Solar Flare Synchronicity, Interesting Dream, Attack Stories & More

There have been some interesting things happening for those who are interested in checking this out. Discernment advised as always.

As was written already, sometimes I suddenly find myself humming a song which has a message in the lyrics or the name of the song or what have you.

Yesterday, January 5th, I found myself humming the song to a video I made some years ago titled ‘The Solar Flash 432Hz‘ and decided to write it down as I’ve learned these things happen for a reason:

Amazingly, today January 6th, we had a C-class solar flare come from the sun. This happened about 12 hours after writing down the above note:

Something has definitely changed as my dreams and now synchronicities are predicting unpredictable events (solar flares).

While doing a meditation yesterday I was also asking telepathically why I am still here doing these things. Why do I have to stay here and take all of this crap from the Cabal and live with such terrible energetic attacks and nightmares? If I can still experience ascension from the Astral Plane why do I need to be here still in this body which has been breaking down badly?

Later on I was looking for a movie or something to watch and was strongly guided to watch ‘The Messengers’ again:

I’ve borrowed clips from this show in previous videos and although it is religious-based it is still pretty interesting.

It follows a random group of strangers who ‘die’ after a ‘meteor’ hits the planet which is actually Lucifer/The Devil being cast down from heaven. An energetic wave hits them and they ‘die’ temporarily. These strangers are eventually divinely-guided to one another and are given supernatural gifts to help stop the destruction of the Earth.

One of the main characters is a preacher’s son who ‘dies’ on stage at 4:10 PM (here’s this magic number again) in the first episode. This character, Joshua, is played by an actor whose real name is Jon and his gift is prophetic visions of the future. That sounds familiar!

Interestingly, in the show the ‘meteor’ was officially blamed on a solar flare. So it seems the Higher Ups were trying to use this show to emphasize that these prophetic dreams and synchronicities are part of my mission and this is one of the reasons why I am still here.

In another episode Lucifer is in a library and telling children the story of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf. So here was my spirit animal appearing as well.

Lucifer acting out the part of the big bad wolf.

This morning I had a strange dream which features scenes from other dreams I had all in one. It had the Albus Dumbledore with the diamond and there was a Disney movie reference to The Fox and the Hound which I think I wrote down incorrectly and was possible meant to be The Fox and the Ox which is what I thought I saw in the dream:

‘So,etching’ is supposed to be ‘Something’

When I looked up the Fox and the Ox I found a book titled ‘The Ox and the Fox’ which is a children’s book published on November 29th, 2016 which I am being guided to include even though it really makes no sense for me personally so maybe it’s meant for someone else. Leap of faith alert!

The city council speech is still available on the YouTube channel of the city of Prescott at the 36:21 mark. The unintentional misinformation in the video is that I said Black Nobility Families use the Air Force as their proxies to potentially shoot down Galactic Confederation ships but it’s actually the Chimera Group which uses its proxies in the Air Force.

This blog has been experiencing what might be two DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks so far which is basically when someone tries to load a website but hundreds or thousands of times to try and crash it so it becomes inaccessible.

[Adding this note after publication: Immediately after publishing this post I got a sudden jump of like 160 views. Definitely not right.]

The most recent post from January 5th got a sudden jump in views almost immediately after being published. I don’t think these were organic views but a possible attack:

As I am writing this right now I think I’m being attacked. I feel the waves of anxiety, horror and terror in addition to the feeling of wanting to vomit. This is their standard attack and usually happens after doing a post or doing something positive.

Another strange thing that keeps following me around is the attacks on infrastructure/property wherever I happen to be staying. This is probably one of the most severe kind of attack that has manifested in the last several months and is difficult to believe.

One of the places I really noticed it was when I was transitioning out of living out my vehicle and needed to stay in a motel using donations people were kind enough to provide. While in the motel room I started hearing a loud slamming noise coming from the bathroom. There was no pattern to it and the next day I called for the maintenance person to come. They checked everything out and said it was all fine. The noise was coming from the shower area specifically.

At one point I was staying in a nice AirBnB for a month and while sitting on the couch in the living room I heard loud slamming noises coming from various parts of the room. It was happening inside the walls and under the floor. It was very loud and I remember thinking that this house must have just been built because maybe it’s settling into its foundation. I also thought animals might be inside of the walls and was going to call about it but decided against it. But then I had a passing thought that maybe this was some kind of energetic attack on the structure of the house. At one point I remember thinking that this place was going to collapse because the slams were hitting the bottom of the house, like they were being directed at the foundation. It was like a war zone at times, like a bombardment of energetic cannons were hitting the house. I was trying to dismiss this rationally but it kept following me wherever I went!

This happened at another place I visited to do some work. The next day there was some kind of water damage which resulted in someone having to be called to repair it. Looking back I realized these possible energetic attacks were probably trying to damage a pipe at the motel and cause water damage.

And recently at the current place I’m staying, I’m hearing strange noises, like something hitting the small refrigerator and heater on this inside of them. It is happening mostly only at night which does keep me awake sometimes. It could be an attack on where I store my food and the only source of heat I have (starve, freeze and no sleep). I’m not totally sure about this but it’s basically the same noise coming from the fridge and heater.

[Adding this note after publication: Just after publishing this the fridge started making the noises again. Not sure if this is actually an attack but the timing is interesting.]

Recently I decided to apply for a job at a local grocery store and got a call for an interview. I decided to cancel the interview the day of and not long after this I felt an energetic strangulation feeling and couldn’t breath well for a few seconds. I think this was punishment for not going back into the Matrix. This strangulation happens after doing lightwork usually.

Additionally as depressing, these beings or whatever they are working on me regularly and have been trying to get me to take my life by making me as negative and miserable as possible. They can engineer events around me to lower my vibration and when I decide not to take my life the attacks start again.

I don’t really know how the light forces expect us to do our missions under these conditions. I’ve learned why the world is so dark, because anyone who really tries to breakthrough with light is mercilessly attacked into oblivion. I think they aren’t able to outright kill me so their next best thing is to make life as miserable as possible so I just do it myself.

The day before Cobra posted the Divine Intervention Report was one of the worst attack episodes so far. I was kept awake with some kind of energy and the waves of anxiety, horror and terror went on for hours:

This is everything for now, I will end this post with a positive song. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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