Prophetic Cobra Dreams Come True, Eternal Peace Moment, Superman Synchronicities, Planetary Liberation Dream & More

I would like to share some positive things for those who are interested in checking them out. As always discernment is advised with anything you come across here.

Amazingly as usual, whenever I see the word ‘cobra’ or an actual cobra somewhere in any form, it is a sign that a Cobra post is coming.

After the Flash Overtura Update I got a cobra dream and synchronicity which I thought was strange because I didn’t think he would post something not long after that update. I decided to start watching the Harry Potter movies on a ‘whim’ on November 6th and a cobra manifested in the second movie which I knew would likely preclude a new cobra post:

And sure enough, the next day, November 7th, he posted this coded message:

And then on November 7th I continued watching the movies and another ‘cobra’ appeared in the movie which I assumed would preclude yet another update:

Screenshot taken on November 7th, 2021 at 4:50 PM (16:50)
See the ‘Cobra’ titled show in the upper left hand corner and the time stamp on the right.

This included a dream on November 8th that I finished writing down at 8:20 AM where I saw two posts which were short and the first one was in bold text. I didn’t write down that it was in bold but in hindsight I believe it meant that it was going to be an important post:

So far the one ‘post’ out of two have come true. Cobra posted the mass meditation post at 1:44 PM (13:44) which was after the dream. It’s possible the dream was predicting that the meditation effort would be in ‘two parts’. The first being the petition and the second which would be the actual meditation. This is just a theory of course. There might be another Cobra post coming after this most recent one about the meditation:

Additionally, for fun I decided to try my luck with writing a short story on November 7th and wanted to write about the time after The Event when First Contact with Pleiadians happens. I didn’t finish writing it but it was interesting that the next day, November 8th, Cobra posted the mass meditation request which included expressing the desire for First Contact. I may or may not publish the short story.

Interestingly, the amount of comments on two Cobra posts were both 366 at the same time:

And when I went to look up the meaning of 366 on the Angel’s Number website I saw it was posted at 11:11:

I’d like to share what was the most amazing peaceful feeling once again. This went on for a while which was wonderful and took place on November 4th, 2021:

Last night/this morning I had some interesting dreams which included one where I saw an animal to my right where I saw text either on the animal or above it which was exactly the two capitalized words, ‘Planetary Liberation’:

From what I remember it kind of resembled a fox but with a few round humps on its back and the color was orange with a white outline I think. It also seemed to resemble a Pokémon, a cartoon creature from the ’90s kids show:

Jackson, NJ girl bit by fox: Health officials test for rabies

And then I had a Cobra dream so perhaps another Cobra post is coming soon:

Interestingly I had a dream about Superman which dovetails nicely into the next set of incredible synchronicities regarding Superman. This dream seemed to be connected to the dream about the animal whose identification seemed to strangely be Planetary Liberation:

For some reason there has been an increase in Superman related synchronicites in the last month or so.

It seemed to start when my folks got a Superman cup for me when they went on their trip in September 2021:

Two more events brought more attention to this particular sign.

On Halloween I decided to walk to the store in the evening and a little ways in front of me was a kid who was wearing a Superman costume.

Fast forward to the other day when I am standing in line at the store and there is a kid with what I think is his grandfather and a woman in front of them.

The woman turns around and starts asking the little boy what he dressed up as for Halloween and I was really intrigued when he replied with “Superman”.

This includes seeing people with Superman t-shirts and Superman emblems on their vehicles, very front-and-center so I can’t miss it.

And on November 5th one thing led to another and I decided to research this Superman thing and see if there was anything interesting about it since it was appearing so frequently.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out that Superman was sent to Earth by his parents just before his home planet exploded and landed here on April 10th which is my birthday.


Superman, a being from the planet Krypton, is rocketed to Earth in his infancy. Sent by his parents, Jor-El and Lara from the dying planet, Krypton, he lands near Smallville on April 10, 1926…”

I found the date reference in the 1952 TV show ‘Adventures of Superman’ Season 1 Episode 1 at the 18:04 mark:

Just as interesting, Clark Kent’s father and son’s names are both Jonathan:

(TV Database):

“…Eben Kent is an analog for Jonathan Kent, who is Clark Kent’s adoptive father in the DC Comics comic books…”

(DC Fandom):

“…Jonathan “Jon” Kent is the firstborn son of Kryptonian superhero Superman and news reporter Lois Lane…”

What are the odds of all of that?

