The 11:11 Synchronicities

I am being guided to share a collection of 11:11-related synchronicities that have occurred in the last few days, weeks and months as of the time of this writing. For those who are not aware, 11:11 is a popular introductory synchronicity which opens the door(s) to other numbers and situations that some might consider ‘chance’. It is likely a favorite number by those ‘on-the-other-side’ who are trying to give us, in the physical world, information about our journey here.

I recall roommates pointing this number out and stating that we should all make a wish. Of course many people, including myself, didn’t realize how significant these numbers can be and the potentially massive amount of information that can be contained in a simple four-digit sequence.

These synchronicities will be of a personal nature so if this doesn’t feel like your thing then you are free to disregard them per your free will.

The first instance that I would like to share is one that I have written about before which is that my birthdate 4/10  divided by .369 equals 1111:


There is a website where I obtained some information about the number 111 and its relation to the Sun and this website has a Gematria calculator that I decided to use with some interesting success:


In the above photo we see an 1111 appearing in my first name in addition to a 1755 in my middle name which would be 555 in military time. We also see a remainder of 333 without the 1755 in the middle name. In the last name we see a 15 which we could convert to military time which would be a 3 which would give us 3372. Here we see the 33 appearing again and 72 which is another sacred geometric number that appears as well. 72 is the amount of hours I work every two weeks and it is also the designation of the primary tubing station that we use to ship things across the hospital. The name of the website also happens to have a 33 in it: Martyleeds33.

Interestingly, on this website, a name with ‘Wolf’ in it was featured on the front page. The Wolf happens to be my wonderful spirit animal and guides me to where I need to go. Whenever I see the word ‘Wolf’ or a photo of it anywhere, I know I am on the right path.


While taking a walk the other day I discovered a pole in the front of the hospital I work at that featured several 1s on it. Interestingly, I’ve walked past this thing countless times and never noticed it:


If we add the 5 and 6 we get another 11.

The next number is something that I just recently just realized. The street I live on, Thunderbird Rd. has a numerical designation of 138000 which I have written about before. If we add the 3 and 8 we get 11 – so here we see a 111:


Interestingly, I saw a 1138 (1111 if the 3 and 8 were added) on an electric box on a different street the other day. The date it was taken was 1/23 which in certain Gematria is the value of my full name:



While walking on the sidewalk on Thunderbird Rd. I was met with a 1116 on one of those electric boxes. Sorry about my grumpy face, it wasn’t a great day at work that day:


One of the other interesting synchronicites that I was guided to was one that appeared on a website regarding 11:11 and biblical prophecy. I would add here that I am not religious but do take some religious (not just Christian) texts seriously:


In this article the author writes about the 144,000 people mentioned in the bible (I haven’t read into this much but it sounds interesting) and how it relates to the number 11:11. In addition to these synchronicities I would like to draw your attention to date this article was published which was 9/25/14.

Some may remember from the Jesus Synchroncities that the Gematria values of 515 = Jesus and 410 = Christ added together is 925 and is a number that began to appear to me some time before the Jesus Synchornicities:


515410christ     138138.png

And just as I was putting together the above screenshot I was met with a 138 in the search result amount (I typed in ‘calculator’). I also just happen to look down while typing the above sentence and saw it was 10:38 AM:


While messing around on my iPod Touch I found another synchronistic number that has been appearing which I am being guided to include here which is 1101. The number 456 has also been appearing recently and I have found that this number represents Jesus’ name in Gematria. 27 also happens to be my current age:


456 also happen to be the photo number of the screen shot of my iPod Touch where we see a 1101 appear in the ‘Messages’ icon:


If we add 1111 to 1101 we get 2212 which is the Greek Gematria value of my full name without changing any of the letters:


1101 also happens to be the Gematria value of ‘Wolf Totem’:


I have discovered that 2212 is a bible verse in Revelation that is also related to Jesus coming soon:


Now I would like to share some information from a TV show that Mario kindly pointed out to me the other day (Thanks Mario!). It is a show about a teen who happens to be gay that starts seeing 11:11 everywhere and begins getting synchronistic information in his dreams. He thinks he is going crazy and begins to see a psychiatrist who finds out this teen’s dreams are featuring his (the psychiatrist’s) mother. The psychiatrist’s birthday also happened to be 11/11. The teen’s family refers to him as baby Jesus and the guy he is dating asks him if he’s the next step in evolution:

The length of the above video also happens to be 1:11:


Also synchronistically, the Gematria value of the show’s name ‘Here and Now’ also happens to be 111:


The show’s premiere date was 2/11/2018 which if we reduce the 2018 we get 11 so here we see 2/11/11. The title of the first episode is ‘Eleven Eleven’:


