Dream About Being a Child Sex Slave at All-Boys Prison/Brothel and Seeing George H. W. Bush There

The amount of dreams that I am being shown regarding what it is like to be one of the children we hear about who are subjected to this horrible abuse has increased greatly this year. I don’t know if it is a past life or a memory of someone else experiencing this abuse but either way perhaps they need other people to know what life is really like for them. This one was particularly awful. It came in two parts. One part I documented after I woke up and the second part continued after I fell asleep again. There is graphic scenes in this dream, just an FYI.

December 15th, 2018 04:51 AM

Had dream where I was to live with a bunch of other boys of various ages, mostly young like 6-12 under the supervision of pedophiles.

This included George H. W. Bush (I saw him as an old man but he was still walking around pretty well so I’m guessing this wasn’t the most recent past because he was in a wheelchair for a while before he died.) and other people that were well-known, I don’t remember them but they were famous.

I remember the adults messing around with the kids sometimes, like playing with them in their underwear. There were categories of boys with their pictures on a wall or somewhere to identify us. These were pictures of us in just our underwear in sexual poses.

I remember they set up a play area for us in a moderately-sized room. We were supposed to just live there until who knows what happened.

I don’t remember there being violence (this comes in the second part) but I was afraid of the adults. I remember seeing the FBI boy-lover symbol on a coffee container and I tried to pull out a phone I had to take a picture of it as evidence but every time I did I almost got caught by an adult. I saw the boy-lover symbol on something else too, that’s how I knew where I was and what was happening there.

I think we had to make our own food sometimes. I remember someone once mailed us some ice or something from Hawai’i. So I guess we were being supported by other people in different states.

After trying so many times to get pictures of these symbols I failed and woke up.


I got more experience with what went on in this horrible place. One of the men supervising/handling us would sometimes beat one of the boys with a fire place poker. He did this several times and I found something to stop him and direct his attention to something else, like throwing something down a hall or the other side of the room. He still beat the kid but not as much, the sound of him beating the boy and his shrieks were horrible.

At this time there weren’t that many other boys there, I remember it being just me and this other boy who was beaten I think. Maybe one or two more but mostly just me and him, I don’t remember him doing anything wrong.

But then the handler saw me with another fire place poker and I tried throwing it at him, this pissed him off big time. I tried to run away but I think he eventually caught me. The next thing I know I see him and this young woman, a young teenager, dressed up in some strange Mexican-style outfit which was all red.

Image result for all red mexican mariachi outfit

The outfits looked like this but much more decorative and expensive-looking with more parts to them.

And they went to some high-profile event together, like the red carpet or something.

I also remember seeing the other people supervising/handling us, one of them was a woman and this was incredibly sad, because I saw their front personality, which was like an alter, someone who had been a victim themselves and they had been turned into a perpetrator and while looking at them I literally saw another smaller face behind their face which was their true personality, which hated what they had become.

So it seemed some adults/handlers were there against their will and some just enjoyed beating kids.

I don’t remember seeing anything which would indicate a location or a reference of a year or time in general. It was just a place where young boys were held, beaten, raped and probably sold off to whomever wanted them. And the fact that I saw George H. W. Bush there walking around seemed to be a sign that worse things probably happened there than what I saw.

One common theme among these abuse dreams is that I am not subjected to the abuse or pain (except from witnessing and being in the body of the person experiencing it) itself which tells me that the higher-self might be blocking this and is only sharing the parts before or after the abuse. All I can say is that there WILL be justice for these kids and I will continue to do my part to help expose this and share their stories where I can.

Much love all.

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