Prophetic Dream Comes True: Jordan Sather Appears on Comedy Central, Talks about Pizzagate/QAnon

While I was at the Dimensions of Disclosure gathering I heard from a few people that Jordan S. would be going on Comedy Central. I didn’t know what for, but my guess was something having to do with QAnon or something of the like.

But earlier this year I had a dream that where I saw him on TV talking to the MSM about disclosure which I documented in a previous blog post:

(Truthearth) May 31st, 2018

And there has been an increase in prophetic dreams lately. Some of which are about other people. Here is one from the other day about Jordan Sather:

(May 30th, 2018)

“Jordan Sather on MSM talking about disclosure.”

Here is the video of him talking among others in a small panel with a host on Comedy Central. Of course they turned everything into a joke and it appears that the other guests might not have been actual researchers. In any case, Jordan got in some important information and several hundred thousand people saw it. The video was uploaded on August 21st 2018 (just after the Dimensions of Disclosure gathering):

I was planning on telling Jordan at the gathering about this dream but sadly an opportunity didn’t manifest itself. There are a few other personal prophetic dreams that I have had that I might keep to myself until they happen.

One such possible dream I had recently was seeing a pretty long Cobra update. It was several large paragraphs long. There was no time or date or anything so I have no idea when it would happen, if it would happen or if that is even what the update will look like.

This is all for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish everyone much love!

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  3. truthearth says:

    That’s pretty cool Holly, I think that’s one of the abilities we are starting to manifest more as this process continues. If only we could control it 😉

  4. Holly says:

    Ive been having many prophetic dreams and messages as well. Some have actually been sayings that Q has then followed up and said. Very interesting.

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