We even see a 410 in the rating number at the top of the page as of the time of this writing:


The Wolf also appeared in this show in the form of a small character who played a book publisher named Mr. Wolfe:


It is interesting that the show takes place in Portland Oregon which is a location I was drawn to some years ago. I decided to take a road trip up there in my Daewoo Nubira CDX. It is interesting to note that ‘CDX’ is the Roman Numeral designation for 410:


Me at the Japanese Garden in Portland Oregon in 2014


Map of Portland I got from the hostel I stayed at

Synchronistically, the website I use to watch the show has a web address with 123722 in it:


Here we see the 123 which is the Gematria Value of my full name and also the 722, which I have mentioned before. 22 divided by 7 is the equivalent of Pi and if we search the Christian bible with these numbers we find ‘Revelation 22:7 which happens to be a verse about Jesus coming soon:


I only include the above verse because I was shown a bible verse in a dream a few months ago. If that hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be looking into the bible at all. Also, based on my research, assuming we believe he existed, Jesus was basically a Starseed who incarnated here to help bring about a new level of consciousness to the world.

Based on information from Dolores Cannon and Cobra, we know the Jesus Project was overseen by higher density beings with many on and off-world ET groups being involved in his incarnation, training, surface mission, death and Ascension. The Roman Empire (The Cabal), which continues its existence into today, wasn’t having any of this and was ultimately too powerful. Interestingly, one of Dolores’ clients, while under hypnosis, even talked about how the Roman Government paid people to spread propaganda against Jesus. Sadly, even people who were close to him took the money. The Cabal was doing exactly the same practices back then as they are doing right now.

I would like to share some other synchronicities that have made themselves known recently. There is a calming background music video that I watch often which really works to calm me down, especially after work. Some of you may know that YouTube has a feature which allows you pick up where you left off on any video you were watching before.

Interestingly, when I went to go back and listen to this again it started off at 1165 seconds which ends up being 19:25 into the video. If we add the 6 and 5 we get 11 so here we see the 1111 and the 925 which is 410 and 515 put together which means Jesus Christ. There also happens to be 410 likes and 37 dislikes as of the time of this writing. I’ve discovered that 37 happens to be a Jesus-related number also:


I would now like to add a screenshot of what appears to be an internet-only fan-created Star Trek series titled ‘Star Trek: Phoenix’. I would again add that the city I live in is Phoenix:


We might possibly interpret the 303 view count as a reference to the number 33 which has Jesus connections or even Room 303 from The Matrix which has been rumored to represent Trinity:

The ship’s identification also happens to be NCX-101138:


Here we see the 101 which we could interpret as the first verse in the Bible or even as a reference to Neo’s apartment number from The Matrix, among other possible meanings. And we also see the 1111 in the 1138 which was broken down earlier.

Upon just now entering in ‘Phoenix’ to the Gematria Calculator I was gifted with a hit = 802. This number appeared to me many times but like the many others that didn’t make sense, I just dismissed it:


It appeared on my Walmart card from several years ago:


And it appeared as the list price of the last car I had which had a license plate where the numbers added up to 410 and the registration date ended up being 3/15 which, if converted into military time, would be 1515 = 515:


Upon looking more into this show I decided to check out a website with information about it and found a 44515 in the page count in the top right corner as of the time of this writing:


The Phoenix happened to set sail on April 5th, at around 11 AM per this website:


While at work I found myself pulling a part of my middle finger nail as it was bugging me and ended up pulling too much which led to a little bit of bleeding. I went to the supply room to get a band-aid and I laughed when I saw what appeared to be a batch number on it, 165 GY, which if reduced is 111:


While browsing the comments of the 1111 sacred numbers page I found an interesting comment that I would like to share:

4101111 (1).png

The person goes on to describe a dream they had on April 10th where they saw a 111J111 text burned onto a piece of wood. Of course this could be a coincidence but I thought it might be interesting enough to mention.

The last thing I would like to include in this collection of synchronicities is an 1111 in the address of a Phoenix hospital which is owned by the same corporation (Banner) as mine, where my hospital also synchronistically has all four of the same digits in the address:


I am appreciative to those who stuck around to read this whole thing. I try and make attempts to limit the language in these posts so that it doesn’t sound like this information is being written from an egoistical standpoint. I am simply acting on my guidance to document these metaphysical occurrences for reasons that don’t seem to be clear as of right now. I thank you again for taking time to check these out and I wish each of you much love!

P.S. After going online to order something I was met with an 1111 (3+8 and 5+6), 111 and 456 once more:


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