Prophetic Cobra Post Dream Comes True, Star Wars Synchronicity, Spirit Animal Synchronicities, Canadian Trucker Convoy/Hunger Games Movie Comparison & More

For those who are interested there are some things I would share here along with the disclaimer of exercising discernment with all that you come across here.

Yet another leap of faith has paid off and the dream about Cobra posting a cluster of posts has come true:

Amazingly, in the dream I saw what appeared to be 3-4 and maybe one more post in the group of posts and so far, since the dream, Cobra has posted 6 posts which are mostly coded messages along with a brief message to the surface population and a post regarding the anniversary of the murder of his soul mate, Isis Astara. I also wrote that one of them might get deleted and so far that hasn’t happened so I don’t know about that part.

Regarding the ‘L0 state of emergency declared’ coded message below, this is not intended for the surface population to understand, but are messages intended for the Resistance Movement. Some have speculated that L0 is the Lagrange point which is designated for Earth, as L1-L5 are depicted below:

I was guided to include a song titled ‘Dream Come True’ which seemed to emphasize the fact that the dream would come true (see original article at the bottom).

And a nice story about the wolf spirit animal appearing. It was Friday (January 28th) and I walked over to the Salvation Army and the homeless woman who was in the red electric wheelchair was there and waved over to me excitedly. We hugged and I realized things weren’t going to work out at the Salvation Army so we walked and talked and went back to where I live and we went our separate ways.

Then I decided to go to another place later on and the path that I traveled led to the homeless guy whose spirit animal is also the wolf. He also shared an excited greeting and we had a hug also. We walked together for a little bit but I needed to get to this place so I hurried ahead. He had a bit to drink so he was walking at a slower pace.

Then I had got in line at this place and a woman there had a shirt on with 3 wolves on it and I knew I was in the right place at the right time. A nice gentleman got in line behind me had asked how the place we were at worked so I explained it to him and it confirmed that this was just where I needed to be.

Another interesting story. While bringing back this rental laptop to the Prescott library I telepathically got ‘stay’ before getting there, as in I should hang out there after returning it. I was able to check it out again thankfully and just walked around after that. Then I realized the reason for being given the guidance to stay there. While walking around the area where the front desk is, I overheard the conversation between the librarian and the person talking to them about an amount of money owed. The amount happened to be $1.40 and the librarian even said the digits individually; one, four, zero. I believe this was a 410 synchronicity except the digits were just in a different order.

I don’t know if this was an attack or just an accident but I haven’t had any problems with the laptop until I went to return it. While giving it back I decided to clean it one more time with some sanitizer wipes they have and while I’m handling the laptop I drop it about 3-4 feet to the ground, while the librarian was right there. No issues at all, until I try to give it back. Thankfully it didn’t get damaged and I was able to take it back home. Honestly based on experience I might be inclined to think it was a possible attack. I’d have to pay $300 for that laptop which I don’t have. So close.

Additionally, I realized that the Matrix movie dream I had was probably about yours truly because in the dream the man talking had 2 teeth missing on the right side and unfortunately one of my teeth which had been decaying for years had finally been falling out piece-by-piece and it’s on the right side of the mouth. The bottom half is still in there but I don’t really want to have it taken out for obvious reasons, needles, drills and so on.

And the man in the dream was connected to Aladdin and when I looked this up I found that the very first sneak preview of the animated Disney movie was released April 10th, 1992. Besides the year, my birthdate is the same.

There was a dream recently which I didn’t write down where I saw the back of a vehicle in a parking space with Star Wars stickers on it with 410 on the license plate. And I don’t know if this was what was intended to be found but the birthday of the main actress in the most recent Star Wars movie, ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’, is April 10th:

I can’t prove this next story but while walking out to the store there was a van which stopped at the intersection and it had a Bad Wolf sticker on it, from the British sci-fi reboot of ‘Doctor Who’ which I wrote about before. This was when the wolf really cemented itself as my spirit animal. Wherever it appears, in any form, that is how I know I’m on the right path. It’s a light in the darkness and appears when it is most needed.

