25,920 Year Cycle Synchronicity, Wolf Spirit Animal Appearing, Dream About Something Happening Soon, Solar Activity Synchronicities & More

For those who are interested there are some items of interest that I wish to share here. As always discernment is suggested with anything you come across here.

Yesterday, December 5th, I was browsing for a movie to watch and I came upon ‘Wanted’ from 2008 and was strongly guided to watch it. Interestingly, my spirit animal the wolf appeared in the form of being mentioned in the dialogue at various points in the film:


It’s a choice, Wesley, that each of us must face: to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat-down, coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate, or you can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside…

Very interestingly, after the movie I looked up the details of the film and found that one website had 25,920 reviews on it as of the time the screenshot was taken:

25,920 years is approximately the amount of time it takes to complete a full cycle of time called the Precession of the Equinoxes and is also referred to as a Platonic Year:

(Ancient Wisdom)

The precession of the equinoxes refers to the observable phenomena of the rotation of the heavens, a cycle which spans a period of (approximately) 25,920 years, over which time the constellations appear to slowly rotate around the earth, taking turns at rising behind the rising sun on the vernal equinox…

The Platonic Year was named after Plato (427 – 347 BC) because of his conviction of the intimate relationship between space and time. Plato believed that the heavens were “designed” by God for the measurement of time. He called one complete cycle of the bodies a ‘Perfect Year’.

I was guided to start this article earlier today but then guided to wait until later to finish writing it and I believe I know why.

Because if I had finished it I wouldn’t have been able to obtain the next synchronicity which appeared on a receipt at the store.

Incredibly, the transaction number was the same exact digits (different order) of the sunspot group which released the solar flares which were part of the previously written synchronicities:

The checkout time was 1:44 PM also so here we see this special number (it was also the strength of the solar flare, M1.4, from this most recent uptick in activity). Amazingly, this particular post number is 35843 and all of these digits multiplied together equal 1440:

Another really uplifting synchronicity was when I went to the store the other day and when I went to get in line I saw two kids, not related, who were wearing galactic/ET clothing.

One little girl was wearing this dress which had planets on it and I was able to find it on Amazon:

The other little boy was wearing a green t-shirt that had a little green alien on it and it said “we come in pizza” with a spaceship on it (tried not to think of the word ‘pizza’ as the pedo code word). I couldn’t find it anywhere online sadly. But it seemed to be a nice sign that I was where I was supposed to be. I don’t know how the Universe does it but it always comes up with creative ways of sending messages and it does so at just the right time.

And now for some interesting dreams.

The first one was very interesting. It was the last one I had before waking up and it seemed to reference something happening soon. I have no idea what and there seemed to be extraterrestrials involved:

December 6th, 2021 09:34 AM

Dream about being with relatives I think and we stopped at what I think was a Game Stop.

I remember this family with children looked different than other humans. Their chins were noticeably bigger and I thought in a funny way that they might be ETs.

They were just leaving as we were coming into this room with a gentleman inside. He was talking to us and I forgot what we talked about. He was very human-looking but I thought he might be an ET too.

I remember at some point I got a recorder (wind instrument) and it was a good quality one. I also remember thinking that I was going to make more of them and was trying to figure out where I could find a mold for one.

Someone suggested I made an original one. I tried playing it but didn’t remember how. I was thinking of starting a business by making these.

I then recall seeing some e-mails where I was getting some money. One of the amounts was $2k, I couldn’t believe it.

I remember also checking my other e-mail and saw I had orders for these recorders and I thought of simply buying new ones and sending them out, but I knew that wouldn’t be right.

Then the really interesting part begins.

My relatives and I were in a room with a woman and the man from earlier and I think we were talking about The Event or something else happening.

He said something will happen in 4 minutes or 54 minutes. This was a little confusing but I remembered Men in Black 3 and I think I asked out loud if this had to do with probabilities and possibilities. [Men in Black 3 reference = 5th dimensional character named Griffin who can see all past, present and future probabilities/possibilities = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4rLaMLNnDY%5D

I don’t remember if anyone confirmed that. I remember the woman saying something at some point too. She was very nice and and she was sitting in front of a computer.

I also remember trying to use their bathroom earlier and it was very dirty and I was having a hard time washing my hands. Don’t remember much else.

The next dream is more of a personal message. Over the years I’ve had countless dreams of being in a classroom setting as both the student and teacher, more often I’m the student. They seem to preclude some kind of life lesson that I will be learning in the waking world.

In the ones where I’m the teacher, it’s usually teaching people about how things work here on Earth and I tell them about the Cabal, pedophilia, black nobility families, etc.

I’ve learned that all of the knowledge I learn here in the waking world gets transferred to the astral plane and this includes languages. Recently I’ve been learning American Sign Language and in this recent dream I was signing to the people about a test/assignment:

For the first time recently, during these classroom dreams, I had three where I was given a test/assignment and just literally walked out of the classroom. I just said I’m not doing this I don’t want to do this, don’t need to do this and just walked out. But that has changed and I might be revealing more about my psychological state than I probably should, but now I am completing the tests in the dreams and I think it has to do with life lessons here:

I was guided to watch Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ from 2015 which is extremely uplifting and optimistic about the future with a positive ending. Of course the wolf appears there as part of the main story line.

I really wish people would check this movie out because it’s telling us about the Cabal and how the mainstream media is getting people to believe the Earth is really ending when it’s really not and that we have amazing technology which can reverse all of this damage very quickly

I have no way to prove this next synchronicity but while watching ‘Wanted’ I paused it at one point and realized that I did so at the 55:58 mark (amount of time remaining). I can’t believe how many times this number has suddenly appeared in the last few weeks.

While at the mall the other day, December 3rd, I noticed the Aquarius zodiac symbol on a store sign which I thought was nice to see. Not sure if the owners were themselves were born under that sign and/or if it was there to symbolize the coming Age of Aquarius:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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