What Kind of Work Goes Into a Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is an amazing thing and just about everyone has experienced it at some point in their life. But for those who are more aware of the existence of a behind-the-scenes aspect of our reality, the following question may arise: What kind of background work goes into arranging and executing a synchronicity?

Some of you have read articles I’ve written where I have documented incredible synchronicities that are both numerical and situational. Everything is exactly set up in the right time and the right place. Can you imagine all the work that goes into you seeing a simple 11:11 on the clock?

First you have to be guided throughout the day during your normal routine. Maybe you go to the store to get breakfast or you make it at home. You may be guided to skip a step in your normal routine in order for this to happen. You cross the street at a specific time at a specific traffic light interval. Perhaps you talk to someone on the street or you get a phone call from someone and you talk to them for a ‘seemingly’ random amount of time. This would be one of several steps guiding you to the exact moment you look at a clock and see 11:11.

In the following article I had several mind-blowing synchronicities all day long. The light rail trains I got on were designated as sacred geometric numbers, 108 and 144. Out of all the numbers and out of all the trains that could have been there when I arrived on that day, which, by the way, I spontaneously decided to go just the day before. Those beings on the ‘other side’ would have had to get the exact train with those numbers I mentioned that I would be aware of to be there and ready when I was finished with my day.

That must mean that the beings beyond this reality worked it out with those here the exact trains I would be getting on that day. The right people would go about their day, doing their jobs and unknowingly being guided to create this grand synchronicity which I am sharing with you again. They would wait until I was finished visiting the Japanese Garden, walking around town and returning to the bus station to find the train numbered 144 rolling up to take me back home.

I recall a 5th dimensional character, ‘Griffin’, that was written into the script of Men in Black III and much of his conversation involved him seeing probable futures and all the different daily events, some mundane and others not so mundane, that would lead up to an event that he foresaw:

So whenever you see, hear or experience a synchronicity in your life, you may ask and wonder what went into organizing it and the amount of resources that went into you discovering it at the exact right moment. It’s incredible!

This is all I wanted to share for now. Thank you and much love!

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2 Responses to What Kind of Work Goes Into a Synchronicity?

  1. truthearth says:

    Ha I like that story. It’s amazing how all this stuff has always been there, throwing us hints, just waiting patiently for us to notice…

  2. Yvonne says:

    I too have seen number sequences for several years now. It started with 222 and my questioning if numbers have meaning. I received an immediate response. While sitting in the passengers seat, the song on the radio was titled Bounce. When I looked out a road sign, horizontally was 222 and beneath it vertically was Bounce. I laughed. Now I consistently see mixed numbers such as 939,121,757,5F5,T3T…etc. Never the same, but always in the same format. I believe it may mean new beginnings.
    Lots of Love!

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