Possible Prophetic Cobra Post Dreams & Other Interesting Dreams Including Adventure Dream

For those who are interested there are a few dreams I will be sharing here. As always discernment is advised with everything you read here. Last night was filled a series of dreams which I wrote down. There is a total of five of them and two seem to be dreams about possible upcoming Cobra posts. The others had a school theme which occurs regularly, indicating a learning/teaching situation in either the dream or waking world. I’ve learned the dreams are not always of a personal nature but sometimes have a dual purpose by being messages for others as well:

As usual I never know if these dreams will come true so it is always a leap of faith to post them before they happen.

The next dream seemed to indicate an important opportunity coming up:

October 15th, 2021 06:24 AM

Important opportunity dream. So I remember being on this school bus and I think I was in healthcare. There was another gentleman, a young guy, who was there for something else I think.

I think he was in school for something else but wanted to fulfill his dream by creating a kids singalong teaching session.

Eventually he showed me his song and how he wanted it to be. It was all done up nice and had a nice finish to it. It was like illustrated sheet music.

He was trying to show me how a specific word and part of the song would go. I thought it was sound great!

Then I think the bus was stationary, maybe we were at a school or something but we were still in what I think was a bus.

Someone important from a kids publishers company of some kind walked in, the exact person he needed to get his idea off the ground. It was divine intervention and he had an opportunity to make his dream a reality.

But I woke up before this interaction took place. I seemed to be just be there to witness this and perhaps encourage this guy to take a leap of faith to pitch his idea to this gentleman who was exactly who he needed to talk to to make it happen.

The next dream seemed to be some kind of adventure dream which occurred at my old elementary school:

October 15th, 2021 11:03 AM

Great adventure dream. I remember being in a what was my old elementary school and I think I was with someone but don’t recall now.

I remember going into a small room and locking the door and thinking or talking to someone about something when suddenly a vehicle, which I think was like a blue Ford Taurus, materialized above us in mid-air.

I had no fear of this situation and I saw a woman was in the driver’s seat. I got up there and opened the door and tried to gently ease her down to the ground.

She had a young son with her. She was expectedly distraught and when I went to open the door to the small room the little boy jolted out into the rush of the other children which were scurrying through the hallway.

We freaked out and tried to get him back. I remember calling out for a little girl’s name, Ingrid, and the boy’s name which I dont’ recall now.

We were perplexed as we didn’t know what was happening and how the woman and child had gotten there in the first place. And we were worried someone would notice us. I don’t remember much else actually.

In the other final dream I was telling a woman all about advanced technology which already exists. Since this dream is shorter I won’t write it out:

I’m not sure why all of these dreams occurred this morning and today but maybe they will be part of a bigger synchronicity somehow.

For those who are interested to know I recently went to the ER due to a decaying tooth which has finally been causing a lot of trouble recently, pain mostly. Interestingly when I got the ER the guy at the front was also named Jonathan so I took this as a synchronicity. While sitting and waiting to be seen I think there was an attack from the dark as I felt a sudden pain go across my heart and left shoulder. Then I felt a strange lower intestinal/pelvic pain. Neither pain happened again after that or even before this. I’ve noticed when I try to help myself or ask for help there are attacks from the darkness in various forms. Surely these piles of donkey manure have something better to do with their time?

In any case, thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish you all much love and light!

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