Some More Synchronicities Related to 410, Jesus & Ascension

Just sharing a few more of these here.

The gematria value of ‘The Rainbow Body’ is 161 and 1440 (this is how many minutes are in a day, in addition to the appearance of the sacred number 144):


We know 161 takes position 1610 in Pi which would be 410 in military time:


The gematria value of ‘Four Ten Connects to Everything’ is 360 (the amount of degrees in a circle and how we derive Pi, and also the sacred 369:


Interestingly the Greek gematria of one of the spellings of ‘Christ’ in Greek (χριστε) is 1215, which is today’s date (December 15th, 12/15):


And after going back to watch the two-part series titled ‘The Quest’ (Part I | Part II) on Stargate SG-1 where they search for the Sangreal I was guided to put in the 5 virtues written by an Ascended being which would lead them to this item; ‘Prudence, Charity, Wisdom, Kindness and Faith’. The value of these things are both 177 and 137:


We get the number 177 when we plug in 555 into Pi, and of course we know that the number 137 is a magic number.


This particular post ends in 611:


I’ve also found that the words ‘Light’ (תאיר) and ‘Torah’ (תּוֹרָה) have the same gematria value = 611, this is another number that has been manifesting.

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