Personal Update and More Major Synchronicities

This is a continuation of the journey of the Leap of Faith I took by giving away all my stuff and quitting my full-time job with no plan.

First I want to start out with the daily ‘randomly selected’ synchronistic bible verse that appeared on the King James Bible website…How did they know…


Today is also a day where an unusual number appeared many times. That number is 299. They have been showing me this number (along with the other numbers with 99 at the end) for at least a few weeks. Allow me to show you what I mean:

Today is 7/3 or July 3rd. The number 73 takes position 299 in Pi:


This number appears several more times. Like on my walk to the store today to get some groceries:


At the bus stop in front of this store:


The cost of my cereal:


And after sitting and eating at a park near-by I was guided to do some calculations. 410 (my birthday) times 73 (today’s date) equals 29930:


410 minus 299 equals 111:


After looking at the Angel’s Numbers website they have shown me a synchronistic view count on the page for 299:


They have been showing me a lot of 9s and 2s lately which lead to me finding the positive meaning of that:


And to add some information about the bible verse that was mentioned in the beginning:


One day I had a small epiphany at work while looking at the clock. It showed 3:50 (like in the gematria value above) and then I noticed that the hands were at the 4 (pretty close to it anyways) and 10 position – which might be another way of communicating 410:

Image result for 3:50 on the clock

I mean it’s not exactly there so I guess it wouldn’t count that way for everyone. But the number 350 began to appear frequently after that. It even appeared on a bus stop on Thunderbird Road not far from me:


In any case, the next number we see for the gematria values is 1944 which I have mentioned several times before which is the year a prophecy was written about the times we are living in that Corey was divinely-guided to share on FB:


 I would finish this particular post out with a few more pieces of info. This happens to be post number 22880:


If we enter in 2288 into the Pi calc we get 2527:


The Angel’s Numbers website has the meaning and post for the number 2527 which was done at 1:55 PM:


And we know 155 in Pi is Pi = 314:


And the meaning for 2527 happens to be relevant and positive:


And this last one might be something or it might be nothing. I am being guided to share it anyways. We might see the 501 (like Project 501 on Cobra’s blog) and the 620 (the time he posted Entry Protocols) coming at the end of the Entry ID (not sure what all that means) on my Fry’s receipt:


Thanks for checking this out everyone and I wish each of you much love as always <3

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