Another Solar Flare Synchronicity, New Matrix Movie Dream, Breaking into David Rockefeller’s House, National Anthem Synchronicity & More

So last night and this morning there were some pretty amazing things that happened including some dreams which I will share below for those who are interested. As always discernment is suggested with anything you come across here.

In the many numbers that appear on a regular basis the ones that have been coming more often than the others were 5s and 7s (555, 7777) and the 5s indicate big changes coming and the repeating 7s indicate miracles happening. These have reliably predicted the events they foretold over the years.

Yesterday was an interesting day as yet another solar flare synchronicity took place. I was guided to watch the final two episodes of the reboot of Doctor Who from 2005. This show is where the wolf cemented itself as my spirit animal.

During the entire season, the main characters, an extraterrestrial and his sidekick, continuously see the words ‘Bad Wolf’ everywhere in various forms. They don’t understand what this is until the ending of the season.

In the last couple of episodes they confront a formidable enemy called the Daleks which are pure evil and want to invade Earth. The situation is very bad and the Doctor (the extraterrestrial) decides to trick his sidekick, Rose, into going back in time to her family which is 200,100 years into the past in his spaceship where she would be safe.

The situation is seemingly hopeless but she is determined to figure out how to save the Doctor. She notices the words ‘Bad Wolf’ again and realizes that it’s a sign for her to get back to him and help him. Ultimately she opens the heart of the spaceship and looks into the time vortex and this basically gives her ascended abilities to control time and space.

Her and the spaceship materializes where the Doctor is and ultimately saves the day but not before she explains that in an amazing time loop she creates herself and scatters the words ‘Bad Wolf’ throughout time and space as a message to herself which led her to the current moment.

In the previous episode there were solar flares interfering with the person who is transmitting TV signals to Earth on behalf of the evil controllers of Satellite 5 and tried to get the Doctor there to help them.

Although I was guided to watch this show an hour or two after the fact there was a C-class solar flare which happened at 3:10 PM Arizona time (22:10 PM UTC):

It’s the spike on the right hand side of this chart.

After doing a little research I realized that the time the meaning of the magic number 410 was written on the Angel’s Numbers website was 3:10 PM. This website is a spiritual world favorite:

[Adding this next synchronicity later on. After leaving to go to the store I went to one store first and noticed a coupon on the ground which I looked at but left on the ground. It said Happy Birthday on it from Walgreens. But I decided to pick it up as I was leaving the first store because things like this aren’t random anymore. And amazingly, after walking around the other store and picking out some things I ended up in line and checked out at 3:10 PM. So here we see the combination of the birthday 4/10 and 3:10 which are connected by the solar flare and Angel’s Numbers website:]

This is just a theory based on information like dreams and synchronicities over the years. This wolf spirit animal and number 410 are continuously appearing throughout time and space and in the most amazing ways. The theory is that there is a possibility that somehow, my higher self/I Am Presence, or something, is benevolently manipulating time and space and adding this number and/or wolf totem in connection to significantly historical events. Whatever is doing this is quite involved in Hollywood and reality in general.

The Magic Number 410

I’ve had dreams about seeing episodes of TV shows that don’t exist. I remember one time I saw the most amazing sci-fi show ever, and when I woke up to look it up I realized it wasn’t real. It was like Star Trek plus Stargate plus some other good shows all in one.

I had another dream once where I was moving a street sign or something so I could document it as a synchronicity the next day on this blog. Somehow I was changing reality so that it would be a synchronicity later on in the waking world.

I didn’t write it down but years ago I had a Spielberg-type dream where two seemingly unrelated storylines eventually merged perfectly with one another and made for the most amazing story.

This doesn’t include the countless dreams where I have control over time and space. In one dream I was shown a four-syllable word in another language (probably not an Earth language) which meant that you could go back in time and redo/re-experience something if you wanted.

So perhaps, my future ascended self is changing time and space to lead me to that moment, just like in this season of Doctor Who. If so then it has already happened, but the journey there is still manifesting. But that’s just a theory. Admittedly it would be so amazing to think that something so supernatural could be real. If it is real then it should be a very positive sign that the future is bright and the amazing reality we are all suffering and dying for is going to happen, despite appearances to the contrary.

This morning there were a few interesting dreams which manifested. One of them is really out there and definitely different from other ones. Sometimes these dreams can be intricate and even confusing because the intelligence required to create them must be high (a source much smarter, intelligent and creative than myself which also has the ability to perceive space/time and calculate synchronicities down to the second.)

