Dream About Erik Prince/Sexual Liberation & More

So for those who are interested there are a few things I would like share here and as usual encourage discernment.

The first thing was a strange but interesting dream featuring Erik Prince. I don’t remember much about his involvement other than he appeared 2-3 times. Here’s some info about him from Cobra’s blog:


“…Erik Prince is the main operator of the Jesuit/SMOM conspiracy to start a new war in the middle East:


He has a lot of influence upon Donald Trump and suggested him to create a new spying agency that would be more Jesuit friendly and less Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller Illuminazi faction friendly:


Perhaps you remember that I have stated years ago that Jesuits will throw the Illuminzi faction under the bus in order to survive.

This is why Erik Prince’s Blackwater/Academi mercenaries have engineered the mass arrests of the Illuminazi faction in Saudi Arabia:

First, there is Erik Prince as the secret adviser of Donald Trump and the Sovereign Military order of Malta behind him:




Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) is controlled by the Jesuits:


The main forces directly controlling SMOM are old European Archon black nobility families, such as Pallavicini and Ortolani and the former King Juan Carlos of Spain.

Now that this particular military escalation has failed, the Archon black nobility families / Knights of Malta / Jesuit forces behind Erik Price are trying to steer Trump into another military conflict in Syria:



Situation in Syria is the battlefield of the last phase of the proxy war between Galactic Confederation / Pleiadian fleet supporting Putin and Assad, and Chimera / Draco forces supporting Erik Price and negative military factions in Saudi Arabia and US, with Donald Trump being caught in the middle:


After doing a little research into Erik Prince I found the magic 410 appearing in connection to him. He created his alleged Twitter account in April 2010, so if the date was written out it would be 04/10:

The location on his Twitter account says Abu Dhabi and interestingly when I looked into this the 410 appeared again on Google when you type that name in. It appears in the form of the amount of people one of its Mosques can accommodate, 41,000. This appears at the bottom of the below screenshot:

This dream also included the concept of sexual liberation. In this dream I felt that I could have consensual sex with any partner I wanted and they felt the same. There was zero shame, zero shyness and zero blockages towards initiating sex with someone else because they were of the same mindset. It was actually very amazing and I thought about how this might be how Pleiadians and/or Resistance Movement people would be like. Cobra talked about this before:


“Sexual energy is connected to one of the deepest Goddess mysteries, the mystery of reintegration of female and male polarities into Ascension. This is the true meaning of the alchemical formula of “solve et coagula”.

Real healing of the fragmented state of human sexuality will only come through the arrival of Goddess energy to the surface of the planet.

For this to happen, we need to allow ourselves to feel and express our emotions:


The main key for planetary healing is women allowing themselves to feel and express their sexual energy. Many times it does not need to be expressed through a sexual union, it can be expressed through a sensual touch. Or through dance:


The purpose of sexual energy is merger of female and male polarities into the One. It is the key to immortality and Ascension.

Sexual merger as part of Ascension process is part of the greater Goddess mysteries…


“…Erotic love is one of the most important aspects of their [Pleiadian] lives and they know how to heal with that energy:


Speaking of the Pleiadians after doing a little digging I found that it’s about 410 lightyears from Earth:


“The Pleiades are a group of more than 800 stars located about 410 light-years from Earth in the constellation Taurus…”

I would like to share an incredible sexual dream that happened years ago. It happened once and hasn’t happened again so far. It was a sex dream and when I reached orgasm I suddenly felt myself having an orgasm in the dream AND in my physical body while I was asleep. I experienced an orgasm in the physical and astral world at the same time. I can’t describe how amazing this was, to be in two dimensions at the same time. It was just mind blowing.

The next thing I would share here is that I was strongly guided to watch the dystopian movie ‘Elysium’. This is a great movie about a main character, Max, who suffers an injury at his nightmarish workplace and is exposed to a lethal dose of radiation which gave him 5 days to live.

Earth is basically a neglected hell hole and the rich people have created a pentagram shaped habitat in orbit and shoot down any of the poor people trying to get there because they have advanced technology in the form of a med-bed which can heal them in seconds.

In the movie the pentagonal shaped space habitat is often shown upside down, implying that these people are Satanists:

The movie ends positively with the exception of Max sacrificing himself to make everyone a citizen of Elysium (the name of the habitat) and send desperately needed help to the people of Earth.

Also strangely enough, I got a telepathic body message of ‘today’ earlier on January 9th. I wrote this down and I’m not sure if it means anything but perhaps this was an important day for some reason:

This is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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