Re-Visiting the Pleiadian Initiation Dream

Adding this part later, today I am being guided to wear all white.

I am being guided to analyze the details of this significant dream as well. I was shown that my great-great-grandmother Grace B. Davis was a part of a benevolent secret order which I was going to be initiated into. I said that I was ready for it and the Pleadians (their presence anyways) communicated that the tests would get harder and harder as time went on.

(March 19th, 2018) Dream About Pleiadian Initiation

“I was in a dream where I experienced the beginning tests and efforts of being initiated into a secret society (an ‘order’ is a better descriptor) that directly involved Pleiadians. My great-great-grandmother was a member and so were many others.

There was a series of tests that got harder towards the end. I recall being in a different state, I am not sure where. The tests would be administered by someone in the group. But their intentions were benevolent.

There were older women there and I believe they were in the order and had been for a while. I think they had some hooded attire on. There were children around also.

I remember going up a long flight of stone stairs to the top of this staircase tower place. There was a very strong Pleiadian presence. I was ready to begin preparations for the initiation. I wasn’t afraid but very honored that I would do the same as Grace did.”

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For several weeks I was getting ‘Initiation’ synchronicities very intensely. It was happening so much I was guided to make a video about it. The footage I was guided to was of an average young man who drinks from a bowl of iridescent liquid with the words ‘The Holy Mountain’ on it, then he goes on an epic psychedelic journey and becomes an ascended being:

I also want to say that I feel like I have been given tests since then. And my life has become increasingly more difficult, to the point where I want to leave the physical plane (die). But this has not happened, although I do feel like I have failed in some or a lot of areas. I have no idea, I am not being given a grade or if I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing. I am almost totally in the dark.

I have to think that being born gay, going vegan, being a drug addict for a few years and overdosing a couple of times, working in a hospital setting for 8 years (which was hell) was pretty hard as it was…And now I will be tested even more?? Man…But I’ve made it this far and I can only hope I have lived up to the expectations that have been set for me and passed at least one of the tests ‘they’ have given to me. Sometimes I think ‘they’ give me confirmations through synchronicity. Certain numbers (like 437, 7171 and others) mean ‘good job’ and those have been appearing here and there. So those are my thoughts about this. Let’s move on to the more interesting stuff.

I have found that the day this dream took place was March 19th which was the 78th day of the year with 287 days remaining:


The gematria value of ‘Stars/As Stars’ (ככוכבי) is 78 in Hebrew:


It is the gematria value of the words ‘Bethlehem’ and ‘Genesis’:



After March 19th, there are 287 days remaining in the year. Interestingly, the phrase ‘The Second Advent of the Messiah’ has a value of 287:


This next one made me laugh, but it has a value of 287 nonetheless:


287 is the value of ‘The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth’:


It is the value of ‘It’s Time for the Lord to Come’:


‘The Sun, The Moon, The Stars’:


‘I Am the Bright and Morning Star’ (Note: The Morning Star doesn’t always pertain to Lucifer/Satan. This title is also given to other beings/topics including Jesus). I wasn’t going to include this because of the association with Satan but ‘they’ said include it anyways:


So I’ve found this old document called the ‘Talmud of Jmmanuel’ which apparently details information about how Jesus was a Pleiadian as was his mother and father. I don’t know if any of this is true of course as I have just found it a little while ago while I was researching all of this.

I will probably giving it a read over today and if there is anything interesting I will add it to this post. I have already found that the document states that Jesus was a member of the Essene community, which is something I have found repeatedly in my research.

If anyone feels like looking into this further I will include the link below:

Of course I will let everyone who feels guided to read this decide for themselves what to think. I am just sharing some interesting things that I am being guided to at this time. ‘They’ wanted these series of synchronicities done ASAP for reasons I am unsure of. But I know there is always a reason.

It is interesting to see UFOs in old religious art:

This is everything I am being guided to include at this time. Much love all!

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