Transcript of Channelings of ‘The Ascension Plan’ Shared by The Brotherhood of the Star via Cobra’s Blog and Smaly’s YouTube Channel

I was guided in the last couple of days to do a transcript of the audio channelings given to Cobra to publish on his blog and Smaly through his YouTube account (see videos below). I am not usually into channelings, although some of them are uplifting to read, but this one is important due to being suggested by the Brotherhood of the Star (one of the main ancient groups helping Earth and all of us through the liberation and Ascension process).

Here is some information about the Brotherhood of the Star in case you are not familiar with them:

(2012portalBrotherhood of the Star

“…I [Cobra] have gained access to one of esoteric texts that was written by a member of that group and I am publishing it now in its entirety with full permission of that group.

»Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command. The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara.

The inner circle of the Brotherhood of the Star are Masters and Arhats that have reached their Ascension on this planet. The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the Ascended Masters that have reached the seventh subdegree of the third Initiation.

The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating. The Esoteric Brotherhood represents its antechamber.

Brotherhood of the Star was never public since the time of Atlantis. It was working secretly through its discliples. Disciples of the Brothehood of the Star comprise the Order of the Star. Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness. Members of the Order of the Star have been influencing the world situation based on telepathic guidance from the Brotherhood of the Star…”

There is much more to the post than just the text above which I highly recommend reading. Here are the transcripts of part I and part II which was the format given for the audio on YouTube:

(Note I found an error when I went back to look at a certain portion of the transcript in Part I which I corrected and uploaded below):

The Ascension Plan Transcript (Part One)

The Ascension Plan Transcript (Part Two)

A side note, while going through this audio I found many things pertaining to my own journey and things that I really needed to hear. They were spot on about the ‘trust’ and ‘faith’ exercises that I am currently experiencing. So I believe that this is something ‘they’ wanted me to do not only to help others to be able to get the information easier via text but to hear and read it myself and let some really important things sink in.

I highly recommend reading or listening to the video and transcript. Take care everyone, much love!

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7 Responses to Transcript of Channelings of ‘The Ascension Plan’ Shared by The Brotherhood of the Star via Cobra’s Blog and Smaly’s YouTube Channel

  1. Kerry says:

    Thank you divine for your presence and loving light, and taking your time here in this linear time space on planet Earth sharing your articles with us. Gratitude.

    With love, peace and compassion,

  2. Yes, thanks, focus on problems draws more problems….so we must go within, get grounded and TAKE ACTION on our insights……and no…some of it happened after Mercury went direct…I have followed real Astrology for about 40+ years (as opposed to Horoscopes) so I know a lot about that, it’s a great tool for insight and understanding the celestial movements of planets and the corresponding patterns of human behavior. Remembering to just B R E A T H E and be present is also helpful.

    Much love and light!

  3. lmamer says:

    Thank you dear Jonathan 🙂

  4. truthearth says:

    Agreed about the not waiting, which is something Cobra reiterates here and there. In the audio they say they are trying to get as many starseeds ready as possible for the first wave, this means they are having starsseds do inner work…something Corey Goode has been reiterating also. Waiting around = no inner work being done = few participants for the first wave.

    Please don’t worry about the money dear friend, everyone will get what they need at the right time, we have to trust this. 🙂

    Were all of these things happening during the Merc retrograde? (this just ended)..that will cause a lot of things to break/go wrong…

    Yes Matrix issues are tough but we will persist no matter what!

    Much love <3

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  6. Thank you so much for this, and for making the transcripts! That makes to much easier to assimilate the information. I have heard of this but never explored it until now.

    This kind of ties in with what was said on Ground Crew Command Radio tonight, about not waiting around for Ascension/The Event, but to live our lives, clear out, heal and raise our vibration

    I am sorry I have been unable to provide financial support but I have to move soon and am trying to find 2nd job to afford do so. In addition, having gone thru 2 cell phones breaking that I need to run my business and life, then my laptop crashed again, I have it back but was told the motherboard is on the way out and now the “O” key is broken and taped so I often copy and paste the o (also the I and L keys stick) really slowing me down but I have no cash for that now.

    Ah, Matrix issues…sigh… lol

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