excited for the artist of course) that The Netherlands won this year with the artist Duncan Laurence and his song ‘Arcade’. So I was like okay, maybe this was a ‘possible future event’ which turned out to be a dud or I was just manifesting the band because I liked their song.


However, upon further research I found out that Norway actually WON the televote which is basically the other half the voting system which consists of the people of Europe and other countries who are able to cast a vote.


Just realized this next part and adding it later. The amount of points Norway got all together was 338. INCREDIBLY, this was the address of the person my step-dad and I did work for the other day. I was wondering if I should have taken a picture of the address when I was there but decided against it. What I can share was a picture of the view from their house when we were working there:


Additionally as amazing, this year was the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and if we plug 64 into Pi we see it appears right behind 338, which we just saw is how many points Norway won all together:


And back to the previous information, the other half of the total vote involves a jury of ordinary people.

So here we see yet another prophetic dream coming ‘mostly’ true. It is also a synchronicity that today May 18th is the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio and I had a dream on April 4th where I saw some clouds in space which were in the shape of a scorpion so it’s possible this prophetic outcome was given more than a month ago:


We also saw the length of time of the song being synchronistic as well which was 3:14 so here we see Pi (AKA God/Source) appearing in addition to the date I documented the above dream which was April 4th which was the same day KEiiNO uploaded the music video for their song:


The time I wrote that dream down was 1:55 AM and if we plug 155 into Pi we see it takes position 314 in Pi so here we see Pi yet again:


The amount of total points of the winner of the contest turned out to be a synchronistic number as well = 492. This has been a big number in these works:


492 is the gematria value of my name ‘Jonathan Carty’, ‘The Magic of the Circle’, ‘The Power of Pi’, QAnon and Christ’ and it is the gematria value of John 3:16 which talks about God sending his only son to Earth.

In a previous dream I was shown the number 3444 along with a receipt which showed the time being 11:11 on 11/11:


Here is the same dream written out in bigger font:

December 21st 2018 02:40 AM

Dream where I was dead and unleashed a huge weather storm by unlocking a code left by my father. It was on a receipt = 3444 and the time and date was 11/11 at 11:11. Then we tried manifesting things there. I asked a girl there if her abilities to do magic carried over after death and she said yes. There was a storm that we all took shelter for. I knew I was the Son of God.

This number 3444 is divisible by 492:


This results in the sacred number 7, which is a very prominent number in our reality (7 days of the week, 7 chakras, 7 visible colors of the rainbow, 7 keys in a musical scale etc) and is made reference to many times in the bible.

The next is a dream about becoming Jesus along with a few sets of numbers appearing which have manifested very commonly throughout these works:


So basically what I remember from this dream was that I saw some digits floating in front of me which started out looking like 4.10 (4/10 is my birthday and a very sacred number in the Universe) and counted upwards by one digits at a time I believe = 4.10, 4.11 and so on.

Then I saw what appeared to be like a label of this program (which I don’t really remember much about now) appearing in the corner of it and it consisting of several 1s on the right upper corner of it. I don’t remember the exact amount but I would say at least 7 or more.

Then I saw some biblical wording in front of me as well I believe and I do remember seeing the time 11:59 which has been appearing a lot throughout these works lately. 11:59 meaning the clock is about to strike the hour and/or that time is up.

The number 535 has been appearing a lot recently. And after going through several sources and websites I believe I have found the meaning of it and it goes along perfectly with these synchronicites.

According to the Greek version of Strong’s Concordance, which is an indexing and translation of each word in the King James Version of the bible which was written in 1890, the 535th word happens to be ‘ἀπαρτισμός’ which translates to ‘completion’, ‘finishing’ or ‘perfection’ amazingly:

Amazingly, the gematria value of this Greek word happens to be another odd number which has appeared synchronistically = 1002:


The gematria value of ‘King of the World’, ‘Phoenix Rising’ and ‘Thomas A. Anderson’ (Neo’s name in ‘The Matrix’) have a value of 1002 and the gematria value of ‘1002’ spelled out has a value of 4100.

