A Few More Updates: Numerical Syncronicities, Disclosures, New Dr. Michael Salla Interview with James Gilliland (Updated)


So I have been experiencing another numerical synchronicity that I would like to share with everyone. We know that one of the most important frequencies we can tune out music to, which was originally how instruments were tuned to, was 432 Hz. I see this number all of the time now, including the other frequencies: 144, 528, 756 and so on. But what’s interesting about 432 is that I have been seeing the number change to 532, 632, 732, 832, 932 and so on. It is a regular pattern now. As an example I checked to see the meaning of this number and on the view counter on the page I visited had 632 on it:


And since I don’t have any concrete answers as to why I am seeing these numbers I must do as I always do and theorize. My thoughts are that it’s an indication that the base frequency of our reality is increasing, slowly but dramatically. In the previous post I mentioned that the Universe will communicate with those in tune with everything that’s going on and relay messages to them for personal use or for public consumption.

So I wanted to get that out as it seemed important and I felt guided to share it. Moving on to other news and information the breakaway civilization Asgardia has released its fourth decree just yesterday:

And from DailyMail today we have an interesting headline that was similar to a video I posted via Facebook in a post I did recently that shows a UFO-shaped taxi drone that would become available to the public:

DailyMail – Would YOU take this Italian UFO for a spin? Concept drone seats two people and hits speeds of 120mph:

Then we have an interview on BBS Radio on James Gilliland’s show As You Wish Radio with Dr. Michael Salla. They discuss current events, disclosure and many other things that are going on at the moment. I have just started listening and it’s already pretty interesting.

This is all I have for now, thank you all for reading and much love!

UPDATE: In an amazing synchronicity I was scrolling on Fed/CIAbook and saw someone posted a screen shot of her phone, and the time was 11:11 and the amount of battery life the phone had was 32%

That just blew me away and I knew I had to add it to this article!

UPDATED @12:17 pm/0017: I went to check Spaceweathernews.com to see what the forecast and current update is in regards to geomagnetic storms as I am starting to feel exhausted again (ugh) and I found that the most recent update was at 11:11:


(Mar 28 1111UTC) Geomagnetic storms are reducing intensity now but could reverberate back into storm conditions later today. Solar flaring is on the rise with new sunspots so we’ll be monitoring for x-ray events and CME ejections.


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