Promotional Video for the Eclipse Meditation on August 21st!

I was asked to co-create an informational video about the upcoming Solar Eclipse Meditation which was just approved and finalized by the PFC folks! With permission from them I have made it public and will now share it below in hopes that you will all join in that day to help deal another blow to the Cabal.

Corey Goode may or may not be joining in but it is my hope he will be guided to hop aboard the unity train and send this out to his viewers and readers. Thank you to everyone who helped coordinate everything to put this together; Arbre, Ada and Lynn!

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3 Responses to Promotional Video for the Eclipse Meditation on August 21st!

  1. truthearth says:

    Thank you Sonja. It is nice to see the work that people like yourself have been doing longer before people like me came along. Thank you for blazing the trail. Light and love!

  2. Sonja says:

    Hi Jonathan, I watched the video again today for inspiration. For reminders of the great awakening and what I’ve been working for most of my life. It worked, as I presumed it would! It’s all worth it. I am so thankful all of our hard work is paying off. Victory of the Light!

  3. Sonja says:

    Hi Jonathan, thank you so much, to you, and the PFC Team for this wonderful video. Victory of the Light!

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