And a receipt I got from the store yesterday mirrors all of this as well:


After picking out several seemingly random items I needed without any intention of figuring out the final price as I went along, it totaled out to $77 even.

77 happens to be the gematria value of ‘Christ’:


And the transaction number is 4321 which could be seen as another countdown or ‘time’s almost up’ sign.

If we plug the total of the bill 77.00 into Pi we see it takes position 2337, another synchronistic number which has appeared before:


2337 appeared on a previous receipt with the time being 12:34 which is the reverse of 4321 on the other receipt:


Today’s daily bible verse goes along with these synchronicities as well:


The gematria value of this verse is 1365:


If we plug 1365 into Pi we see it takes position 2311, which, if seen as military time would be 11:11:


The number 410 is continuing to appear in the most amazing ways. It appeared on some clear coat which my step-dad and I used for a job we did for someone the other day:


Amazingly, 410 appears on my laptop battery charger. I’ve had this thing for more than a year and never noticed it!


As of the time of the following screenshot (May 13th, 2019) there was 410K subscribers on the Suspicious 0bserver’s Solar/Other News YouTube channel. This was the date a CME was released from the Sun directly at Earth interestingly:



I am continuing to see the word ‘King’ everywhere I go. I believe this is a reference to the title which is assigned to Jesus (AKA ‘Jesus The King’). Here are a couple of many examples:


And probably about a week ago I was guided to start drinking a gallon of water everyday no matter what. I don’t know how many days it’s been so far, probably a little more than a week I would guess.

What is interesting is that the last time I was guided to start making a similar dietary-related change, which at the time seemed to be very random until later on, it ended up being me eating a lot of raw carrots which I was strangely craving. This made way for a very easy transition into the unintended 58-day juice fast that I would do from February until April 2017:

During this time I experienced one of the most amazing synchronicities that has ever happened so far. While at the store during this juice fast I was approached by a man who identified himself as an Hopi Elder. He told me about the changes that we would be going through and even wrote an entire book about it called ‘Earth Mother Our Womb of Life: And the Coming New Heaven’.

Before he left he told me our meeting wasn’t an accident. Fast forward to when I went to home to look up his book, I found out it was published on my birthday, April 10th:


Talk about a mind-blowing synchronicity!

I am continuing to experience seeing the blue dots flashing in my peripheral and main view of vision in addition to small specks of white/yellow light which disappear as quickly as they appear, just like the blue dots/lights. The flashing of the white/yellow lights has been going on for a while now but it has picked up recently.

Today is definitely ‘God/Source’s’ day since after today there are 227 days remaining in the year:


We know this because 227 can be seen as equation where we divide 22 by 7 and we get the approximate value of Pi = 3.142.

Pi appeared in two different forms on Cobra’s recent blog post. The date he posted it was May 15th or 15/5 using the day/month format:


And as we saw earlier, if we plug 155 into Pi we see it takes position 314 or Pi:


And Cobra posted the same post at 3:14 PM so here we see Pi appearing again:


And in a previous post I shared a dream which took place on May 4th where I saw Cobra’s next update with a title that didn’t match the title of this most current update. However I have noticed that I have been getting Cobra’s next blog entry whether it’s a coded message or a situation update of some kind in dreams before they happen. So in this respect we can see that this prophetic dream did come true in a way:


This is everything for now, much love all!

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New Orgonite Shop Up and Running!

Hey all, I have been slowly making an effort to start making and selling orgonite once again and in a more serious manner this time. A while back I tried this but the pieces I had weren’t very good and ultimately I just wasn’t ready to commit to such an endeavor. And I had some success with Etsy years ago but recently they have hiked their fees and I decided I would just like to do my own thing and start my own little store and make it the way I wanted to.

There are currently 8 different orgonite products for sale there right now for those who feel guided to check them out. I have been asking the Universe to help me make this a success and I feel balanced enough now to be able to do this.

