Interesting Cobra/Ascended Master Dream, Huge Energetic Attacks Happening After Publishing Hold the Light Videos

This dream happened last night and I finished writing it down at 11:44 PM. When I woke up I tried writing down everything I could remember but there were things I missed because I was too tired to write down the details that were coming back. I’m not sure what all of this means so I will let everyone make up their own minds about it:

For convenience here is the dream written out:

September 23rd, 2021 11:44 PM

Special Cobra dream. I was with someone in the mountains somewhere on Earth I think and we were being tested step-by-step to see if we were ready to take the next steps.

I don’t know who it was with me but it had to do with climbing large mountains and at some point jumping off of them somewhere.

We had to wait for a signal from the Higher Forces to see if we had proven ourselves worthy of going to the next step. It was a lot.

We got pretty far and there was something about hand signals that communicated progress to us. I think our thumbs were up and our palms closed and together or something like that was the last one before I was told I wasn’t ready yet. [It was similar to signing ‘how’ in American Sign Language which I’m currently learning.]

I was told as I was flying down somewhere that if I continued “the canons would be delayed in firing and there would be disruptions and problems. It seemed to be the same for the other person.

This force was connected to Cobra.

We seemed to be in a remote area and it wasn’t bright out but dim with an overcast. They were protecting us from something as a result of going too far before we were ready so we couldn’t go further.

They could see what would happen based on our current consciousness. We were sad. I don’t know who the other person was.

I’m getting that this might be connected to the Ascended Masters as I’m writing this.

There was something else important about this whole thing and I think it had to do with money.

I’m seeing a large horizontal crack all the way in the screen of my mind and I think it was like ice or lightning with a white-ish outline and I think it was black and all crooked and jagged.

So I’m not 100% sure if this is something that will be important in the near future or a personal message or a prophetic dream of some kind but I know I didn’t get all of the details when I woke up to write this down so ultimately time will tell if it means anything.

Since posting the Hold the Light videos and asking for help I’ve experienced some really rotten energetic attacks from somewhere. These were attacks that I thought I wouldn’t experience again and they happened when making videos in the past. It’s basically strong waves of anxiety and horror which come on suddenly and usually right after posting a video. This is one of the reasons why it’s so hard to do them because of the negative consequences that manifest afterwards. The attacks are happening right now as I am writing this. This protection protocol helps:

Despite this I wish to extend a big thanks for checking this out and I wish everyone much love and light!

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