Just a Reminder, You Are All AMAZING (Uplifting Post For You)

Being guided to share a reminder here to all those who feel guided to read this, that each one of you is special beyond your imagination. No one is useless here, everyone is part of the master puzzle. Without you here on this planet, the plan for liberation would not go as well as it should.


You (yes you reading this!) need to realize how important you are and how loved you are. In all likeliness, things/life in general have been very hard on you recently (and probably long before that!) You might even use the word hell or any other word (perhaps one worse than that) to describe your experience on this planet.

But try to remember that you are the best of the best working on this planet for the good of the people here who are not able or willing to help themselves. The people, the animals, plants, insects, Gaia herself, this solar system all need amazing advocates like all of you reading this to put your individual special skills to work to help the innocent.


Being a hero may not sound like a title that you would assign to yourself, but trust me when I say that this is exactly, and at the very LEAST, the honor you should be given after everything you have been through. Not just in this life, but in all previous lives. I recognize you for what each of you are. And that is a beautiful and wonderful LIGHT that is being stomped on as much as possible, being made to feel inferior or worth less than they should be. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You are EPIC.


Sometimes each of us need a gentle reminder that we aren’t just some useless eater living on this planet to be used as a corporate slave or worse. You are a powerful and iridescent being that DESERVES abundance and unconditional LOVE. Everything you are going through is a sign of the times that we are winning and that our collective effort and LOVE are dissolving this evil empire and manifesting the infinite love of the Cosmos which will bring the beaten down people of this planet into a world that they didn’t know could possibly exist.


Everything you do or say or think ripples into the Universe forever and changes the collective consciousness of this planet. To call our collective consciousness bi-polar is probably an understatement, considering everything its/we’ve been through. But the positive side, the loving side of this tortured consciousness is there because of YOU. And you should each feel proud to be able to say that you genuinely made/are making a difference in every aspect of existence here, because that is the TRUTH.

Don’t forget how amazing each and everyone one of you is, without exception. You may not remember your past lives, but I can assure you, you have raised some serious hell in the most benevolent ways in your previous incarnations. Your mission didn’t just start with this life, it began long ago and each of you have been steadily and INFINITELY patiently chipping away at this cruel control structure which causes so much suffering.


This is all for now, I could easily write an essay on how great all of your work has been for the whole of this mission. In spite of the nasty news headlines and in addition to other evil techniques implemented to bring you down, you have continued to show endless resolve and get up time after time and continue to push for this EPIC and once in a billion lifetime effort to clean up evil from the Universe FOREVER. Don’t forget how EPIC and HUGE that is. It doesn’t always seem like these are acts and events that are a big deal but indeed they are.

Please continue to be amazing everyone and don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to something nice once in a while because you deserve it AND MORE!   I know it’s very easy to forget about how incredible you all are, with all of the physical illnesses, pains, aches, psychic/scalar attacks, financial desperation, family issues, work/slavery issues and just the general awfulness of living day to day in The Matrix. But it’s time you had a reminder that you are the cat’s meow in every way possible.

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Thank you for everything you all do!! Love you all! 😉


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8 Responses to Just a Reminder, You Are All AMAZING (Uplifting Post For You)

  1. Gabreliana says:

    How awesome felt reading this article<3
    Much much gratitude!

  2. Ottmar Straub says:

    Thank you, dear ONE – “we” know <3 <3 <3

  3. Eliza Ayres says:

    Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal.

  4. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Back atcha, Jonathan! <3

  5. Seriously, John? offended by positive, supportive statements? lol

  6. John says:

    Who are you to conclude this?…

    We know your blog and work as well, no matter…
    but who are you to afford so a statement to consider it as being true?…

    Where are all of these words coming fram?…

    Where is or will be the proof of all this?…

  7. lmamer says:

    Thank you and to you dear one XO

  8. Moon Mama says:

    Dearest Jonathan, I hope that you read this reminder to yourself while standing in front of a mirror😉…and that you know how truly amazing and how loved YOU are! Your presence here and now in this world, in this epic lifetime of lifetimes, is truly a special gift from the Universe to all of us. I (and many many others) am so very grateful for your soothing energy and for all you do. Keep on shining that bright, beautiful love light, little Brother! 😎

    Much Love and Light to you.

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