I am offering a 100% money-back guarantee as long as you let me know within two weeks of getting the pieces that you wish to return them and it’s important to note that the person wishing to return them would have to pay the return shipping. Just e-mail me at for any questions, comments, returns or anything else!

I am offering to ship internationally so anyone pretty much anywhere can get them if they feel guided.

Each listing is for 6 pieces of a certain shape and color which I have already poured. For the time being I don’t want to do custom orders as this was a bit stressful when I was doing it before. So perhaps one day this will be an option but for the time being I just want to pour what I am guided to pour and add it to the store like that.

If you do feel guided to buy them I would invite them to leave an honest review of what they think (this is an option on the website) and their experience so I can do better and gather more testimonials which will hopefully help others to seek out or even make their own orgonite (I definitely encourage this option!).

Here is the link to the store!

Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish all of you much love as always!

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Celebrity Abuse Dreams, Wave of Love Dream, Prophetic Dreams, Jesus Dreams, ET Dream Contact, Synchronistic Visit to Town & Other Synchronicities

The appearance of Jesus-related synchronicities are continuing to appear in both the waking and dream state. There are also several prophetic and revealing dreams which I will share below.

As with these and all other posts on this blog people are free to disregard them or continue reading based on their free will. If someone does not care for what is written here then they are free to ignore this blog if they wish. And as always discernment is advised with anything you come across.

There is still a lot of chaos happening here which hasn’t really stopped and a new kind of thing seems to go wrong every day or so; animals getting out, dog fighting with neighbor dogs, the tire on the car I use keeps going flat after being ‘repaired’ at the shop in addition to some really terrible dreams which I am guessing is some kind of attack.

While going through and writing just this article alone a chicken had gotten out of their part of the fenced yard into the other yard where the older chickens are. And we learned that they don’t like the younger ones and they will peck them to death. So one of the younger ones flew over into the other side. And before that a bee got into this RV through the small opening of the broken window in the back. Oy vey.

So for about two days this last week I had dreams that someone might consider to be a nightmare. In one dream my mom was having a grand mal seizure which is one of the most severe seizures someone can experience. I was with her the entire time and knew what to do since I worked in a hospital for many years. While she was convulsing violently with her tongue protruding out and eyes in the back of her head, a couple of minutes or so pass before the seizure finally subsided and she made some kind of negative comment about helping her which added to the already crappy experience of seeing my mom in this state. It was very vivid.

And we finally recently got our grandpa-in-law into a really great nursing home, with the help of the Universe no doubt since I was doing positive affirmations and asking God/Source to help us with this situation. He is someone who stopped taking care of himself and is sadly quite a negative person. When I was telling him we found a place for him to stay he threatened me. And since my mom and I are the ones with professional medical experience it was up to us to make sure he was fed, showered, clothed, taken to doc appointments and placed where he needed to be which turned out to be a place with a long waiting list.

I am not mentioning all of this to seek validation but because it dovetails into the synchronicities that have been manifesting throughout this whole process. One thing you learn in healthcare is that taking care of people is a pretty much thankless job. You have to take solace in the fact that you are helping someone whether they want it or not and that what you are doing is in their highest good. Expecting a thank you or anything is not the way of being service-to-others.

One day we had to take him to the social security office to get some medicare/insurance stuff taken care of, which was a small nightmare in and of itself! And very interestingly the ticket that I got was A33. This number has been appearing a lot and happens to be the number of years Jesus allegedly lived:


Today’s trip to town was also very synchronistic. I took the car tire to get it repaired at the original place it was bought from and I had them text me when it was ready as there were other things that had to be taken care of. The last 4 digits of their phone number happened to be the synchronistic number 1111:


And on the way back home there was a vehicle with 1111 on their license plate:


There were some synchronicities that manifested from the Gaia Portal energy message from May 5th:


The gematria value of this message is 2254:


If we reverse 2254 to 4522 and plug it into Pi we see it takes position 2410 so here we see our magic number 410 appearing:


While checking out information about the archon Roman emperor Constantine who put together the bible I found one very enlightening documentary where one scene features a 410 on a trolley. And if you have the time I recommend checking out the documentary.


