Synchronicity Report

Boy do I have some cool stuff to share with you all! I would like to share the synchronicities I experienced earlier today and yesterday which I posted on Facebook:




But wait…there’s more! Earlier my internet went down. But my little internet icon in the right hand corner indicated everything was fine. I recall several times where my internet ‘goes down’ and I end up doing something the Universe needs me to do; make Orgonite etc. This time I ‘knew’ I needed to go grocery shopping. Normally after I’ve finished the task my internet would be turned back on, just like right now.

I only brought 40$ with me and had to put a few things back but the change I got back was synchronistic. I got $1.38 back.


138 is the designated number of the street I live on:


And the dollar I got back had 12 all over it, 12 being a big number that appears a lot for me, as I have written about in the past. Also 138 adds up to 12.


And when I glanced over at the gas station while I was waiting for the bus I saw a nice 2.22:


And if you think it couldn’t possibly get any more synchronistic I got on bus number ‘6529’. 6+5=11 and 2+9=11. So I got on the 11 11 bus!


Right now I am still tripping out on this. At some point I will be writing a full-length article about many of these synchronicities in my life, and how my entire existence is a synchronicity. But that will be for another day…

One more thing, it appears this is blog post number 11124, gotta love the 24 which is a multiple of 12:


Thank you for reading and much love!

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  3. truthearth says:

    Very cool! It’s wild that all of this stuff is just waiting for us to activate it with our’s always been there..hope you have a great weekend! =]

  4. frappy25 says:

    Awesome! I’ve been noticing a lot of numbers too. Whenever I’m driving or walking around; my mind automatically notices them and I even do the add/subtract with the numbers to see what I get. I try to notice the patterns; looks like you do the same thing. Thanks for the share and have a wonderful Friday!

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