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There have been many interesting dreams happening lately and one of the common themes that is emerging now is that in the dreams I seem to be present during chaotic scenes in various parts of the world. When I wake up I look up possible related news items and see that some kind of event had taken place while I was asleep and was there in the dream somehow. Discernment is definitely advised here.

This one happened this morning and seemed to be connected to the situation in Kazakhstan:

I had written down Saudi Arabia but this was just a guess and as it turns out the government of Kazakhstan (not too far from Saudi Arabia) had resigned some time today. In the dream I had lot all confidence and faith in the teacher/priest and it seems this was the same mindset as the people as they stormed buildings:

I haven’t written down some of them but in one I was standing in a parking lot and I looked behind me and saw a huge area a bit of a distance away on fire. When I woke up I saw that there was news about the Colorado fires.

The other night I had quite the satanic nightmare. I was in some kind of dimly-lit room and a man and woman were chanting in Latin and I knew it was some kind of Satanic ritual and while it didn’t last very long I felt like crap while they were chanting. I couldn’t see them and I didn’t know where I was.

There was another dream from this morning about seeing those big electrical poles/towers falling down in small backyard while it was dark:

Perhaps it was related to the Kazakhstan situation as the protests erupted over a fuel price hike = energy = electric poles falling. I’m not totally certain of that of course.

Last night I was looking for something to watch and I came across ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ and was strongly guided to watch it. Superhero movies aren’t my thing personally so I haven’t seen most of these X-Men movies.

What was interesting was that the opening scene was the camera emerging through some clouds and through a hole in the Empire State Building and depicting New York City as being pretty much destroyed.

The magic 410 appears here as the Empire State Building was built in 410 days and my spirit animal the wolf appeared as Wolverine going back in time to stop a catastrophic event from taking place. This spirit animal continues to appear throughout time and space to guide me and it has done so reliably for years now as it communicated this in previous dreams.

The other day I was looking for something to watch and was strongly guided to watch ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ which is another movie about time travel.

Very amazingly the magic 410 appeared as the date where the guys went to in order to bring Socrates back with them. 410 BC being a date within a period of time known as the Golden Age of Greece:

The magic 410 appeared again in the most recent Bill and Ted movie ‘Bill and Ted Face the Music’ as the date one of the princesses was born:

This number seems to be some kind of divine signature which appears throughout time and space connected to historically significant events, especially related to time travel.

Since Cobra did not post the video of the city council speech I would assume that it was not a good idea to share it so this is why I have deleted it permanently and will not be uploading it again.

There was unintentional misinformation in the video unfortunately and so I decided it would be a good idea to take it down. I apologize for any confusion or misunderstandings this may have caused. This blog post may or may not stay up.

I would also note a couple of interesting things. Before Cobra posted the Divine Intervention Report I was continuously humming the Final Battle 432Hz video song. This happens when my Higher Self or whomever wants to communicate a message and they will use certain songs at certain times which have lyrics containing a message they want to share. In this case they kept putting this song in my head rather frequently. I think it was to indicate that this was really the final battle which Cobra included in the report.

The other things they emphasized was the phrase ‘Golden Age’ and kept guiding me to one of my videos regarding this subject:

While walking to the store yesterday I felt a physical sensation in my body along with the telepathic message ‘Semjase’ again. I don’t know if this is actually her or not but I thought I would share it just in case.

I had another interesting dream which I decided not to write down but it had to do with bilocation. I don’t remember all of the details but I remember being in the dream and thinking at one point that I’d like to bilocate to my body which was sleeping and I woke up. I also remember the dream placing a big emphasis on following spiritual guidance.

In the dream I got three instances of telepathic guidance which helped me avoid potentially dangerous situations. I remember bilocating into an apartment somehow and I got the guidance I usually get telepathically which was to get out of there. Soon after that a man came to the front door, a maintenance guy and I knew I would get in trouble because I wasn’t supposed to be there.

So I went out the backdoor and I’m pretty sure he didn’t see me. After that I wandered around what seemed to be an apartment complex. I don’t remember the second instance of guidance but the third one told me to run because there were police with dogs behind me and they were looking for me. I didn’t do this and they caught up with me. They ended up leaving and I didn’t know if I still needed to stay there or not. There wasn’t any kind of problem as far as I knew.

Another quick positive thing was that when the new Matrix movie came out I was going to go see it in the theater but everything kept going wrong when I was trying to arrange a ride. I gave up and learned that HBO Max had the movie on there and decided to subscribe just for a month. One of my relatives loves the Matrix movies so I e-mailed the login info to them. I learned later on that they got kind of badly injured while doing some house work the same day and so I think the Higher Ups wanted them to end their bad day on a good note.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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