Powerful Death Acceptance Dream, Child Abuse Dream, Wolf Spirit Animal Synchronicity, Cobra Update Dream Comes True & More

I am being guided to share some things that have been happening recently which will be included in this article for those who are interested. It will be mostly personal things so if that is not something that resonates with you then please feel free to disregard this post.

So here is the powerful dream I had this morning which some might find unpleasant but it was a message I needed to hear. For weeks now I have been getting messages of huge positive changes happening and that I need to let go and detach from my personal belongings. By disregarding this guidance and trying to maintain the situation of living out of my car because this is all that I have, I have been apparently been putting off something that needs to happen:

September 6th, 2021 Early Morning

I am in a building somewhere (this building is run-down which I think was supposed to represent my current life and/or vehicle) and it looks abandoned.

I’m with some other people there. I don’t think I know them. Then I think some firemen or officials tell us we have to leave. We are homeless but they don’t want us staying there.

A man appears there, he is new but it takes a little bit to figure out why he’s there. He is shirtless I think. He is doing some surgery on this abdomen inside of a pink basin:

After a while a woman says he’s only 4 days old. He died but he can’t believe it’s happening. He is in denial and keeps trying to save himself through surgery.

He is working on his abdomen and the pink basin fills with green fluid. There’s a problem with the surgery. He repeats this process of working on the abdomen until I realize I’m a departed soul too.

We tried really hard to help him adjust but he couldn’t believe he died. He thought he could save himself. That man is myself.

He kept repeating the surgery and reappearing until the basin filled with green liquid (this seemed to indicate the final complication of the surgery killing him).

I was compassionate with him and tried reason and logic to convince him what was happening. I think I was almost getting through to him. I woke up before that. He had an appendectomy.

[Then I realized what the dream was trying to communicate.]

I am this man who ended up in a run down building who can’t accept that he met his end a while ago. I ‘died’ on August 8th and perhaps 1 month on Earth is 4 days in the spirit world. The people around me are trying to convince me of this but I’m not accepting it. Until now.

I’ve been realizing that my life situation is what it is and now it’s time to let go of it and see what happens. The Higher Ups have always helped me and I believe they have something wonderful waiting for me. But I have to make the proper arrangements first.

Something else that seems to indicate something is changing personally is that when I went to pet our turkey here she didn’t like it like she normally does. Every time I went to pet her she fluffed up her feathers and got upset and/or would get away from me. She is normally very receptive to being pet and will walk towards me. But now she looks at me different and this makes me sad. But maybe she is being influenced to send a message of ‘you don’t belong here anymore’. I have learned through experience that literally anything and everything can be used to communicate with us by the spirit world. Everything is alive, including inanimate objects, albeit they possess limited consciousness.

The second dream I had this morning was a terrible child abuse dream which some may find disturbing:

September 6th, 2021 Early Morning

I was in some store like Walmart and I remember there were some other things leading up to this but I recall a little girl being there and I think we were near the pharmacy. We may have been at a school at first and then it was a store. Trying to remember the details.

At one point I remember being shown a teenage girl in what looked like a minimal looking dress and some madam woman was showing her how to pose in positions on the ground. There were other kids there too but she was focused on this girl and she was treating her so horribly.

I remember becoming enraged at this point after watching this happen and then I said I will start looking for these people because I’m angry as hell.

I remember this blond woman who I think was involved in child abuse/sex trafficking (perhaps being in a store with the kids = sex with children being bought and sold).

She told me she didn’t want me looking into this and I said out loud that rich and famous people were involved in these activities (not all of them of course but a lot more than we think). She scurried away and I didn’t see her after that I think.

I remember another little girl was there and no one seemed to be accompanying them. I picked up one of the little girls and saw she only had a little dress on and nothing underneath. I was curious if she was a victim who got away somehow.

We were next to the children’s clothing aisle which I think was next to the pharmacy where most of this drama took place. I said I would grab her some clothes and would be right back and she started crying so I asked if she wanted to come with me and she said yes.

So I held both of these little girls’ hands and we started to go that way and then I remember my eyes being closed for some reason and I’m still holding their hands and I decided I would hold them tighter for some reason and then I woke up.

The other night I had an incredible wolf spirit animal synchronicity. The wolf introduced itself in a dream in 2015 and became one of my main spirit animals, especially after watching the reboot of the British sci-fi show ‘Doctor Who’ which is about a time-traveling extraterrestrial who goes on adventures around the Universe:

I was driving towards the gym as it was the evening time and this is when I will work out and then shower and get ready for bed.

I noticed a vehicle which had their hood up and went over to see if they needed help and they agreed to let me take a look at it.

It turns out they needed an easy repair to their upper radiator hose which was split in some places and wasn’t holding pressure so the vehicle was overheating. That was hopefully the cause.

So we go to the store to get a new hose clamp because we were able to get away with simply cutting the torn part of the hose away and putting a hose clamp on that.

I told him my name and I couldn’t believe my ears when he said his name was ‘Wolf’. I asked him to repeat this and told him my spirit animal was the wolf and he said that was his spirit animal as well! Amazing!

So we get everything figured out and repaired (hopefully) and we went our separate ways.

Another quick wolf spirit animal synchronicity was when we were at the casino last night for one of my relatives’ birthday and one of my other relatives won 100$ on a Timber Wolf machine. It was a great trip because they all won several times. I got $5 for free from the casino and that went in one spin without winning anything but I knew that there was a reason for this.

As usual I am told before Cobra makes new posts and on August 29th, 2021 I had a dream where I saw coded messages followed by a short update which came true starting the next day:

So the short update seemed to be the monthly mission report. And another update is coming at some point because as I was walking around the library the other day I saw two books with Cobra on them and this has historically precluded a Cobra update.

The Higher Ups did a trust exercise with me the other day (one of countless over the years, they have a lot of patience with me) where I didn’t have much cash left and I needed to make it through a couple of days with minimal food and gas.

Even though I was close to another gas station they energetically guided me to another one across town and told me to spend $13 on gas (13 has been appearing a lot which might indicate a Goddess presence) and spend the last $2 on a scratcher. They pointed at a specific number and I said okay this is food money guys I don’t have anything else.

But I took a leap of faith and bought it anyways and amazingly I broke even and got my $2 dollars back. I said okay I will do better to trust you.

I’ve learned that someone ‘up there’ knows where the winning scratchers are and what the winning lottery numbers are… At least it seems like they do…

So anyways this is everything for now. Thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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