Dream About Attempts by Several Agents to Join ‘Men in Black’ Program

I am documenting this dream now before I lose the details. One thing that these negative non-physical beings probably learned early on is that my mind is very strong. And about 95% of my knowledge and personality carries over into the dream world. So what I know and learn and who I am here (I refuse a lot of meat and dairy in dreams and tell people I am vegan) is what I know there and subsequently, attacks don’t work. They are a waste of time.

Alright here is the dream!

(September 9th, 2018) ‘Several attempts to recruit me for secret Men in Black program’

I went through a series of attempts by several agents to recruit me for a secret Men in Black type program.

I knew it was not a benevolent program and refused all of their coercion tactics (and boy did they try!) They needed me to agree willingly, they could not force me. In these attempts they would catch me while I was walking down the road and sit me down and explain why I needed to do this.

There must have been at least 5-6 attempts all together I believe with around 3 or 4 different agents. This dream seemed to literally go on for countless hours.

The last agent tried very hard and I remember at least three attempts by him to try and tell me bad things would happen if I didn’t agree to join.

At one point they were trying to recruit these two young men while trying to get me to join and while walking past them I yelled to them it was a trap. The two young men immediately ran away, the agent was pissed.

Then at one point I felt bad for him. I was actually going to apologize since he was obviously exhausted and probably wasn’t permitted by his boss to take no for an answer.

I remember telling one of the agents that in addition to working in a hospital I have dealt with a lifetime of homophobia so there was little chance of them being able to mess with my head anymore than it has already been messed with.

Then in a classroom full of people (this is where the majority of the recruitment attempts took place) and in one breath I said “I know there is a small Cabal of people who are incredibly evil whose intention is to resurrect the Fourth Reich on this planet, they are older than that and their control goes back thousands of years”, among other things I can’t recall now.

Then if you can believe this, I blacked out in the dream and came to in the same room. I don’t know how long I was out. They stopped me from saying anymore. And trust me I could have said a lot more.

I don’t know how they did it but they blacked me out. At that point I think they realized they were not going to get anywhere. I showed the agent this little ring with some text on it and smiled at him. I don’t remember what it said, then I woke up.


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4 Responses to Dream About Attempts by Several Agents to Join ‘Men in Black’ Program

  1. Ronald says:

    Hey Jonathan,

    Thank you to share some of your dreams with us. I Love to read/learn about them.

    Much Love 😉 💚

  2. truthearth says:

    Interesting experience…Star Trek has been one show that is usually ahead of the curve in terms of disclosure and metaphysical knowledge. They’ve had a couple episodes where astral beings attack the crew members in their dreams. In one episode an evil ET tries to convince a dying Janeway to come with him to his Matrix. He tried very hard but she was very stubborn and didn’t believe anything he said. Seems like this is something that is real and worth being aware of. Crazy world for sure!

  3. lmamer says:


  4. Kudos on your resistance. If you agreed to their program who knows what could happen; the group might be able to steal “bandwidth” from a percentage of your dream time and gain access to your other private worlds. I recently had a troubling dream where I was very little and my mother insisted I had to “leave”. It made me sad for a whole day but when I did a few calculations I found that the #pathwork of the exact phrase led back to an enemy! Obviously such things, regardless of how the numbers look, will remain wholly un-provable in the real world but it was enough to convinced me. I didn’t realize such things were possible and I was also disappointed that anyone would even waste their own time learning how to step into another persons dreams just to deceive. I hate “psychic liars” worst of all because their “messages” can have similar effect of schizophrenia: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZThIWot36gDbB6YadrhNVw

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