More Huge Personal/Jesus Synchronicities Found in the Show ‘The 4400’

I have been guided to start re-watching the Starseed Mission show AKA ‘The 4400’ on Netflix and I believe I have discovered why. For those who are not aware I did an analysis of this show some time ago and it is something I highly recommend that people watch, especially the starseeds (or anyone of course!). It’s basically a copy and paste story line of what is happening in the world right now (Cabal Vs. Starseeds) with a bit of a biblical taste:

I’ve previously documented the interesting synchronicities from that show in regards to one of the main characters (who is supposed to represent modern Jesus = Jordan Collier AKA The Second Coming) and myself.

Jordan C. was abducted on April 10th (my birthday) by the ‘Blue Sphere’ which endowed him and the others with abilities to be used to save Earth from an evil Cabal from the future:

Image result for jordan collier

Jordan Collier (AKA Jesus)


Image result for the 4400 blue sphere

‘Blue Sphere’

I also documented that the room that I used to work in at the hospital (where I was born) was labeled as 4400 at the top (minus the letters behind it. Also this hospital was full of numerical and personal synchronicities):


The gematria value of ‘Jesus’ is 444 which you can also see in the photo as the primary room identification number (minus a letter):


I believe I’ve found a synchronistic ‘error’ which is also a significant and personal piece of information. In several scenes in the beginning of season 1 Jordan and the others wear the date of their abduction in the form of a sticker on their shirts. Jordan’s should say April 10th, but instead it says June 11th:

jordan june111

I enhanced the photo so those reading this could see the date better


Amazingly, June 11th happens to the 162nd day of the year:

june 11th.png

And we know 410 takes position 162 in Pi:


410 is directly behind the number 2701 in the string of numbers. 2701 is the gematria value of the first verse of the bible in Hebrew:


And assigning prime numbers to the letters of the alphabet gives us a gematria value of 410 for the name ‘Jordan Collier’:


So I’ve just experienced another incredible synchronicity here as I am writing this all out. Today’s date is September 8th 2018, which is the 251st day of the year:


And the gematria value of the show ‘The 4400’ spelled out is also 251 using the simplest cipher:


Now if that’s not divine magic, I don’t know what is. This is everything for now. Much love everyone!

Adding this later on in the day today. A double 410 appeared in a newspaper during one of the scenes in the show:



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