Next is information from today’s daily bible verse:


The gematria value of this verse is the sacred 5558 which Benjamin Fulford talked about in an interview with the Goldfish Report team:


(Goldfish Report Number 281)

“Benjamin Fulford: [5558] It’s an esoteric number that appears at key times, I don’t want to go into it, it’s not something that you can explain verbally.

At certain points certain numbers appear, they seem to indicate that we’re at a certain point on some kind of complex unfolding mathematical equation that we experience as reality…

[Host] Steve: Is it to do with cycles as well?

Benjamin Fulford: Yeah it’s do with what they call a cusp event where, it’s known as a fractal phase change, so for example, an example we can understand is when the sperm hits the egg and then you’re going to get this incredible expansion to a new human being, it’s something like that that’s happening to the planet Earth, that much I can say.”

And now for the several dreams that have some very interesting and disturbing information in them.

First I will start with the dream about how I saw Dwayne Johnson AKA ‘The Rock’ being abusive towards Ariana Grande. Just for the record, I don’t follow celebrities’ lives or what they do or their social media so this isn’t just my own imagination coming up with this stuff because I am into it. It is all one big distraction that I find to be a waste of my own time. But in this case I found something interesting which helped corroborate this dream. The blogger AhuwahZeus had similar information about him also.


I found a couple of social media posts regarding Ariana and Dwayne, both were from April, 2016:

Does that mean this is actually true? It does not, but time will tell if this behavior is real, especially when full disclosure happens.

Another celebrity I had a dream about was William Shatner. He starred in the original Star Trek television series, among other things. I saw him being very abusive towards children including my little brother. This one is a bit long so I will just type it out. This was the face that I saw of him in the dream:

Image result for william shatner

May 8th, 2019 06:38 AM

“William Shatner abuse of kids. Had dream where I saw a small collection of kids being abused by William Shatner in his mansion I think. Then he took all of them out for food to a fast food restaurant. One of the kids was my younger brother. William looked to be about in his 40-50s. I remember trying to talk to my little brother in the restaurant and told him I would help him escape. He just needed to come with me.

So then I went to the bathroom to try and figure this out and William comes in and locks the door. He looks at me with a very intimidating look and says something nasty to me which I don’t remember. This confirmed his evil ways to me. So then he leaves and I get my brother and this other young girl comes too for some reason. I wish I could have rescued them all.

The kids varied in ages from what looked like 6 or so to teenager. There was probably 6-7 kids all together. They were very down-looking, very sad and scared. So my plan was to take my brother and this girl and run across the street while he wasn’t looking and hide in another fast food place. I think we went to their bathroom and hid inside there until he left. I don’t think he saw us leave. That’s all I remember.”

The next dream was about a child trafficking ring in what appeared to be the Philippines:

May 1st, 2019 02:55 AM

“Child abuse dream. I think I was in the Philippines. I saw some kind of trafficking situation which involved using children for games held by people who were evil. Women and men. I remember being there and finding out what was going on. I beat the ever loving hell out of these people. I slammed them on the ground with no mercy. I saved some children. Some of the children resisted my help but they didn’t understand what was happening to them. I showed no mercy to the people holding the kids there. They played weird games with bowling balls and some other kind of high-tech set-up.”

In another dream there were some disturbing things happening in addition to seeing what might be a future update from Cobra on his blog:


And to help improve the mood of this article I will share some more positive dreams. One dream involved contact with some very interesting extraterrestrials whose bodies were very… different:

May 7th, 2019 04:28 AM

“Human-looking friends who were ETs. They had a very fierce biology. They needed chemical assistance in calming these effects down. One night we all stayed the night together. Some had to wear a special suit so they wouldn’t attack one another or me. They required special technology in order to maintain a level of mental balance. They could be seen as animalistic like Vulcans before they mastered their metal urges and instincts.

