Descendants of Julius Caesar Announcing Themselves Through TV, Movies, Music, Music Videos and Through MK Ultra Programs?

This post is going to contain several examples of how these surviving ancient Roman bloodlines have been revealing themselves through TV, movies, music, music videos and in MK Ultra program abuse. So much of what is happening right now in our history has to do with Ancient Rome. If you research their tactics, it’s exactly the same then as it is now; false flags, paying people to cause trouble/riots or to slander someone (especially during the time of Jesus), human sacrifice, occult rituals, world-domination, hegemonic ideology and so much more. What’s different this time?

The INTERNET, intervention by the Galactic Confederation, the incarnation of Starseeds and other positive groups in, around and above the Earth and of course the beautifully perfect cycles of time which brings about necessary and positive change.

Now one of the most prominent of these bloodlines (there are others but we are just focusing on the Caesars here) are the beings who are claiming to be descendants of Julius Caesar, who, thanks to a new docu-series on Netflix, has shed light on why this particular being is so revered by the Cabal. PS the docu-series unfortunately glorified the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar to a great degree. Bleh.

Based on the docu-series called ‘Roman Empire‘ Julius Caesar was a militaristic man who made himself dictator towards the end of his reign and did whatever he pleased including conquering as much land as possible and defying the Roman Senate at least one time (Crossing the Rubicon). This is what Benjamin Fuford’s sources had to say about these alleged descendants:

(Impious Digest)

“…Years of research and conversations with hundreds of sources, including Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Japanese royals, have forced me to the conclusion that the problem ultimately lies with the P2 Freemason lodge and their plan to create a one-world religion and a world fascist empire controlled by the descendants of the Caesars…”

(Benjamin Fulford Translations)

“…These are the people who aim to create a world fascist government controlled by members of European royal families who claim descent from the Caesars and from King David, as revealed by forensic research over a period of many years.  This research, including meetings with many members of this family group, has led us to the conclusion that these are the real “elders of Zion….”


“…Let us make that clear, there are competing family groups that control what we view as the competing monotheistic religions. We have:

1. The Christians, who are controlled mainly by the P2 Freemasons and
the Vatican or the descendants of the Caesars;…”

(Ashtar Command Crew)

“…A visit to the P2 lodges in Rome and Milan by this writer revealed that they considered themselves to be the descendants of the Caesars and that they were given a mission by extra-terrestrial beings 26,000 years ago to manage history according to an astrology based script…”

In the sci-fi show Doctor Who (one of my favs) there is an episode I recall titled ‘The Fires of Pompeii’ which takes place in Ancient Rome in the year 79 AD. During several scenes there were women dressed in red robes with all-seeing eyes painted on the top of their hands practicing human sacrifice under the guidance of a high-priestess in the temple:



This Roman theme also appeared when Pizzagate took off, especially in one of the posts on Jimmy Comet’s Instagram (owner of Comet Ping Ping and Pizza) which featured three young-looking individuals dressed in Roman Togas and possibly Roman Theater masks:


After recently discovering the whistle-blower and horrific MK-Ultra abuse survivor Katy Groves’ YouTube channel, this was something she was made to do also. She said that she and other children were made to wear Roman Togas during these horrific rituals, “like they were in the Roman Empire”… She starts talking about this at the 4:29 mark:

By the way, I highly recommend checking out her channel. It is full of accounts of the worst possible abuse that the CIA and other individuals have caused, especially to children. This is a taste of Full Disclosure. It is hard to listen to some of it, but it is necessary to know what happened to these tortured people.

Now I would like to share one of the biggest and most pronounced pieces of this information related to the attempted revival of the neo-Roman Empire by the descendants of the Caesars which is Taylor Swift’s music video titled ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. In my opinion, based on all of this research, this video is a kind of modern/pop culture manifesto of these alleged descendants making their presence known.

In the beginning of the video we see Taylor as a living corpse and even resting in a burial position with her hands crossed over her chest:


All of the sudden she comes alive in an obviously wealthy and extravagant-looking room:

taylor 2.png

This is congruent with the lyrics where she sings about coming back to life, which could mean the Caesar family bloodline coming back to life after being ‘betrayed’ by everyone around him (Caesar was stabbed 23 times in a room full of Senators):

“But I got smarter, I got harder in the nick of time
Honey, I rose up from the dead, I do it all the time”

Next we find Taylor on a Roman-looking throne and if you look closely you will see the words ‘Et Tu Brute’ on two pillars on either side of the scene:

taylor 3

This phrase is derived from Shakespeare’s (Francis Bacon’s alias) play ‘Julius Caesar’ where Brutus is one of the men who stabs Caesar. In the Roman Empire docu-series Brutus is the child of Julius’ mistress and is popular with the Roman people. Julius really wanted him on his side, especially since he didn’t have a son of his own at the time.

So the entire scene that Taylor is currently in is very Roman. She is even wearing a red Roman dress and Roman-style sandals:


For comparison, here is a female Roman/Greek costume I found on Google:

Image result for royal roman red female attire

Now while she is on the throne she is singing the following important lyrics:

“I’ve got a list of names and yours is in red, underlined
I check it once, then I check it twice, oh!”

