Wolf Spirit Animal/Solar Flare Synchronicities/Cobra Dream Synchronicity

What I am going to share here might seem pretty hard to believe but it is truth as I understand it. Of course people are free to believe what they wish and I encourage others to make up their own minds about what they read here.

Yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. Then night before (October 7th to the 8th) I had a dream which was amazing, although I didn’t write it down so I don’t recall all of the details. But basically there was this immense sense of eternal peace. It was absolutely incredible and I was so grateful to be able to experience it.

In the dream I was in some kind of a large lobby I think and there were people there doing various things and I remember walking a path through this place and then outside I believe. It was very tranquil and I think there may have been more meaning here but the biggest thing was the beautiful phenomenon of pure peace. There was no negativity, there was no trauma being triggered, it was all gone and it felt like the future was absolute bliss and positive.

Then I woke up from the dream and much to my amazement the eternal peace stayed with me for the rest of the day. I was in sync with divine perfection and there was no worry about the future or anything. It was just a calm and balanced peace which was indescribable. I remember thinking that if this was what we are going to experience at some point when the Galactic Superwave hits us or perhaps some other energetic event of some kind, then it will be the best days of our lives because all negativity was just not in my mind. It reminded me of this video from another lightworker:


I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I planted one of my two cintamani stones near-by on October 7th I believe.

So on to the next part of this synchronicity. I walked to the store yesterday, October 8th, and got some things and realized that I was going to checkout at 3:33 PM (15:33 in 24-hour time) and this is what reflected on my receipt. This was totally unintentional, which is the nature of synchronicities. You don’t have to try to make them happen, they just happen:

When I glanced at the cashier’s wrist I saw that he had what looked like a wolf on his bracelet and I asked him about it. He said yes it was a wolf and he was describing that it was made of recycled bottles or something to that effect:

I told him that was my spirit animal and he said it was his also! The inside of the bracelet features a quote from a story, “the one you feed”, which was featured in Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’ movie:

Basically the story is about two wolves that are always fighting, one is darkness and despair, and the other is hope and positivity. Which wolf wins? And the answer is the one you feed, meaning what we put our thoughts and energy into is what will manifest. Of course this is easier said than done sometimes…

So fast forward to this morning’s news about a solar flare which erupted and is heading directly towards us:

The flare took place at 11:53 PM Arizona time (23:53) the same day, October 8th, and I decided to play around with this information just for fun. In my research I’ve found that the sun is directly connected to our collective consciousness and Earth-directed solar flares are indicative of a possible event of some kind taking place on Earth when the ejecta from the sun makes contact with us. Whatever it is has already happened and the sun is telling us it is going to happen within a few days. The solar flares seem to be prophetic.

So I decided to see how much time had passed between this receipt time and wolf synchronicity and the time the solar flare took place (06:53 PM, 18:53 UTC). I didn’t get anything until I plugged in the time the solar flare was finished and this seemed to go along with the receipt because I got this after finishing shopping.

The amount of time that passed was exactly 8 hours and 20 minutes:

And interestingly 820 is what you get when you add 410 plus 410 (my birthday).

Additionally the sunspot region that this flare originated from was identified as 2882 (see screenshot of flare information above) and 82 times itself 5 times equals 410:

The 2882 number could also be interpreted as meaning that everything in the Universe is a mirror of itself.

And interestingly the time this flare was recorded in UTC (universal time) was October 9th and this is the 282nd day of the year, the same digits as the sunspot region number:

If you can believe this, the identification number for this blog post, which is determined by WordPress automatically and is not in my control, is 34894 and if we add these digits together we get…. 28:

Years ago the wolf introduced itself as my spirit animal both in dreams and in the waking world after watching the reboot of the sci-fi British TV show ‘Doctor Who’:

Since then the wolf has appeared in the most amazing ways to let me know I am on the right path. This includes a dream where I was told that benevolent wolf beings would pave the way for me as I was going to go on a quest of many perils:

Fast forward to today and the ‘quest of many perils’ is absolutely an understatement. If I had known that my life experience was going to include being homeless and experiencing brutal attacks in the physical and dream world I probably would never have agreed to incarnate here. Surely I’m not this foolish.

In any case the wolf has been there and continues to appear to give me the peace of mind in such incredibly turbulent times that I am on the right path and to continue on, even when things seem to be completely hopeless.

Another quick example is when I went to watch a clip of Pawn Stars on YouTube and there was a photo of a wolf on the wall behind Rick:


If you are interested in discovering your spirit animal you can do so by doing the exercise featured in ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ by Captain Janeway’s Native American first officer, Chakote (although in real life he is Hispanic):

Additionally, the solar flare could be connected to the flower of life meditation which took place at 9:00 PM Arizona time at the moment of the Pluto-Eris square. The solar flare took place 2 hours and 19 minutes after the meditation started:



Adding this next part after publishing the article. So I decided to look back at a Cobra dream which was interesting and seemed prophetic in some way. I decided to see how much time had passed between the dream and Cobra’s ‘Hold the Light II’ post and I got an amazing result!

One of the many numbers that appears throughout the day includes the number 946 which is what I’ve decided to call a sign post number which tells me I’m on the right path. I included a metaphysical story about this number in one of my ‘Hold the Light’ videos, so the name of the video might be synchronistic as well as it is the same name as Cobra’s latest post as of the time of this writing:

Video titled ‘Hold the Light More Metaphysical Stories’ Uploaded on September 22nd, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=POw2SnxxsmI

Well if you can believe this, the amount of time that passed between the Cobra dream and Cobra’s post was 9 days, 4 hours and 6 minutes exactly:

This is everything for now, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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