Disturbing Katy Perry Video Featuring Cannibalism/PedoGate References

This music video showed up in my YouTube subscription feed the other day and I was stunned at the images and activities they engage in throughout the video.

The video is a step-by-step cooking recipe featuring Katy as the main course, which, if we believe what various whistle-blowers tell us, these wealthy elite dine on human flesh, particularly the flesh of children.

At the very end of the video there is a scene that pans out and shows a pie full of human body parts and Katy appearing to be more than anxious to dig into it. Barf.

It seems like these psychopaths are exhibiting very arrogant behavior and mocking those who are researching these things and believe they will get away with everything they have done. Of course, they would be wrong. Haven’t they seen pretty much any movie ever made? The bad guys always lose. And it’s usually due to their own arrogance.

Listening to the song is a strange sensation of a good beat but a sickening feeling in the stomach…I hope you find the video more watchable than I did. Much love everyone…

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