Just a Few Synchronicities

I wasn’t feeling too up to writing anything today but ‘they’ intend for a few synchronicities to be documented since that has been going on for the past several months. I’ve been feeling anxious, uneasy and out of it today.

Today is July 5th (7/5). It is 5 PM as of the time of this writing which will have this post published for June 6th due to WordPress’ time being later. But today is the 5th:


If we enter in 620 (the time Cobra posted entry protocols) we get position 75:


The 620 comes right after 628 in the string of number which was the date of my last day of work (June 28th).

This happens to be post number 22922:


And we know the Angel’s Numbers website gives a positive meaning for this set of numbers:


And one more thing I forgot to add to the Agartha posts was this one I had in my phone from some weeks ago. The gematria value of ‘Jesus Christ The Agartha Network’ is 410 and 350:


350 on the clock shows the little hand at 4 and the big hand at 10 which makes it look like it’s pointing to 4 and 10:

Image result for 3:50 on the clock

All of this might meaning something, or it might mean nothing. I am just sharing based on my guidance, which says that it is worth posting and paying attention to.

Thanks for checking this out and I wish each of you much love <3

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