The First Day of the Rest of my Life

For the time being I think this blog is going to be serving as my journal throughout this process of leaving the old behind and starting something new.

Today I woke up feeling excited that I won’t be having to step foot inside that hospital again (or any hospital, hopefully). But then it really started to hit me. All of the negative experiences I had in my time came back to the fore and I realized I would never have to go through any of it ever again. Then I started crying really hard because I felt like I had just been saved from an abusive relationship.

There were many times when the workload was so overwhelming that my mind just snapped from the pressure and I compartmentalized the emotions from it. Then I realized that this was probably one of the things that leads to PTSD which is very common among healthcare workers, especially front line people (CNAs, RNs, MDs, etc):

Even now I am emotional from thinking about it. I realize I need healing from it all and I continue to ask my guides and higher self for help with this. If anyone feels guided to send some positive vibes my way I am way open to that!

In any case I am also very excited for what is coming next. Although I don’t know what’s coming next. I am just following my guidance and all the signs and synchronicities that they have been sending me throughout the last several years.

A few included my spirit animal, The Wolf. When I left the apartment today to go out I saw the time was 11:01. This number is the gematria value of Wolf Totem. And on the way there I got on the 809 bus. ‘They’ had given me this number earlier today:


809 on the Angel’s Numbers website means something (hopefully) relevant and positive to this whole process. It was even posted on December 23rd, which was the date of my QHHT hypnosis session where I saw Jesus everywhere:


And on the bus back I saw a guy with a wolf on his shirt get on while I was getting off. It was cool to see my Wolf friend there with me. These were just a few of many other synchronicities today.

They have also been giving me 2s and 6s. For example I consulted the I-Ching today and it gave me hexagram number 62. Then I played around with these numbers in Pi and got an interesting hit:


Not only do we find 622 next to 2626 but it also takes position 2280. 228 is the gematria value of my full name:


And the Angel’s Numbers website had an interesting bit of information on these numbers:


So we will have to see for sure what happens. I am okay with whatever happens to manifest as I am mostly happy with knowing I don’t have to go back to healthcare. Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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  1. I think you should get a Tarot deck and do readings at a local bookstore and see who and what turns up for you. I will send you some healing…you are very brave! Keep us informed of whatever transpires. Sending you love and light, Jonathan!

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