In the ‘Roman Empire’ docu-series there is a scene in another season where one of the Roman emperors, in his last days, decides to write up what was called a Proscription List. This is a state-approved list of individuals, who at the emperor’s demand, shall be banished or murdered:


“Proscription (Latinproscriptio) is, in current usage, a “decree of condemnation to death or banishment” (Oxford English Dictionary (OED)) and can be used in a political context to refer to state-approved murder or banishment. The term originated in Ancient Rome, where it included public identification and official condemnation of declared enemies of the state…”


Scene From Netflix’s ‘Roman Empire’ Where Emperor Commodus Adds Names To A Proscription List

Then in another scene we see Taylor in a bird cage surrounded by people who appear to be handlers, which is a common depiction of popular music videos today. During this scene she sings the following lyrics:

“I don’t like your kingdom keys
They once belonged to me”

This could refer to Julius Caesar once having total dictatorial control over the Roman Empire during his reign:


…In February 44 BC, one month before his assassination, he was appointed dictator for life…

Then in another set of lyrics you can really feel the desire for revenge and anger by those who wrote them:

“The world moves on, another day, another drama, drama
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma
And then the world moves on, but one thing’s for sure (sure)
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours”

So here we could see this family bloodline declaring publicly that they will get revenge for what happened to their ancestor many thousands of years ago.

And then you have the main chorus being ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ which could imply a very childish (but overall evil in this context) type of behavior. Example: “I didn’t get what I want, so I destroyed and ruined a bunch of things! YOU made it do it because YOU didn’t do what I wanted!” In other words, their ancestor [Julius] didn’t get what he wanted so now his descendants intend to cause as much evil and chaos as possible.

(Note: This is just my opinion of what these lyrics mean, one can’t truly know for sure unless you ask the writer themselves.)

Now during certain scenes they depict Taylor crashing into a light pole followed by some strong beta sex kitten programming symbols which are featured many times throughout this video. This is indicated by the presence of cats, animal print clothing and live feline-type animals in the videos:





Several times throughout the video there is a strong presence of snakes, especially when Taylor is on the throne, which was very popular during Roman times:






“Serpent worship was well known in ancient Europe. The Roman genius loci took the form of a serpent. On the Iberian Peninsula there is evidence that before the introduction of Christianity, and perhaps more strongly before Roman invasions, serpent worship was a standout feature of local religions…”

Just to give you another idea of how evil the Roman Empire and its leaders were here is an excerpt about some of the crimes they committed, in particular the emperor Elagabalus:


“Ancient history records lurid tales of human sacrifice taking place inside the temple [built by Elagabalus], involving children which were collected all over Italy from the richest and noblest families.”

(Daily Mail)

“At one feast, he [Elagabalus] had several of his guests lashed to a water-wheel, which turned slowly and drowned them as their horrified fellow diners looked on. On another occasion, he let poisonous snakes loose among the crowds at the gladiatorial games, causing widespread death and injury…

…he threw gold and silver from a high tower, and watched as a mob of citizens fought to grab them, with many dying in the crush…

…When their meal was over, Elagabalus gave the signal for dozens of leopards and lions to be released among his guests. Men and women alike ran screaming from the palace, their panicked cries echoing far across the darkened streets of Rome and drowning out the crazed laughter of the Emperor as he savoured their terror…”

In another example from another Taylor Swift video titled ‘Are You Ready For It‘ we see some of the lyrics that include ‘Baby, let the games begin’:

“Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin
Baby, let the games begin
Let the games begin
Let the games begin”

“Let the games begin” is something that Roman emperors would say just before beginning their gladiator and other brutal activities which took place at various public events. This was the case in the docu-series on Netflix. I believe the original phrase (which was not English of course) was something that originated in Ancient Greece when they were holding the Olympics.

In any case it is interesting that this phrase appears within the context of these two videos by Taylor Swift which are quite Roman-themed. This is everything I have for now. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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  1. Seems like this explains my life-long aversion to TS and her music…she does influence a lot of “tweens” so now that she has shed her bubble-gum pop mage, not so sure that’s a good thing fr her followers.

  2. truthearth says:

    Maybe you’re right, that is why I posed it as a question, used words like ‘could’ and ‘possibly’ and added a disclaimer in the article because I am not 100% sure about the real purpose of the video. Ultimately it’s up to each person to decide what is true for them. If my interpretation is wrong, then that’s okay.

  3. Jan says:

    It’s not that I don’t think you’ve put on a lot of work and have some background knowledge, and I do believe there are legitimate conspiracies. but did you really get your information about Julius Caesar from a Netflix documentary? You haven’t studied him before or read any books about him?
    And sometimes, knowing pop culture and celebrity gossip can help with this sort of thing… unless your point is that the story behind this video is fake and your explanation is more plausible. The official story is that Taylor Swift accused Kanye of calling her a bitch in a song without her approval. His wife, Kim Kardashian had recorded a convo between Kanye and Taylor were he explicitly tells Taylor about the lyric and she ok’s it. Kim put the recording on her Snapchat for everyone to see/hear. This resulted in Taylor being called a “snake” and her Instagram was flooded with snake emojis. Her new album is called Reputation where she is supposedly owning her new snake image. She’s all about the snake imagery now. And yeah, I know too much about this shit, but I think it’s important to know this stuff when trying to understand the esoteric in celebrity culture.
    This video and song is supposed to be about that. Unless maybe the whole thing was a set up to roll out this ancient Roman lineage based on a Netflix documentary.

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