Other than that they were very cool and nice people! Had one friend who had to create about 4 categories for various situations. Many contingencies. If they didn’t follow them the consequences would be negative and severe regarding their unchecked behavior.”

There was one dream about the wave of love, which turned out to be very literal. I am including this one because I saw the words ‘Wave of Love’ in a text from my mom on my phone in the dream which also happened in the first dream I had about the wave of love. If this wasn’t included I would have just seen this as a personal dream which didn’t need to be written about.

May 10th, 2019 00:43 (12:43 AM)

“Had another wave of love dream. So I remember trying to look for my family at this large freeway walkway area which featured several openings for water to get through. I remember my mom texting me while they were with some other people we didn’t know I think and the text said that the wave of love was hitting us right now. Except the waves were made of literal water and they were huge. I remember trying to walk down this walkway with so much water rushing down in the direction to my right.

The waves were very strong and intense and I was worried that some ocean debris would hit me or them. I don’t know about my mom but I was pretty scared of what was happening. I had no reference of time or location here. Just a large freeway walkway combination which filled with water pretty much instantly after I got the text.”

And now there were two dreams about Jesus that I will share below including one which happened just this morning as of the time of this writing. In the below dream those events were happening in this life and with my current family.


And the second one from this morning is much more positive. It was a grocery store game!

May 11th, 2019 07:12 AM

“Grocery store game with a few other people. The challenge was to organize or pick out various items for preparation or something I guess. It was strange. We would be watched and timed I believe. Every item I got had something to do with Jesus. My competition in this game couldn’t believe that I would choose to be this person. They made that comment once during this game.

So every item I would handle had to do with some detail about Jesus. I took two plastic sticks out of a couple of flags in one aisle and one measured 22 inches and the other one 11 inches. This added up to 33 which I said during the game was how many years Jesus lived before he died, allegedly. When I said allegedly the other people and myself giggled in agreement.

There were other items which contained the details of Jesus’ life which I ended up handling and I believe these items were randomly chosen. So I was synchronistically guided to each item which happened to be related to Jesus. Every single time. The same thing is happening in the waking state. Everywhere I go there is something to do with Jesus.”

And strangely enough in another dream I saw a book which looked to be very sacred, possibly the bible and it had a bright white vesica pisces middle shape in the center of it. There was no other context in the dream except for seeing this book. Below is as close as I could get to what is looked like. The light was brilliantly white and powerful:


There was another couple of interesting ones which may have been about being trained in the dream state and doing a lot of work there:

And finally today is May 11th or 5/11 and if we plug 511 into Pi we see it takes position 394:


This number 394 has appeared in the past and I will copy and paste from that article below:

And the gematria value of ‘Behold The Second Coming is Happening Now’ is 2707:


2707 is the 394th prime number:

399493And the gematria value of one of the spellings of Jesus’ names ‘Yeshuah’ (ובישוע) (literally ‘And in Jesus’) is 394:


This is everything I am being guided to include at this time. Much love everyone!

PS Just noticed the time this article was published was 2:34 PM and after today there happens to be 234 days remaining in the year:


To verify this simply hover your mouse over the date under the title of the article.


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More Second Coming Synchronicities, More Prophetic Dreams & Synchronistic Visit to Town & Other Synchronicities

The continuation of Jesus-related synchronicities is still in full-force and there are several of them including an amazing story that I will share here.

The other day my mom asked me to come with her to help out a client with something they were seeking. I don’t wish to publicize my mom’s area of work in order to protect her identity.

So we meet this gentleman there and my mom told me in advance that he was someone who is involved with Jesus-technology, as she put it.

He gives her his card and I ask if I could see it and as it turns out he is planning on starting a kind of international set-up where the bible would be broadcast in over 6,000 languages.

