Golden Age/The Jetsons Synchronicity & More

There are few things I would like to share here with those who are interested in checking them out. As always discernment is advised!

The first thing is that the Higher Ups used my eyes to spell out ‘Jetsons’ on my keyboard just before starting this article. There has been a theme recently of synchronicities bringing attention to the amazing future we are fighting for. I don’t know when exactly of course but it has been uplifting to get these messages because it just seems like it’s never going to happen sometimes:

Today felt amazing like a breakthrough of some kind happened. I feel elated and very optimistic. I try to enjoy days like this because they are rare and so special. I don’t want this wonderful feeling to end! Is this what the future will feel like? It’s so beautiful.

I had an interesting dream this morning about cleaning up a relative’s backyard. There were big feathers on the ground with a blue color to them. Then there was a big spider with long front legs and a tail like a scorpion but there was no stinger. I kept trying to get it out of the yard with a rake but it kept running away. It ended up on the ceiling of the balcony there.

Then today I decided to go to the Salvation Army and while crossing the street I ran past the woman in the wheelchair from some weeks ago. No coincidences here! She shares the same name as my relative from the dream this morning. She has several health issues and has been in a wheelchair since she was little. Well amazingly she got a shiny red electric scooter to roam around in last month. Woohoo! So we decided to go to Salvation Army together. And amazingly, the woman there helping me also had the same name as my relative and the woman I went with! Super cool. When we departed I gave her a hug and looked down at her phone on her lap and saw the time was 3:33 PM.

I e-mailed my relative about this and they said unfortunately the day after I left after house sitting for a few days the big male turkey they have passed away. He had beautiful colored feathers so maybe that’s where the feathers in the dream came from. He was huge and although he didn’t like to be touched it was still wonderful to have him around. Turkeys are so cool it’s really a shame that people choose to eat them.

I mentioned in a recent article that I find myself singing or humming songs that have messages in them. Some of them are hilarious and some are serious. It depends on what the Higher Ups want to communicate. And while writing this article, I found myself humming the song to a video I made called ‘The Golden Age 432Hz’ which is very optimistic and includes a scene depicting First Contact. The part of the song they were having me hum started at the 3:00 mark:

So interestingly, if we add the digits of this particular post number which is chosen by WordPress when a new article is generated, we get 24:

And there happens to be 24 episodes in the first season of The Jetsons.

Additionally, I got number 24 when I went to the Salvation Army today. I can’t prove it because I threw the paper away but I got the same number last time, too!

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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