Upcoming ‘Trigger the Event’ Mass Meditation on Sunday September 9th at 9:11 AM UTC

For those who feel guided to participate there will be a meditation this Sunday September 9th at 9:11 AM UTC. If you wish to see liberation results fast then I suggest accepting this invitation and take part in creating a positive future for humanity. Regardless of how many people participate, it will help it some way, shape or form somewhere.

For the automatic time one conversion for your location please visit the link below:


Here is the English audio guided along with a couple other in other languages:

For more information about this meditation you can find it at the following links:



Thank to Sword from Spear of Light for creating this meditation!

And thanks to Joel for sending me this link to a countdown of several mass meditations that people can participate in (including this upcoming meditation):


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2 Responses to Upcoming ‘Trigger the Event’ Mass Meditation on Sunday September 9th at 9:11 AM UTC

  1. truthearth says:

    This is great Joel thank you!

  2. Joel says:

    Global Synchronized Meditation

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