Amazing Brotherhood of the Star/Bible Verse/Pi Synchronicity

Now here is some magic for you if you haven’t seen it before. I have no idea how these things work, all I know is that they work.

So as some of you have read in a previous post where I was guided to transcribe the channelings recommended by the Brotherhood of the Star via Cobra’s blog and Smaly’s YouTube channel, this turned out to be one of a few string of ‘unintended’ synchronicities that manifested from doing this.

First, a personal summary of this transition I am experiencing. ‘They’ strongly guided me to quit my job, to give away 95% of my stuff and ‘trust’ that I would end up where I was supposed to end up, which ultimately ended up being with my mom (something they hinted at for months before).

Following this were countless situations which required me to TRUST ‘them’ and have FAITH that I was going to be okay and everything I need would be taken care of. Which has been 100% true so far. ‘They’ haven’t left me stranded or anything. It has been very difficult for me as I was used to forging my own income and not really depending on anyone for much. Now my life is the opposite. I depend on donations for food and my one bill (my cell phone which luckily only costs 30$ to keep on).

But there’s a catch, I don’t get anything for free, I have to WORK for it. I have to write an article, make a video, pour some orgonite, SOMETHING that requires me to EARN this money. Every time. But the underlying theme of this entire part of my life is learning to have Faith and Trust. Which, synchronistically, is one of the main areas of focus for those who are allegedly going on the first wave of Ascension per the channelings given by the Brotherhood of the Star.

BTW when I was transcribing it, I had to listen to it very slowly (had to turn down the speed on YouTube so I could hear the words), and listen to it several times to make sure it came out as correct as possible. I believe this was intentional so that the information would really sink in.

Now onto these synchroncities. Everyday I check the King James Bible verse website to see what verse they ‘randomly’ put on the front page. I am not big into the bible or religion in general, but I am into synchronicity, and this is one of the ways ‘they’ communicate and make their presence known.

Today’s verse is as follows:


So in this verse we see the same theme repeating, a verse about Faith, which is something ‘they’ are strongly weaving into not only my own life, but likely others as well at this time. We also see a synchronistic 111 as the verse number in Hebrews.

If we enter the gematria value of this verse (736) into the Pi calculator we get something even more amazing:


We get position 641:


6:41 was the time that Cobra first posted information about the Brotherhood of the Star:


Now I am not saying 100% that this an intentional synchronicity, there may be times that I see something that isn’t there, but I am leaning towards this one being a strong message to continue to have faith because whatever ‘they’ are trying to teach me and others at this time is working and amazing things happen when you learn to truth ‘them’.

A quick important note here, I am not advocating that people throw caution to the wind and just do what I did by quitting their job and the like, but one thing ‘they’ do is to give you tiny exercises first, through synchronicity (especially numbers) or dreams, so that you learn that ‘they’ are there. Then after a period of time they give you more information and then your relationship with them and your intuition becomes strong. That’s when you can do bigger things, bigger leaps of faith. This has been my experience so far and everything has turned out positive.

The only negative things that have manifested were guidance that I ignored and synchronicities that I disregarded. They have taken care of everything so far 100%. And only my ego and arrogance has caused me problems.

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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