This dream was about seeing a new Matrix movie (different than this one that just came out) and referencing an article I had written that never existed which successfully predicted what happened in that movie. That definitely has to sound confusing and I apologize if I didn’t write this down well enough:

January 8th, 2022 07:18 AM

Dream about new Matrix movie. I remember I had written down an article which contained some info and everything came true. The movie hasn’t been released yet and wouldn’t have been for a while. And several things came true.

I realized at one point that I hadn’t actually written down the article. I remember watching the movie play as someone present but just observing and realizing one by one the details I had written down had come true.

The main character was a bit rough and I think I remember him being Aladdin or something connected to that. He was pretty young like early 20s or so with dark hair and possibly Hispanic but not sure. He didn’t remind me of Neo.

I think we were in a restaurant of cafe or something. He was talking with a couple of people next to him and I don’t remember what about.

I remember there being two teeth missing, a front one and another behind that on the right side of his mouth.

I remember something about the Fox. I remember being across the street outside with a small group of people. I turned to my right and I saw a man flying a sign.

I immediately went to him and saw a young woman with him who looked pretty well off. I asked them anyways if I could buy them something to eat and she happily agreed.

We went to the gas station I think and I think she wanted some alcohol but all I had were food stamps. I don’t remember much of that scene except I remember her saying something about how one of us was the Fox.

I realized that this Matrix movie was a long way from being made but the handful of details I had written down in this article I hadn’t actually written, even though I was remembering it in the dream, had come true and I was so blown away that it was happening.

I think everything had a green tint like the original. There were like 5-6 things or so which came true from the article I had written.

I don’t remember if the article was from a previous dream or not or how I got those details in the first place. I think the article had been written in the waking world and was being referenced in the dream. I think I remember being so excited and amazed that these things were coming true.

This Fox thing keeps coming up too and it appeared in a recent dream and possibly one before that which may have been related to planetary liberation.

So amazingly, after doing a little digging into the Aladdin part of this dream, I discovered that the first sneak peek of the animated Aladdin movie from 1992 aired on April 10th:

As I tried to go back to sleep some other stuff kept coming back to my mind and wrote them down just in case:

And there was also a pretty weird dream about breaking into the late David Rockefeller’s home with Bill Clinton possibly busting me:

January 8th, 2022 09:11 AM

Dream about breaking into David Rockefeller’s house. This was a nice big house in a nice neighborhood. I wouldn’t say it was a mansion but it was upper middle class.

I think earlier I wanted someone to go with me but I went by myself instead. I remember going into a room which I think was an office with a bed and decided to get on his computer.

I remember seeing mostly benign things, but he had some interesting pictures lying around. There was one of him in a bunny costume I think, and he was with someone that looked familiar but it wasn’t who I thought.

I think it was a Vietnamese woman as the name was two words somewhere on the photo. A four letter first name and two letter last name.

I remember being on the computer and had several windows up and found some financial documents I think. Something popped up and wanted to print something with my full name on it and I tried to cancel it.

I did so but when I looked behind me I saw movement through the window. I think the house had a split floor plan because the movement was coming from higher in the window like we were below ground.

I remember the movement became more intense and realized someone was trying to look in and I tried to exit out of all the windows which were displayed on the wall somehow and left the room quickly to get out of there. Too late.

An older gentleman was there in the living room and I was about to head out the back sliding glass door but I think he pushed a button on the wall which I thought called the cops or locked me out or something.

At first I was going to face the music and surrender but realized he’s probably a bad guy. He gave me this look of ‘gotcha’ and I feared he would do something to me.

I remember not recognizing him but then thought he looked like Bill Clinton but with weight on him. Then I woke up.

I also remember at one point going to the backyard before this and seeing various skinned animals and they were like dehydrated and organized in a way which made them having sex with other animals.

There were several like this. There were frogs and other creatures positioned this way and were used a decorations on logs and so on.

Interestingly, the closest thing I could find about the woman when I looked up ‘Rockefeller, Easter Bunny Costume’ was a blog by Stylishly Stella who is definitely Asian and wrote an article about Easter and being at the Rockefeller Center. The blog post was done on April 4th, 2010 so written out we would see the magic 410 here, 4/4/10. I’m not sure what the significance of this is, assuming it was what the dream intended to find, besides the 410 appearing which has been a lot recently:

Oddly enough I found myself humming the national anthem the other morning. It was a sleepless night:

So amazingly, after doing some digging I discovered that Maryland Representative John Linthicum was the first lawmaker who introduced a resolution to make the Star-Spangled Banner the official national anthem on April 10th:

And recently the word Cobra has been coming up a lot so maybe another post is coming soon:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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