I Tested Positive For Covid, ER Visit

So if there was any proof that thinking too negatively, experiencing stress too much and lack of sleep can make one’s immune system take a big hit then, unfortunately, here it is. I really did not wish to write this but I am being guided to nonetheless.

After a rough night I started feeling kind of off and some symptoms started to show themselves in the evening time January 13th and eventually escalated into high fevers, a bad and constant headache, body chills, indigestion (lots of burping), sensitivity to light and so on. Eventually the headache, in combination with everything else, was so bad I called for an ambulance and went to the hospital around 2:30 AM.

I can’t say this for sure but the whole thing felt like a punishment. I had just recently restored a bunch of articles the day before or so. Articles that had some pretty amazing dreams and synchronicities. Another strange thing that happened was that around 11 PM, the night of restoring the articles, someone kept pounding on everyone’s doors here, including mine. I decided not to answer it. My neighbor answered and I heard from the lady who was doing it that he had been made aware of some emergency and then that was it. Haven’t heard anything about it since. It reminded me of the time when I was making meditation videos for the mass meditations and all these awful situations would manifest where I’d have to stop and deal with them.

So anyways the timing of these Covid symptoms happening right after restoring these articles definitely had me thinking of a possible retaliation situation.

I don’t know what strain I got but it was pretty bad. It was a bunch of symptoms all overlapping each other and some came and went. The worst was the headache.

The whole hospital experience was mostly rough because when I got there they had a bunch of people there and the possible Covid people had to wait in an area where the front doors open. There were 3-4 other people waiting in this cold room and apparently they’d been there for like 6 hours I think. This doesn’t include the people waiting in the ER which was a decent amount of people especially for 3 in the morning.

The RN who was there said something unkind about me and asked why don’t these people just stay home. Well I’m sorry but I didn’t know what I had and I can’t afford tylenol right now so that’s why I’m here. No one likes being in a hospital.

She eventually hooked me up with a blanket and pillow so I could lie down on the bench in this cold room. The RN came back to do the super fun nose stab Covid test. If you haven’t experienced it yet it’s pretty rotten. They jam a thin swab up both nostrils and they have to get really up in there. The next 3 hours were quite terrible and I was asking the Source outloud to make something happen so I can get a bed please. I felt bad for people coming and going as I was moaning and crying in there.

Not long after that though they called my name and brought me back. But the relief would be bittersweet as the RN would say that people keep getting covid because they’re not getting the vacc.ine. And I didn’t have it in me to argue about it so I just enjoyed the soft bed and warm room they brought me to. She eventually told me my Covid test came back positive. The whole time though I just needed something for this damned headache which was killing me and she brought me some motrin which worked after a while thankfully but didn’t totally knock it out.

The doctor came in and said they couldn’t do much and that people were getting covid because they’re not getting the vacc.ine. So if this whole situation was negatively engineered somehow it was a good one because it was not pleasant.

So I hadn’t been in this room for around 40 minutes or so when they got me ready to be discharged. When the RN told me this I just cried a bit inside because I just wanted to stay here a little longer and rest. I knew I was going to have to walk home and didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

On the way back I went to the store and got some juices which I thought would help the immune system a bit.

When I got home I realized I had some leftover antibiotics from a tooth infection and looked up the drug name (metronidazole) and covid and see if there was any information about it and there was some headlines which said it might work to lessen the symptoms. So I decided to take some and see what happened and after the first one it didn’t do much but after taking another 2 the symptoms started to die down within minutes.

I took another 2 like an hour or so later and the fevers broke finally. Another 2 an hour or so later and the symptoms had died down quite a bit. Things were still bad but they were getting better and quickly. Unfortunately the side effects of the antibiotics are nausea and vomiting which is why I had some left over. I had to stop taking them because the nausea would just linger for hours. So after puking once I decided to stop taking them and thought that I probably took enough to really cut the healing time down.

I also had yogurt, apple cider vinegar, water of course and didn’t eat much during this time as there wasn’t much of an appetit which probably helped. There was some diarrhea too but that might have been because of the antibiotics. Hard to tell there.

And today things are a lot better thankfully. If this was some kind of retaliation, and I have no proof or anything for that, then it was brutal because this strain of Covid had to be one of the worst. The other moral of the story is to try and stay stress free, sleep well and try not to get upset over things, among other healthy habits.

After asking for some Tylenol my angel of a neighbor was kind enough to help out with that and some food and other meds which helped so much. They also suspect they have Covid. So I’m wondering how many people in this building have it right now.

Sorry this went on for so long and I hope it wasn’t too depressing. So hopefully now I have antibodies to this strain and can continue to avoid the vacc.ine which I will do until the day they hold me down and force it into me.

I also learned that antibiotics can very quickly and effectively reduce the symptoms of Covid and shorten the healing time by a lot.

Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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