I thought this was amazing because my mom usually doesn’t ask me to come with her when she works and it is also amazing because this is an encounter that is perfectly aligned with these synchronicity reports. Here is a front-and-back picture of his card:


I would like to share a couple of prophetic dreams which I believe have come true. I had two dreams where I saw a coded message from Cobra on his blog. I have seen coded messages in the past before they were posted but usually those were like a day or two in advance. This time I got the code more than two weeks in advance. Here is a screenshot of the first dream I had on April 8th, 2019:


315 is actually supposed to be 3-5 and ‘P grad’ at the end is supposed to be ‘P grid’. My apologies about these typos.

And here is the second one on April 18th, 2019:


And on April 27th, 2019 Cobra finally posted a 6-line coded message with the 5th line containing similar codes to what I saw in the dreams:


There is another prophetic dream that is yet to come true which occurred on April 4th, 2019 and contained the special ‘sign post’ number 659 in addition to what I interpreted to be an astrological sign in the form of a scorpion:


Amazingly, the next Full Moon on May 18th is in Scorpio and May 18th also happens to be the last day of the Eurovision Song Contest. I will explain why this is important in a moment.



I recently had a dream on April 30th, 2019 where I was hanging out with one of the bands who will be performing in that contest. Their band is called ‘KEiiNO’ with their very catchy song titled ‘Spirit in the Sky’ which I posted at the end of a previous report once.

Amazingly they uploaded their song to the Eurovision YouTube channel on April 4th, which was the date of the dream where I saw the scorpion sign which turns out to be the date of the Full Moon in Scorpio and also the grand finale of Eurovision. The length is 3:14 and so here we see Pi appearing:


Here is the screenshot of the dream:


So I think I have been shown which song is going to win this year. We shall see of course.

I was also recently looking into some information shared by Cobra and one of the things that came up was information about something called the ‘Fátima Prophecies’. A couple of days later I saw that the History Channel did a video on this and so far almost all of these prophecies have come true.

Long story short, in 1917 three young children were visited by an Ascended being called Our Lady who showed them what would happen if the people of this planet didn’t get their stuff together, change themselves and get rid of evil once and for all. Since that didn’t happen, all of the terrible things that were prophesied to happen took place including things from the third prophecy which applies to our current time, have been manifesting:

What was interesting is that this video by the History Channel was uploaded on April 10th or 4/10 so here we see this very special number appearing again throughout these works including that date being my birthday:


I was also guided to buy a new starter for the car I am using. What made me decide to buy that particular one was the double-appearance of the magic number 410 in the total which was $40.10 and the address of the company selling it which was 4410 in addition to the name of the company being ‘Ark Auto Recycling’. This seemed like a strong biblical connection that needed to be paid attention to = Ark = Noah’s Ark from the bible:



And finally today was a day of many other synchronicities and also another lesson in patience. Some of the best synchronicities must be waited for in order for everything to happen in a perfectly-timed manner. The problem with this is that I am very impatient and I have no idea what synchronicities are going to happen or when.

Here is the story behind today’s lesson. Thanks to many amazing people I have received some money which I used to pay my cell phone bill. Except the website wasn’t working. This has happened before where I will go to pay for something or do something online and the machines will suddenly shut down, the car won’t start or the internet will turn off until I think and figure out what I am supposed to be doing which always ends up being something I actually need to do which is related to these synchronicities or my mission in general.

Those beings ‘above’ have this power to turn things on and off they do so when I am not doing what I am supposed to be doing. This is sometimes difficult since I am not always being told what to do, I am just supposed to follow my guidance and do what is right in every situation whenever possible.

So anyways the Verizon website wasn’t working for me and after like an hour of trying I said “okay this is happening for a reason, I have no idea why but it must be for a reason.” And so I thought about buying a refill card from which I tried to do but I got the emotion of ‘NO’ when I went to check out. So this really irked me. The only communication I get sometimes is ‘NO’ and I am just supposed to figure out what to do instead.

