Pedo Arrests Continue!

The pedo arrests are still occurring in full-swing as I will share below. It is amazing to see pages and pages of these arrests on Google. It is indeed a massive clean-up that we are hearing from many whistle-blowers and those on the inside. The following are just from the last couple of days and don’t include the ones I previously used:


(FOX 5) Marietta Police arrest 15 men on child sexual predator charges

(West Yorkshire Police) POLICE INVESTIGATING ALLEGED PAEDOPHILE RING (179 new sex crimes involving 165 suspects) IN BRADFORD

(WTNH) Hamden man arrested on child pornography charges

(FOX 59) Police arrest Monrovia man in connection with child pornography case

(KGTV 10) Carlsbad pastor arrested on child molestation charges

(The Mercury News) Police blotter: Man arrested for touching child inappropriately

(Asbury Park Press) Toms River man arrested for child porn: Prosecutor

(Standard Speaker) Police arrest Sugarloaf Twp. man after marijuana, child porn find

(Gazett Xtra) Lake Geneva man suspected of possessing child porn among those arrested by state task force

(WBRZ 2) Police: Man arrested for using LSU email address to distribute child pornography

(Sun Sailor) Son of Hennepin County sheriff arrested for child porn, solicitation of a minor

(NBC 12) Chesterfield Police: Teacher arrested for making child pornography

(KWTX 10) Man caught in area child-sex sting arrested on new charges

There’s definitely going to be more where these came from! Stay tuned for more! Much love!

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