The Higher Ups were using my eyes to point to power outlets today and I’m not sure why. I don’t know if the power is going to go out here or something. Maybe it’s somewhere else. I’m not sure, but they are always trying to tell me what’s going to happen before it happens.

Last night I had a dream which seemed to summarize everything that was happening on a personal level which was interesting. I didn’t have enough quarters to dry my clothes so I just washed them and did what I did before when working at the hospital by hanging them up and pointing the standing fan on them to dry. Sometimes I was so tired from work that I didn’t feel like putting the scrubs through the washer, especially if there weren’t many other clothes to wash (there was a laundry facility there). So I’d wash them in the bathtub and hang them up to dry with the fan pointed at them. A little old-fashioned but it worked!

So in the dream, RuPaul was there, and there was snow everywhere on the ground. I’m not sure why RuPaul was there and I don’t know if he was in drag or not. I think maybe he represents the old wise teacher that always has guidance to share. There were big rocks, including the ground being stone and I couldn’t tell if we were inside or outside or a combo of both. But the snow melted so fast, the next thing I knew it was just water and I remember saying it melted in like 7-8 hours. And interestingly the clothes were dry in the morning when I checked on them. I remember someone there was playfully bullying me which sounds weird but that’s what it was. Like someone was forcing me to do something but in a friendly way.

So basically the clothes turned out dry when I checked on them in the morning so that seemed to be prophetic about the snow melting quickly. It must have taken probably 7-8 hours for the clothes to dry. And the Higher Ups really wanted this article written earlier and kept me up all night with energy in my body (mostly in the feet specifically) with the exception of getting enough sleep to have the aforementioned dream which wasn’t a lot.

So I think they were the ones that were ‘playfully bullying’ me to do this article, which doesn’t sound nice, but that’s just the way they work sometimes. It reminds me of one of the characters from The 4400 show, Kyle, where his ability, among many, to help save Earth is a spirit guide named Cassie, who only he can see and who is tough on him sometimes, but she’s always right. Here’s a quote from season 4 episode 10 (410 appearing again, and I couldn’t find a clip of this scene so I’m including the transcript):

(TV Show Transcripts)

Kyle: This is not what I wanted–

Cassie: This isn’t about what you want, Kyle! It’s about what has to happen! I’m not your sidekick. I’m not here to run errands for you.

I’m here to tell you what the movement needs, and right now, it needs for you to be strong, because the next thing you have to do, trust me, it’s not going to be easy for you.

Recently the Higher Ups put the song ‘Let’s Love‘ by Sia and David Guetta in my head and I thought this was strange because the lyrics seemed to indicate a difficult time was coming (the lyrics talk about being there for someone) even though everything was fine at the time. And then the next couple of days have passed and they have been very difficult, especially with the not sleeping which I really don’t like.

I’ve been seeing the little blue specks of light here and there in my main and peripheral field of vision. They come and go and I’m not sure what they are. Specks of consciousness perhaps?

Also what’s happening now with the Canadian Trucker Convoy (countless truckers from all around Canada driving their rigs to Ottawa to demand the end of the mandates) is disturbingly but optimistically close to the final movie of The Hunger Games series.

In the final movie, ‘Mockingjay Part 2’, the neo-Roman dictator President Snow is battling the Resistance and is facing defeat. Snow uses his mainstream media network to broadcast mandatory messages to warn the aristocratic citizens of the two-tiered society of Panem that some radicals/rebels are coming to get them.

The comparison to that particular message in the movie to the recent one made by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regarding the truckers, is wild:

President Snow calls them ‘radicals’ at the 10:29 mark and then notifies the aristocratic class that the rebels are coming to bury them:

He and his family have reportedly been moved to secret location due to the massive amount of truckers and protesters who have gathered at the Parliament building and he has remained silent as of the time of this writing.

There is definitely a lot going on right now and I think it’s important to keep the vibes high and stay balanced. Mass meditations are being requested right now for those who are interested. This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

The Higher Ups have put this uplifting song in my head recently as well:

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