Except this time it involved playing the waiting game. The Ascended beings’ (maybe it’s them doing this maybe it’s not) favorite game! So after a while I went back to the Walmart website and tried to check out again and this time I got the emotion of ‘YES/GO AHEAD’ in my body and so I bought the refill card.

The website says it usually takes ‘minutes’ for the e-mail with the refill card number to reach the customer and I thought that would be great. Except we are playing the waiting game so ‘minutes’ is not going to apply here…Lol.

2 hours go by before I get the e-mail and I finally apply it to my cell phone and then I got the notification and realized that was why I had to wait. The time I got the notification was 16:10 or 4:10:

So all of that waiting to end up finishing everything at 4:10 which is one of the most important numbers one can possibly learn about in metaphysics and the Universe.

And finally I was guided to go to the store and stock up on everything I needed. Thanks to some very generous and amazing people I was able to get a lot of much needed basics like body wash and contact solution and food of course.

Before I left home though I noticed that the trip counter in the car read 410:


And on the way there I had to make a couple of turns down a neighborhood in order to get to the road I needed to get to. And interestingly I didn’t actually have to do that but apparently I was divinely-guided to a ‘For Rent’ sign which had 410 on it:


And interestingly the gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ’ is 925, the same as the first 3 digits of the phone number on the sign:


And while at the store there were a couple of synchronicities. There was a magazine about Jesus:


And the receipt ended up having some special information hidden within its numbers. The transaction number was 2229:



And if we look up the meaning of the number 2229 on the Angel’s Numbers website we see it was posted at 12:23 amazingly:


December 23rd or 12/23 was the date I was guided to have a QHHT (past life hypnotherapy session developed by Dolores Cannon) where I was shown to be playing the role of Jesus:


If we plug our ‘sign post/dream‘ number 659 into the base-10/base-8 converter we get 1223:


And finally I was getting the number 820 synchronistically for the past several days and 820 is the result of adding 410 + 410. If we plug 820 into Pi we see it takes position 52, which are the digits of today’s date, May 2nd or 5/2. This aligns perfectly with the theme of the number 410 appearing throughout this particular report:


And if we plug in today’s date including the year (5/2/19) into Pi we see it appears right behind 314 in the string of numbers in addition to an 888 which is the gematria value of ‘Jesus’ (Ιησούς) in Greek. Our other ‘sign post’ number 946 appears in the position number. These sign post numbers appear to let me know the correct path is being taken.



It is important to note that when Pi appears throughout these works it is the manifestation of God/Source, since one of its countless expressions is through mathematics. Pi is infinite just like the Universe. So actually when you are reading these synchronicity reports you are witnessing the face of God/Source in real time. Once someone realizes how the Universe expresses itself and makes an effort to acknowledge and recognize this they will begin to see it everywhere and the Universe will make itself more known to them. The key is to think of God/Source as mathematics, sacred geometry, numbers, vibrations, light, energy and most importantly, LOVE.

These synchronicities are being documented so that people will see that God/Source is real and that it is organizing these incredible events with precision so exact and so perfect that only an infinitely intelligent and creative force could calculate and execute them.

And to end this report on something funny there was a surprise invasion of cows on the way back home from town earlier!


This is everything for now, much love all!


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Request for Others to Become Patrons on Patreon or Help with a Donation if You Feel Guided

I am just reaching out to see if anyone with the means and who feel guided to become a patron on Patreon or with a donation. I have been asking the Universe to help me manifest more income since Patreon and food stamps doesn’t always cover everything I need.

This is just a humble request for those who have the means to be able to help out and if they feel guided. I would feel awful taking from someone who is already struggling and I know a lot of people are struggling.

I will still write articles and make videos as I am guided to no matter what but I am hoping to see if I can make a little more than what is coming in at this time.

Wishing you all much love as always! For those who feel guided here is a video I made regarding this request! My apologies about the wind noise!


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