Personal Update and Major Synchronicities Today

Just continuing to journal here. Today was a day of many synchronicities and personal progress. I scheduled my power and internet to be shut off by the end of the month. This went very smoothly, indicating this was the right course. (Resistance/Interference/Delays = Stop Doing That)

I decided to return my Cox telephone land line box thing and a modem that another internet company erroneously shipped to me. Here is an example of “Resistance/Interference/Delays” = I went to buy a bus ticket and take the modem back a few days ago but while I was walking out of the gas station I stepped in gum (strike one) and the bus was driving past the bus stop I was going to wait at (strike two and three). I said okay then! Back home I go.

Today was the day this was suppose to happen. They can see it all from above. They know what time this or that needs to happen. I just need to get out of their way and let them work.

I didn’t take my phone with me (sort of an oops) but I asked them to guide me to the store and they did. After finding the first Cox store I saw a woman with wolf on her shirt. This was a confirmation that I was where I needed to be. Wherever the wolf appears = I’m on the right path.

After getting everything returned and waiting for a while and wondering what bus stop to wait at they guided me to one that I didn’t really want to go to (I would have had to walk a couple of blocks home, in the AZ summer heat BTW).

But when I got to the bus stop I laughed and said WOW. This bus stop had my birthday in military time = 1610 = 410 and 369 in the stop number:


Here’s a better shot of the 1610 on another part of it:


Some might remember that 410 divided by 369 equals 1.111111 which goes on infinitely:


Today happens to be 7/2 which we could see as the number 72 which is an important number in sacred geometry. It is half of 144 and it takes 72 years for the Earth to move 1 degree on its axis:

It is the 183rd day of the year and from this we can extrapolate a few synchronistic items of interest:


410 minus 183 equals 227:


22 divided by 7 is the approximate value of Pi which has a prominent place throughout these works. 227 also happens to be gematria value of “Four Ten The Son of God“:

227thesonf ogo.png

We find the 183 backwards = 381 if we enter in 138 into the Pi calculator:


138 also happens to be the numerical designation for the street I live on:


We find 183 (the day of the year) backwards = 381 in the zipcode of the store where I returned the modem:


And on the way back I found an electrical box with 10055 on it:


Here we can use the 155 which is Pi = 314 in the Pi calculator:


Much to my surprise, when I got home I saw it was 3:14 PM. To prove this I took a screen shot of the time I started this report which was two minutes later at 3:16 PM:


This is everything for now. This is getting more and more exciting as it plays out. I feel like Jack from the Titanic. Just going wherever the Universe takes me. No plan – no nothing but faith. It kinda feels like this:

Image result for leap of faith

Much love all! <3

PS when I went to archive this post I saw that it was done at 11:01 (the time for the archive website location) which is the gematria value of Wolf Totem.



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