Attention Needed: US Gov’t Censoring Orgonite on Etsy

I found this on the Orgonite making and sharing forum It happened to be one of Jordan Sather’s videos which helped expose this. Stillness in the Storm also shared it as well.

After watching this video I decided to go out and pour some Orgonite 🙂

More attention is needed for these things. There are only a small number of ‘them’ that are trying to censor and bury this (history repeating itself again), but unfortunately for ‘them’ there are probably several hundred if not thousands of people all around the world making and distributing this stuff.

If you would like to see actual results from Orgonite I highly recommend my Orgonite Tesimonials tab:

There you will find several stories from my own experience about how powerful this stuff is. The best thing to do when these people try to cover something like this up is talk about it and share it more, and in my case, MAKE MORE.

Much love everyone, we are winning <3

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    Thank you! 🙂

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