2017, Incoming!

The light forces and Resistance Movement have made great strides this year in the final battle for Earth. The dying empire is in its last throes as it crumbles under the weight of its own greed, lies and inefficiency.

The Universe is innately biased towards love and everything service-to-self eventually dissipates into the background of the Universe, recycled back into the One. We have come so far. Liberating a planet certainly isn’t an easy task. It is a colossal undertaking.

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I didn’t realize how long this was going to take when I started this Meetup group. I always try to remember that the Starseeds/Wanderers that answered the call to help the people of this planet tens of thousands of years ago have been here for that long, waiting and working to complete the final breakthrough.

The outcome is certain. No more duality, no more evil, ever again everywhere in the Universe. This is the last standoff.

I know this process is taking too long, but the right moment must happen in order for the entire operation to go as planned. I had a dream once where it was up to me to activate the Event. I immediately thought of everything going on here and said yes make it happen!

I remember everything turning to crap shortly after. The Event was a disaster. I then woke up with a new mind set and a new level of patience which I wish to share with you all. I know some of you have been awake and aware even longer than me, I don’t know how you do it!

So it will happen when it is safe to happen. I’ll continue to write through this group, my blog and spread information to people in everyday life to wake them up. And I know you all do what you can to help, whether you’re aware of it or not yet. Some of you are working on the non-physical planes and perhaps don’t remember doing so.

I hope this will be the year that there is peace on Earth finally. I hope we can keep pushing and fighting as we have never been so close to the finish line.

Thank you everyone for everything you are doing. I wish you well and I hope I will be celebrating with you all at the breakthrough.

Much love as always and have a happy new year! <333

Here is a video called Tonight in Babylon, the lyrics tell of celebration of freedom and liberation. And the tune is quite catchy! I highly recommend it:

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