Strangely I am having more encounters with the police than ever before and I seem to luck out and get out the situation easily. There are times when I should have lost everything but I do believe divine intervention took place to prevent this.

A few examples, and I apologize about the negative nature of these stories but I’d like to emphasize the likelihood that the Higher Ups played a role in getting me out of the situation somehow.

The first was when I was living out of my vehicle and needed someplace safe to park where I wouldn’t be bothered. One night I chose a parking lot in an upper-scale retirement apartment complex and my front passenger window, which would come off the track sometimes and fall down a few inches, came off its track suddenly and I had to get out of the vehicle to fix it.

When I got out of the vehicle, someone across the parking lot saw me and got in their car and drove around the corner and stayed there. I thought I would be alright but this was not the case. I considered the possibility that Archons engineered this situation to try and take away what little I had left and to destroy me completely.

Fast forward a few minutes later and the police show up. They are flashing lights in my windows and couldn’t see because it was dark and I had installed a limo tint on the windows per Arizona law.

My heart started pounding with fear and I knew this was it and that it was all over. Part of me felt a sense of relief actually. So the cops ask for my ID and didn’t ask me for my car insurance which I didn’t have. I considered this so miraculous because that would have been it. They could impound the car and I would have nothing.

They told me I can’t sleep in my vehicle within city limits and told me to stay out of sight and out of mind. Nice thing to say to the homeless. They expected me to drive out of city limits every single day and camp somewhere? And how am I suppose to come up with the gas money for that?

So anyways I got out of that one when it seemed like it was totally over. I have no doubt there was divine intervention there and perhaps this was a negatively-engineered situation.

The next story was the day after I tried to sleep outside of the library after giving away my vehicle as I couldn’t afford it anymore. It went to a nice family who seemed like they really needed it.

I remember the morning of I am standing in front of the Salvation Army with some other people I have talked to and helped over the years and we just sat and waited for the place to open and serve breakfast. I didn’t join them for breakfast, just talked to them outside while they waited.

There were several cops surrounding our position and we were all commenting on it. They were waiting and watching someone. One cop across the street seemed to have his phone out was pointing the camera at us.

Just before this though something very synchronistic happened. A sign that I couldn’t ignore. One of the guys I had helped over the years, with the cute half-wolf doggo, pretty much right away gave me a bag of weed to hold onto. I immediately thought, oh wow this seems like a sign that I need to chill out. You know because smoking weed calms people down (depending on the strain of course). But in this context it was a sign I desperately needed at that moment.

So later on after hanging out and talking to people for a bit I start walking towards the courthouse and that’s when the cops stop me. They said they were looking for someone who looked exactly like me but with a different name. I gave them my ID and they said I could go and that I wasn’t who they were looking for.

The next story happened just the other day while I was walking to the store and on my way back I saw cops talking to a woman. This actually might be an example of how we need to be careful of what we think because it’s manifesting very quickly.

I remember a thought I had about how I would like for the cops to just arrest me and take me away. It was kind of a ‘I give up’ kind of thought and literally seconds after thinking that I was stopped by the cops. It’s possible that it was going to happen no matter what but it still made me think twice about what I think.

I made my way across the street towards the alley to the building where I live and the woman who was talking to the cops and points at me and says “that’s him, that’s the guy.” And the cop stops me and starts asking me if I looked through her window. Earlier when I was walking to the store I saw a slim lady looking through those windows and my passing thought was that she was locked out and I was almost going to ask her if she needed help but she kept walking to the next door property. Okay, kinda weird but I didn’t give it much thought.

The woman accused me of looking through her window even though she only saw me walking away from her building (and even recorded me on video!). So I said I have no idea why this is happening and that I have no reason to look through her window. They took my ID and then after a little while they returned the ID and let me go finally. *Deep sigh*

So it seems like these encounters with the police might be negatively-engineered situations (partially because of my own thinking) and the Higher Ups might be intervening to make sure none of this nonsense sticks.

And for some reason ‘they’ (Higher Self/Guides, etc.) are using my eyes to point at the word Pleiadian strongly when I see it. Not sure why this is.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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