Elite’s Dining on ‘Human Flesh’ in Katy Perry Videos and Celebrity Gala (Graphic)

I recently wrote up a summary of a disturbing Katy Perry video titled ‘Bon Appetit’ which features Katy being prepared to be eaten by wealthy looking people and rappers. I would like to share some comparisons of photos from a Luciferian gala that took place some years ago which surfaced during the Pizzagate investigations which are still ongoing.

Here we see Katy lying down in what appears to be a freezer or refrigerator waiting to be prepared. I noticed a similar scene in the photos from the Gala:


Then we have a similar knife being used to cut up the ‘cake’ which is also used in Katy’s video:



I found an interesting similarity to the human shaped cake featured at this Gala and some of the mannequins in Stanley Kubricks ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Just a side note, I couldn’t finish watching that entire movie, it was too disturbing and creepy. And I’ve watched some really bothersome movies and videos. Now here are the comparisons:


Mannequin from A Clockwork Orange

As an even more interesting comparison, Katy Perry performed ‘Bon Appetit’ on SNL and one part of the video showed her in what could be the Arch of Agony which is a position that Jeffrey Dahmer would put his victims in:


Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta’s brother has a statue of a person in this pose in his house which is proudly displayed by a stair case:


John Podesta’s Brother Tony Podesta poses next to hanging statue of person in the Arch of Agony position

podesta dahmer-2.png

So if you needed anymore proof that the ‘elite’ members of society are involved in sacrificing and eating people then perhaps this information is compelling enough to show that this is happening. I always try to make things as real as possible so others don’t think of it as abstract or that it is happening ‘out there’.

I know this has been a disturbing presentation but we need to know of the truth for it to be healed. I am sending light and love to everyone here.

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5 Responses to Elite’s Dining on ‘Human Flesh’ in Katy Perry Videos and Celebrity Gala (Graphic)

  1. I know exactly what you mean! It’s why I don’t delve into that subject any further than necessary–I just don’t have the stomach for it. Thank you so much again.

  2. LawSuth says:

    My idea about this is that Perry, in similar respect to Kubrick, asked for financial and/or influential support from some cabal people, then is eventually “asked” to highlight whichever topic they’d wish. Many believe that this is what got Kubrick killed and why his film was finished being edited by a party other than himself. He’d done as he’d liked for a long time (with insertions of symbology and topicality from their camp, all along), but Eyes Wide Shut (the unseen, director’s edit) was a bridge too far for them, showing certain truths in greater specificity than the version released to the public.

  3. truthearth says:

    Thanks Christine, as a researcher I have to process this information just like everyone else and there are times when I feel like throwing up in disgust…I hope we can heal all of this and move on eventually…but the ugliness is unavoidable..light and love..

  4. Thank you for helping to show us what’s taking place with those whom we see as ‘celebs’, but who are doing things like this right under our noses as well as behind our backs. Too gruesome for words.

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