For Those Who Don’t Have a Mother to Celebrate With Today

I just wanted to express my sympathy for those who may not have a mother to celebrate today with. You might be seeing many commercials and ads that may make you feel a bit down about this. But I would like to share with you that just because your mom isn’t here in our illusion on the physical plane, she is still there watching over you, making sure you are taken care of and even sending you signs and hints that she is present.

You could also take comfort in the fact that this planet Gaia is your mother also. She loves you and everyone unconditionally. She always feed you, clothes you and provides food for you to eat, and asks nothing in return. She has always been here and hopes that you are taken care of. The love that you felt from your physical mother is expressed through many ways in the form of this planet.

Perhaps you don’t get along with your mother and do not speak to her anymore. This happens and I would hope that unconditional love could be shared regardless. After all, everyone is playing a particular role in each other’s lives. Some are playing the nasty and abusive mother and others are playing other roles that are not so ideal. This was planned out in advance as we have read in many esoteric books and texts. Rising above and sharing love without conditions is one of the best things you can do for someone like this and perhaps that’s the lesson you are supposed to learn.

I hope you all enjoy this day and remember to thank mother Gaia for everything she has done for us and is doing and will do as we continue this Ascension process. Thank you and much love <3

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