Amazing Ascended Master/Spirit Guide Synchronicity When Coming Back from CPR Class

For those who are interested I am really happy to share this incredible synchronicity which just happened. I was guided to possibly get back into working in healthcare and one of the hoops that you have to jump through is to get CPR certified.

So I ended up scheduling the wrong class at first and then a woman called and said they had the right class for the next day (instead of a week away!) which I thought was probably divine intervention.

So the class went well and I requested a Lyft ride on the app afterwards. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got in the car and saw a box containing some divination cards with ‘Ascended Masters’ written on it in the storage area behind the seat:

Add to that the time I took the picture was 3:33 PM:

Then as the woman and I were talking (her name is Joy, so there’s another positive layer to this experience) she pulled out another box of cards that had ‘Angel Guide’ on it:

The name of the place I did the class was called ‘New Life CPR’ and I have been divinely-prompted to begin offering psychic readings for others which I might start working on soon.

I think the message is, “everything will be okay, we are watching over you, get ready to start a new life! Be in ‘Joy’!” I think the other message was “you ‘died’ last month (August 2021) and now you are getting spiritual ‘CPR’ (September 2021) and you are going to be revived and made into something new and different.” Just a thought of course not sure if that’s actually a message that was intended.

The woman also experienced her own synchronicity when she dropped me off and noticed the license plate of someone else who is staying here at this AirBnb which I’m staying at (thanks to others who kindly donated per my video request) and the plate was from a location where she had gone to a spiritual conference. So something for her and something for myself.

So for those who need to know this, the Ascended Masters are real, and spirit guides are real and each of you have at least one guide that follows you throughout your life. Your guide(s) love(s) you and just want(s) to help you.

The owner of this AirBnb is pretty awake and recommended a book to me which has information about what’s going on. Seems to be another sign that things are going to be okay and that I’m on the right path.

Things are obviously a bit different now since 2012 of course.

I’ve been seeing ‘Cobra’ in the form of words and pictures here and there so I think a new Cobra post is coming at some point soon. Not sure when though but this has personally helped me during periods of long silence from Cobra.

And I will include a dream where I was talking to someone about the tv show ‘The 4400’ which is about a group of regular people taken from various time periods in a blue sphere of light and returned with abilities to help save planet Earth from an evil Cabal which includes a man who is obviously supposed to be Bill Gates. It told me to write a book but I don’t know about that. I think it was just an article that needed to be written possibly.

There is a reboot of this show which is airing next month October 25th for those who are interested. I don’t know if it will be bad like most tv shows now but we will see:

Here is another strange dream which was about being with some relatives and wanting to be taken seriously so somehow I had a revolver and shot it into the sky a few times ha:

This is everything for now, please continue to hold the light everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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  2. Thought maybe you’d enjoy some similar work to yours , & pass along a message to “remember the significance of the #72 ”

    It seems like helping the goode audience could be of a higher purpose , help close the gap by seeing the connections then putting it on display , a easy way to awaken that key group / collective without really saying/pushing much just combining topics/intel , just a thought !

    Victory of The Light !

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